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I am rejoining this thread. 

I’m now really focused on using MFP to track my calorie intake and I’m working on figtting a lot more exercise into my schedule.

I’ve put on over 10lbs since the wedding and 30lbs since my lowest weight 4 years ago.  I am a serial dieter and yo-yo dieter and I really need to make my loss stick.

I am also tracking my measurements as I’m hoping all this exercise will help me get smaller as well as lighter. 

My starting weight is:


This is the most I have *ever* weighed in my adlut life. 

My ultimate goal weight is 148lbs but I’d settle for whatever weight puts me comfortably in a size 8 (US) pants. 

I’d like to drop about 8lbs this month. 

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Hi everyone!  This is my first time doing Bee-gest Loser, but my office Biggest Loser just ended so I thought this would be a great way to continue motivating myself!


I’ve been on Weight Watchers since March and have lost 17 pounds.  My goal is to lose 30 pounds total before out engagement pictures this fall, and I’d love to lost 50-60 pounds by my wedding in April.

I’m too self-concious to post my weight here so I PMed my weight to mittens (maybe next round I’ll feel good enough about myself to post it!)


My hardest thing is excercise.  Fitting it into my schedule is difficult and right now I don’t have the budget to join a gym so I’m trying to do what I can at home.  Fiance and I have been trying to do Couch to 5k for the last few months but it’s not working out too well :(. 

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Hi everyone!

Starting weight: 247 

and a little info about you… what your goals are for the next four weeks, the areas you feel you need to work on:

I’m 34, a mom, almost a wife, I’m a size 20 street clothes. When I met my fiance (3.5 years ago), I was 220lbs, so I’d basically like to fit in my pre relationship clothes (size 16/18)  I’d really like to work on my tummy (muffin top) and my upper arms!

My GOAL weight would be 180 but i’ll settle for 200 ๐Ÿ™‚

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Holy kittens, I failed at the last round! To be fair, I think I forgot to weigh in once, and was gone the last week.

Let’s call my starting weight 138.8, that’s what I had yesterday.

Hoping to be at 135 by the end of this round!

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I’ll play again. I have been backsliding the last couple of weeks. First I got sick, then I got my period and the whole not eating carbs/sugar kind of went out the window, and then we had company and I ate out a lot and it was just a big old mess.

I’ll be in a bikini this weekend and next weekend for the first time since I got pregnant last year (okay, technically I wore a bikini last Labor Day when I was 37 weeks pregnant but I don’t count it because I wore a long tank top over it the whole time) and while I have lost all the pregnancy weight, I have some work to do. I never had a problem with my butt and thighs and now it’s just…not good. I am going to try really hard to not eat any carbs that aren’t vegetables or fruit (and only eat 2 servings per day of berries as my fruit), drink 8 glasses of water daily, and keep my protein intake up (on Saturday I think my caloric intake was like 95% carbs).

So, my starting weight as of this morning was 116. I’d like to be down to 113 in the four weeks and am going to take it seriously this time. I’d also really like my thighs and butt to not jiggle madly when I walk.

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Ok ladies, I really need to get my head in the game again.  Apparently I actually lost weight this last round, but this morning I’m back up to 162.5.  UUUUGGGGHGHHHHH!

My goal for this round is to lose 5 pounds and keep it off.  I need to stop going back and forth in this.

What I’ll do:  track in MFP.  Get in at least 3 solid exercise days a week.  Chose healthier options and smaller portions.  Drink a ton of water.  (I’m really going to need that last one, its supposed to be 106 today…gross)

So, here we go again.  We can do this!!!!

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Starting Weight: 333.2

My goal for this round is 13.2 lbs.  Then my midrange goal is to break 300 and reward myself with an exercise bike.  Long term over the next year is to hit 150-160.

My plan is to continue watching my overall calorie intake and limiting my carbs as well as walking every day. 

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Starting weight: 165 AND IM 5″1

About me:Im a mom to a 10m old beautiful bbygirl and im on my way to being a wife in october, my weight when i met Fiance was 130, and when i was pregnant i went up to 180, so no im stuck at 165 and its horrible =[

I plan to eat less junk food, rink alot of water NO SODA ughh and i started the gym today in the morning before work, i feel great!

Id love to be 5-10lbs lighter after this thread.


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I’m joining! Current weight is 152 lbs, goal is 135-140 & I’m hoping to lose 10-15 lbs before the wedding (4 months to go!). My biggest problem is that Fiance & I LOVE to go out to eat & are big drinkers too. I weighed 142ish when I met him & the lbs just added up from there. Seemed like the more we fell in love the less I cared haha. But he HATES it when im dieting–mostly because I’m boring and never want to go out to eat. Counting calories on MFP has really helped, but it makes it difficult to go out to eat, even if I’m eating something healthy because i can never be exactly sure. I’m trying to be smart about this & have a goal of 1-2 lbs a week. I’d love to be 146 in a month.

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I’m really glad I found this thread! I just started my diet plan 2 weeks ago and have already lost 6.2 pounds! I started out at 180.6 and my goal is to loose 15 pounds before I order my dress in the beginning of July and 30-40 pounds before our January 26th wedding.

My current weight is 174.4 and I have been going to the gym 5 days a week and eating healthy (less more often) to reach my goal, so far it’s working ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m in. A little about me: I started my weight loss in march, i believe. Since then I’ve lost about 15 pounds. I hit a little stall lately just because I have been so busy with job interviews and work but no excuse. I need to get back to exercising. My passion is bicycling. I could ride for hours. My Fh is also teaching me some strength training so I can have decent looking arms. Ideally I want to be about 200lbs when I try on dress in the winter. We are getting married in  JUly 2013 and by then I want to be under 200. Right now, ekk I’m 244.

My goal for this four week challenge…four pounds (if more awesome, if less then it’s just something for me to strive for). I know I can do it!

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starting weight 142

Goal weight for the next 4 weeks 135 total 7 pounds

about me I’m also a mother of a beautiful 9 month old baby girl. While i was pregnant i only gained about 25 pounds. I always been skinny and weighted 100 pounds, when i got pregnant i was 110 pounds. While pregnant didn’t have any cravings ( don’t believe those exist) so i was at about 135 in my last trimester. The problem began after the pregnancy, for some reason i wanted this oreo cookies and cream ice cream and i got hooked i had my Fiance buy 2 big containers almost every week…i was soooo HOOKED ๐Ÿ™ …by november ( i gave birth August) i was at 145 and by december 150….i stopped the whole ice cream thing at the beginning of december and now i’m at 142. my ideal weight ( by july) i wanted to be and stay at 125 ๐Ÿ™‚

I will subscribe to the gym and hopefully start by the end of this week or by next week. I am eating less and i should be more active because i’m a stay at home mom and i’m stock in here 24/5 ugh…

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Hi ladies! I’m back, starting weight this time around is 196.6. Goal for the next 4 weeks is to get to 190.

I’m continuing with MFP, working out and lots and lots of water. Good luck everyone!

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