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Helper bee
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I’ll go ahead and weigh in now, since I’ve been using my Saturday morning weight to measure my progress.

Last week: 144.4

This week: 142.8

The good: Diet is still going well.  Haven’t cheated in the last month.  I ate a cupcake (on my free day!) and tried to eat a second one an hour later, but gave up when I almost puked from the sugary icing.  I guess I’m getting used to healthy eating again, lol. 

The bad: Last week, I did not do any of the running that I planned on doing.  And this morning, the second derivative of my weight was positive (for non-nerds, that means my weight loss is slowing down).  I’m not happy about that.  I know the 2lbs per week won’t last for ever, but I was hoping to keep it going until lent ends.  

Sooo this week’s goal is to get at least two runs in, preferably three.  We’ll see.

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Bumble bee
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Last week: 75.9 kg (167.3 pounds)

Today: 74.55 kg (164.4)

Good: For the first half of the week I was exercising well, eating well, staying within calorie allowances. Chose korean over BK, which is hard for me (although I LOVE both so not that hard!)

Bad: I got the worst stomach bug I’ve had in years – I believe since I was 12 (I’m 27). I dropped 1 1/2 kg (3.3 pounds) in a day, down to 73.85kg, and have gone up again since I started eating. I suspect I’ll plateau for a few days as my eating habits develop, then continue to safely go down.

Goals for this week: Get back to eating a regular diet, keep up with my fitness pal (today is my first day back on) and hopefully start to run again as of Wednesday.

On the odd chance I win this week, I’d prefer not to be the “winner”, because I feel like a loss from a stomach bug is the opposite goal than achieving weight loss for health, but I wanted to put the number I am today down for a reference point for next week (although I may go back up before I continue to lose healthily)


Good luck and congratulations everyone – I fine the BEEgest loser surprisingly motivational <3

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Bumble bee

Last Week: 152.8

This week: 150.2

The good: It was 70+ degrees here on Friday and I took my dog for an extra long walk outside at the park. I wore shorts. It was awesome. I also went on a long walking tour yesterday, which I count as exercise. So I managed to exercise the 4 times I wanted. 

The bad: I had cake. It is my kryptonite. But they were itty bitty pieces. I went out of town this weekend, which meant eating out. While it was all delicious, I didn’t make the smartest of decisions about eating. 

The ugly: St, Patrick’s Day means beer. I gave in. Had one. Which isn’t that bad, but I didn;t need any.

My goals remain the same. To try and eat better and exercise 4 times. I’m so close to my goal of being in the 140s and I’m not really doing my best to get there. 


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Sugar bee
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Last week’s weight: 132.8

This week’s weight: 132.8

I mostly stuck to my daily calorie goal, I did yoga once, ran 3 times, elliptical once and did ab exercises 4 times. I had a good week 🙂 

Goals this week are just to keep it up! I may try and get one or two rounds of 30 day shred in this week too.

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Honey bee
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Last week: 192

This week: 189

The good: Still eating well, keeping up my runs, bought new shoes on Friday and I LOVE them!!! Shin splints are much less intense! I also ran/walked 3 miles in 36 mins!!! Personal best!

The bad: Saturday I went a little crazy and ate like CRAP at a fish fry. I don’t regret it though, it was SO good. I know I will make up for it this week!

This week’s goal is to beat my personal time by 1:30. Also to run/ walk 4 times instead of just 3 this week!


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Helper bee
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Last Week: 163.0

This Week: 161.9

I worked out 5 times…this past week was so much better. I had two horrible meals all week and I have continued to drink my water.

My goal this week is to continue to eat better, more veggies, and not skipping meals. I will run this week but won’t work myself too hard…my half marathon is this Sunday.

On a side note, I am doing a weight loss challenge at work where we weigh in on Fridays (I think I have mentioned it before) anyways some people are just blowing me out of the water. I am embarrased each time I go down there because the scale is always down 2 one week, the following it is up 1 and so on. This is the lowest their scale has said so I intend to keep it that way! I so don’t want to go back up!

We started January 11th and I was 165 (I think) but I keep staying around 162-165 so I am not doing too good. My goal is 140-145, my hubby tries to make me feel better by telling me it’s the last I have to get off it’s the hardest.

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Ugh was really sick last week and didn’t work out at all, adding way my normal routine and was feeling better this weekend and drank and went over points (but not much) on Saturday.  


Last week: 177.8

this week: 181


good: not much bad: so sick, unable to work let alone work out. Mainly slept.


my body was out of wack this week so hoping to lose what I gained next week!

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Buzzing bee
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Last week: 188

This week: 187

Doing better! I’m only 1lb away from my Fitbit goal and starting a new goal. Initially it said that I could be 186 by March 25th, so that’s still my goal! We kind of went a little crazy with food this weekend and had some stuff that we haven’t in awhile (chinese food, no rice but still. Frozen yogurt, no toppings but still). We did go for an hour hike each morning to try and offset the food a bit.

Goals, keep walking! More veggies and try to focus on some healthy smaller meals to eat 4-5 times a day.

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Bumble bee

Last Week: 228.6

This Week: 226 YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!

Percentage: -1.14%

The Good/Bad/Ugly: I got to go down my own FULL grocery shopping and got all of the yummy great things I love that are healthy and even some not so healthy stuff.  However, with the not so healthy stuff, I think it’s going to be okay BECAUSE, today I started to track what I eat and the calories, just so I can kind of keep track of my intake versus burning and also because I have stomach troubles and lately it’s been a lot so I want to know what’s causing it.  Also, I started my period so my weight is my BLOATED weight! So that means I’ve lost even more! 😀  I know it’s not fully accurate of a weight then, but I will take it! I’m also starting to do little exercises and I’m tracking that, too because I’m finally NOT SICK ANYMORE! So I’m actually starting to work my up the running scale, pretty much doing the C25K thing but in my own way.  I’m not really good at keeping with programs or diets so I think just keeping track and TRYING will help me a lot!

Goals: Walk and run more, track my exercise and meals and go down 1 more pound.

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