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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 2013

Last week: 74.55

this week: 73.8kg

Good: worked out regularly. Was under calorie goal most days. Swam when my foot wouldn’t let me run. Completed couch to 5k

bad: mmm BK! And I had my foot arch problem flare up.

neutral: weight went up before going down, because I lost so much due to sickness. I expected this though.

goals for this week: nil. I leave for the airport tonight to fly to Taiwan in the morning and intend to eat myself silly. I’ll be doing a lot of walking though, so hope not to gain too much, but I won’t be monitoring in the slightest! If I see it and want it, I’ll eat it. I already started with a chocolate bar and pudding with lunch. I’ll just be mecha on track next week 😀

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Helper bee
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Last week 72.4kg. 

This week 72.4kg


The Good: didnt put on any weight!

The bad: Ate waaay to much chocolate and naughty food. Curse easter and hot cross buns.. they are sooo good! Didnt use MFP and payed for it as i wasnt accountable for my eating

Neutral: took me till wednesday to get to the gym and ony went 2 days this week but at least I got there.

Goal for this week: Make it to the gym at least 4 to 5 times this week also when there I am adding 2kg to my weights when strength training and upping interval training from 5mins/station to 6. 1 minute medium pace to 30seconds flat out… use my fitness pal.. stay away from hot cross buns!


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Buzzing bee
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Last week: 187

Current: 185.8

I’m not sure what I’m doing right but it’s working, lol!  We’ve added one extra day of workouts and I guess that’s helping?  I’m a little concerned that I’m losing muscle so I’m going to make an effort to start shredding again this week (I think I’ve said that the entire thread!).  I’m feeling good though, and its easiery to stay on track when I see results.

I was able to set a new FitBit goal since I hit 186, and now I’m aiming for 180 by May 5th!

Good luck everyone!

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Bumble bee

Last week: 226

This week: 225.6

Percentage: -0.18%

Good/Bad/Ugly: Ugh! Not really a good week for me but not bad, either.  Aunt Flo is gone and that always messes with my weight but I have been VERY active considering, like, even more than I ususally am.  I have been eating a lot of Special K and soup, which I think is helping to, but that’s about it.

Goals: Try to get down to 224 by next week.

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Bumble bee
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Last week: 181 (due to st pattys and being sick, gained 3.2 lbs)

this week: 176.6!


good: finished couch to 5k, tracked and ate really well, no alcohol- signed up for a biggest loser competition at my gym starting 4/8

bad: didn’t workout Saturday or start 30 day shred back up yet

Goals for this week: finish a 5k run in 33 minutes, do at least 5 30 day shred days

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2013

Last week: 142.8

This week: 141.6

Diet is going great, but I’m still losing slowly due to my complete lack of exercise.  There are two weeks of classes left and all I do is study.  My goal is to see if I can get in to the 130’s by the end of the month; I’m going to try to fit a few runs in or at least take longer walks with the dog.

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Sugar bee
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Last week: 132.8 (I do believe…)

This weekL 133.2. Boo.

The good: I worked out 4 times last week (ran 3 times, elliptical once) and did ab workouts. Yesterday I did 30 Day shred and yoga 🙂

The bad: I went to the buffet Saturday night. I knew I was going so I tried to eat less earlier in the day, but we ended up going later than expected so I supplimented with a pack of cookies (oh the joys of gift shop dinner) that had 400 calories!

The ugly: I pigged out at my parent’s house on Wednesday night before going to the wake of a distant family member.

Goals this week: STICK TO MY FRIGGIN CALORIE GOAL WHICH REALLY SHOULDN’T BE THAT HARD, continue running and 30 day shred.

And lose a pound or two.

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Honey bee
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Bummed! Only down .5 BUT I AF started on Friday and I know that has a significant impact on my weight.

So this week: 188.5

Last week: 189

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Last Week: 161.9

This Week: 161.4

We went out of town this past weekend so I didn’t count much calories but I still tried to watch what I ate. I worked out 4 days last week. One of which was a half marathon! Not happy about my time or that I had to walk the last few miles.  The weather was miserable…Cold windy and cloudy (the sun finally came out when I was about halfway).

(I know I am late but decided to still post!)

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Bumble bee

Last week: 150.2

This week: 150.4

I’m sick so I can’t remember much of the last week. I know I met Draco Malfoy. That’s it. He probably got me sick in the first place. Good job Draco. 

My goals remain the same. To eat better and exercise more. I, however, won’t go use the machines until I feel better. I don’t want to infect anyone else with my germs.

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