(Closed) The BEEgest Loser—-> t.XIII – week 2 weigh-in!

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Sugar bee
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@Mrs.Mittens:  Last week:166.7 This week: 166.4

I was sick so no surprise, super happy about the maintanence though.

Next week if I am not too sick work out more if not keep eating what I am eating to maintain.

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Sugar bee
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Last week: 148.8

This week: 148.0

Loss: -.8

The Good: Completed JMBR every day except the scheduled rest day! Whoo hoo! I am so sore, and am feeling stronger every day. I also think I’ll see a decent loss on the tape when I measure Tuesday.

The Bad: While I KNOW that I’m switching muslce for fat, I can’t help but feel discouraged at not seeing the scale change hardly at all. I know that its sort of irrational, but I want the number to go down and to be able to SEE the changes and I can’t yet. 

The Ugly: I drank with DH last night. Alcohol is bad. I also ended up eating cookies my friend brought for me from her trip to Dubai. They were good, but probably not a good choice when coupled with the boozy lemonade.

Goal for Next week: Continue all the scheduled workouts for JMBR, continue to cut back on alcohol consumption, and drink more plain water.

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Blushing bee

  • Please post last weeks weight and your current weight, don’t forget the tenths of a pound!

Last week: 169

This week: 168.5

Loss: -.5

  • What was good/bad/ugly about this past week?

My company finally left (on Monday), so I was able to get mostly back to my routine of healthier eating. I did mess up twice – at the grocery, I bought fiber one bars thinking they’d be a nice occaisional treat and help me with some of the GI issues associated with the higher-protein diet that I’m trying out. Well, they’re totally addictive, and it’s sooooooo hard to resist them knowing that they’re sitting there in my cupboard! So, no more buying fiber-laced-wtih-chocolate for me! Also, I did cave and order pizza when I went out with my friends. So, I’m not surprised that I only had a tiny overall loss. At least I’ve been sticking to my workouts. And I’ll do better next week, I know it!

  • What are your goals for the coming week, have they changed?

Focus on cooking healthy meals in advance, so I don’t end up too hungry and reaching for the easiest/yummiest/quickest option (those fiber one bars, dangit!). No more pizza when I go out to eat with the gang!

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Blushing bee
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This week:183.8

Made it to that elusive 183, now 179.9 sounds good for next week. School starts next Wednesday! I get at least 2 hours to work my ass off while the kids nap. Really excited about that. Been fitting it in wherever but to have specific time set aside, I can get more done with less excuses. My youngest start preschool the week after that so I will be out of the house at least twice daily. That will be a mood lifter also.

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Busy bee
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I almost forgot to post! LOL oops

Last week: 163.5

This week: 163

Down .5 I’ll take it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d like to lose at least another two pounds by the end of this round, and I think I can do it!  My goal for this weekend is to find the dvd plugs(? I’m having a brain fart here…) and plug my dvd player into my tv in my room (finally, we’ve been in our house for 3 1/2 years now….) and start doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  I need something like that to keep me going.  And I need to do strength + cardio.  I want nice arms on my wedding day!!


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Blushing bee
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Last week: 154.4

This week: 153.4

Down 1 pound, and I can’t complain. I have been slacking with going to the gym this week but still have continued to eat very well. My goal for this coming week is to get my butt back to the gym 4-5 days a week ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee
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  • Please post last weeks weight and your current weight, don’t forget the tenths of a pound!

Starting Weight: 140.5

Last Week: 138.5

This Week: 137.5 (I think my scale only goes by .5s…)

  • What was good/bad/ugly about this past week?

Okay, last weekend I had Jack-n-the-box AND Little Caesars. BIG SIGH. (But it was SOOOO good!) I shouldn’t have had both so close together and especially when I wasn’t exercising, either. I also didn’t need to polish off every fry and bit of burger when I wasn’t hungry anymore.

The beginning of the week was tough too… it is not so much that I am hungry when I do breakfast and lunch meal replacement but that I just want to EAT something I like–and because Fiance is trying to GAIN weight/muscle for the wedding, the house is filled with carbs and meat. My fault, since I make the grocery list. Cry

I started getting back into the diet groove, though, and forced myself to exercise yesterday. HATED IT but yes! However, now I have one of my hate-symptoms: SORENESS. My thighs are always the first to scream and they’re screaming bloody murder right now.

  • What are your goals for the coming week, have they changed?

Exercise more is (always) at the top of the list. Next is to stock up on healthier options this weekend at the supermarket. I do love me some salad! So I’m going to get all the lettuces, vegetables, and fruit I want, with some croutons and low-fat dressings that weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I’m also going to give up pasta for awhile. Pasta just makes me FEEL heavy.

Looking forward to starting anew this week! Cool

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Helper bee
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Last weeks weight: 241.2

This week’s weight: 239.8


Not a great week but I’ll take it. My exercising rocked at the beginning of the week and then life got in the way. I had two job interviews, we went to go look at the house we put an offer in on, trips to the bank, the realtor, and work on top of that. Wow. I need to find a better system of getting more water into my body. Next week will be better!

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Helper bee
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Last week:166.0

This week:165.0

A pound difference yay!

My downfall this past week has been going out to eat. When I eat at home it isn’t a problem, but when I go out…Eesh. Need to start making healthy choices when I do go out to eat as just not going out isn’t really an option with how often we have been having friends and family get togethers lately.

Thinking salad instead of fries, take half home and save it for my husbands lunch the next day rather than me eatting it all. Little changes to where when I do have a splurge day, it doesn’t ruin my whole week.

My goal for this coming week in addition to that is to step it up on my workouts, both intensity and frequency. Planning on 4 times per week at medium difficulty. Got my workout in for today already along with a healthy breakfast and 3 cups of water so far. So I am doing well on both of those. Also plan to substitute in whole wheat pasta and whole grain bread for at home dinners rather than processed white versions that my husband loves. Hopefully he won’t care too much ๐Ÿ˜›

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Helper bee
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I have to drop out of this board. It’s hard for me to get time to sign on and post my weight. I missed last weeks :/

The good news! I am down to 133.0 :). My starting weight was 135.3 two weeks ago…


Keep it up ladies. 

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Busy bee
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I think i was 161.6

today: 163…

definitely not as bad as i thought ๐Ÿ˜€


but, i did not drink alcohol all week..that  is a WIN

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Bumble bee
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I forgot to post on friday:(


I had a really down week last week, but good news was that I didn’t gain any so I’m still at a 5 lb. loss overall!!!!

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Blushing bee

Congrats to all the bees sticking with this journey! I had to weigh myself twice this morning, I was so excited – I’m down 5 pounds so far!! I know the scale might jump around some, but if this weight sticks, then I’ll just need one more pound in order to hit my goal for the 4-week challenge (reaching 165, from 171).

 Edited to add: I wonder how soon we’ll do a nother 4-week challenge? Because my eventual goal is to get under 150!

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