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Well, I guess I’ll start.

I am starting at 165lbs, which is the heaviest I have ever been. I used to run Cross Country in college and then kept it up with daily 6-mile runs after I graduated. I was able to eat anything I wanted… and in abundance. Now the running has slowed (let’s be real, it’s stopped altogether) but the eating, drinking, and being merry has continued.

So… my goals for the next four weeks are to:

  • get my love for running back
  • start an exercise/running routine of 5-6 days a week
  • be more conscious of my eating!

I can’t wait to see where I’m at in four weeks and start a new four-week, BEEgest Loser goal.

Good luck all! I will need your support and you have mine!

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I’m 78.75 kg as of this morning.

I want to get below 76kg this round. 

I’ve been strict using myfitness pal, and exercising daily, mostly with exercise videos. I hope to do couch to 5k when it warms up, but it is currently freezing! I’ll also keep weighing myself daily, mostly because I actually enjoy watching the weight come off…

Next week I will be flying to the US to see my fiancé, so I’ll probably switch to maintainance for the first few days, so I can enjoy being ale to eat good western food/ Christmas. I’ll still exercise, and track calories so I can make sure I don’t go to excessive!

If anyone also wants to join me on myfitnesspal, feel free to PM me ๐Ÿ™‚

@jwdesiree:  Good luck with running. I admire people who can run a lot!

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I will give this another go! I am bad at updating because I don’t tend to weigh myself weekly but I would like to loose 8lbs by Dec 31st if possible (yikes!) so I need to keep myself accountable. 

Starting weight: 142

Goal weight: 132

Goals: work out at least 4 times a week (mix Jillian Michaels with running and elliptical) and stick to my calorie limit 6 out of 7 days a week. 

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I’ll join in! I weighed in at 153.6lbs this morning. I’m 4 months post-partum and really want this weight gone.

This week’s goals: Get below 150!, not eat out at all, drink one pop per day or less, and hit the gym for cario Monday through Friday.

Darling Husband, Dirty Delete, and I are headed to my parents house for two weeks on Saturday…where there is no gym and lots of not so good for you food. I’m planning on packing my own health food to bring with/hitting up the grocery store there. Any good workout ideas? Its super cold there, so I don’t plan on running outside much!


@MissTatas:  Which Jillian workout do you do? I love 30 Day Shred!

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Oh I’ve seen these so many times and I’ve never thought to join one. So maybe this will give me a kick to work on myself. (:

I used to weight lift a lot when I finished high school and lost 30 lbs in my senior year. But in the four and half years since then I’ve gained back about 20 of those pounds and I’d really like to start taking care of myself again. I still have my toned arms and shoulders, but I want to really work on my hips/thighs/lower back.

Starting Weight: 163

Goal Weight: 145

Goals: Get back into lifting 3-4 times a week and sprinkle in just a little aerobics or some swimming. Cut back on soda and not letting my emotions dictate what I eat. I also want to be able to do a chin-up. Just one, lol.

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I’d like to join please!

Starting weight: 187lbs (ugh 4lbs more than yesterday. . .wth?)
Wedding goal weight: 150lbs
December goal: I’ve been lingering around 183 – 187 for about a month now and would really like to get out of the 180’s by the end of the year.

Really hate my flabby arms and would like to tone them.  Plan to buy some dumbbells and start out with some arm exercises. I eat relatively healthy during the week but I struggle on the weekends.  Also, join WW and hope that will help.

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Alright I will join a little support will be nice. Well I am a bit ashamed to put this in writing my starting weight is 170 pounds. The highest I have been in a few years I have no excuse just made to many bad decisions coupled with a job that involves sitting all day.

My goal for the next 4 week’s is to lose over 10 pounds ( i want my end number in the 150’s) I plan to cut out carbs, eat protein and veggies and workout 5 days a week with a mixture of wii zumba, jillian michaels and elliptical and weight training.

Christmas is a hard time of year but with some focus I should stay on track. Ultimately by my wedding I would like to be 130-140.

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Blushing bee

I’m in! I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning ๐Ÿ™‚

However, I know I am hovering around 190. Not my highest (I got up to almost 200 about 18 months ago), but I was down to about 173 at one point.


My goal is to clean up my eating significantly. I lost about 20 lbs on weight watchers, just by staying within my points. Somehow, counting calories is not as easy for me as points were. So maybe I need to get back on WW.

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I’d like to join in as well! My starting weight is I’m ashamed to say 166 (that’s a lot at 5″3).

I haven’t been to the gym for the past few weeks and have gained a little, so a bit of motivation won’t hurt! I’d like to lose 8 lbs in 4 weeks, but I tend to lose really slowly so I’ll be happy with 6. Wouldn’t mind losing an inch ot two off my hips either! 

I’m a vegetarian (no moral reasons, just never liked eating meat), so I’m supplementing with herbalife shaked in the morning to boost my protein intake. 

My super ultimate goal is 147 lbs, as at the moment any less than that seems completely unrealistic for me! 


Good luck to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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@CEtoSAHM:  I do 30DS too ๐Ÿ™‚ I have done level 1 about 1,000 times but only completed the entire program (10 days at level 1, 10 at level 2 and 10 at level 3) once and that was before my wedding! I hope to finish 30DS by Dec 31 too. 

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I’ll join in!

I’m currently at 138 at 5’2. My goal is to be 115-125, completely depending on how that weight sits.

I’ve currently been eating about 20% below my TDEE, which allows me about 1750 calories. I try and work out 5-6 days a week. Right now I’m totally in love with http://www.bodyrock.tv and http://www.benderfitness.com. The videos on both of those sites are amazeballs.

I’m thinking in the next week or so I want to incorporate more weight training, at heavy weights.


My goals this week to to see a decrease in my bodyfat %. I’ve already lost 1%!


By The Way: I’m on sparkpeople if anyone wants to join me! Just PM me.

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@Mrs Christopher:  Woo thanks for starting this again!

My starting weight is 140.6. I pretty much maintained over the last week, which isn’t too shabby overall.

I’d like to break into the 130s over the next 4 weeks. I’d be content to drop 2-4lbs. 

I plan to accomplish this by continuing to eat well (high protein, whole grains, plenty of veggies, low bad fats), and to really push in kickboxing and probably raising my heavy weights – they’re getting a bit too easy now. 

My overall goal for the holiday season is to not gain!

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I’m joining! I was doing really well until Thanksgiving when I gained 5 lbs and am still getting some of that off. I’m back on track counting calories and doing my elliptical for 20 min 3x a week. Hoping to be in the 170’s by the end of this challenge.

Starting weight- 186.7

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