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@Mrs Christopher: 

Last week weight: 174.2

Current weight: 171.6


The bad and ugly: My fiance broke his arm, his elbow and his knee cap during an accident at LAX airport and is now completely bedridden. I eat when I can which is mostly stuff that comes straight out of bags. I haven’t been able to get more than 2 runs in because he needs constant attention.


My goal is to run more now that the pain is starting to feel more “muted”. By next week, I’d like to be 169 flat. I’ve been in the 170s for 6 weeks now and I’me DONE with them! (I started out at 184 and I’m ready to see the 160s!)

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My first time participating!  Yay!


Last week: 146.7

This week: 144.4

The good:  I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks, and he told me I was looking more “svelte”.  That was nice to hear, but my own perception hasn’t changed much yet.  I wish I could just drop 20 lbs now and pay for it later 😛

The bad:  I swore to myself I would start running every other day, but haven’t been out for a run in at least two weeks.  I guess I’m going to have to take baby steps on that one.

I’ve been sticking to my diet pretty well, so my goal this week is to get at least two runs in.

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Last week:227

This week: 228.6

Percentage: 0.7% :'(

Good: Nothing, really.  Although, I supose it’s sort of a good thing…. besides having the flu/strep from school, I also have a cold on top of it so while I am hungry, I am eating very basic, light foods like lots of soups and toast.  This is good because I’m not eating like, a bunch of chicken or chips or anything super unhealthy although lots of hot chocolate because it seems to be the only thing that makes my troat feel better. I was out of town though at an event and so I got to walk like 10 or more miles and climbed lots of stairs in a 3.5 day span.

Bad: I was out of town at an event where they fed us all day and so while it was a balanced meal, there was a lot and it wasn’t super duper healthy, light foods.  Also, because I am sick, I did not get to go to the gym at all.  I could have but I was also out of town and did not have access to a gym.

Goals: Get better from being sick and go to gym every time I think about it! (Hopefully 3 times at a minimum.)

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Started at 76.75 kg (169 pounds)

Weighing in a 75.9 kg (167.3 pounds)

Good: kept up with almost all of myfitness goals (had to miss half a yoga workout because ten ankle hurt), ran the three times planned, plus a bonus short run. Bought cute workout gear from the outlet mall, and they had a 40% off everything timesale, making for great bargains. Tracked calories and ate fairly well. Took snacks to work with me to avoid bad choices. 

Bad: I have an appointment every Tuesday that is far away (6 train rides and a bus ride to get from work to dr to home).This Tuesday they were running late, so I didn’t get home till really late and completely binged on BK. As in, with all the extras. And the chocolate bar I just ate for afternoon tea 😉

Goals for this week: keep my running. Try yoga, but if any pain, do some Pilates ab work and upper body instead. Continue to eat good, home cooked meals. I’m looking to come off one of my meds with my dr this week, which may have some side effects, so we shall see.

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Ooh, I wish i’d seen this sooner 🙁


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  • Last weeks weight: 135.5

  • This weeks weight: 132.8

  • Good: I ran 3 times last week. Saturday I went out to eat with my family and ate (half) of a chef salad plus a couple chicken wings and french fries so I didn’t feel deprived but also didn’t binge. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of yoga, a run, and ab exercises. Clearly it paid off, although it hurts to move today.

  • Bad: I ate out a lot and did not have much luck giving up sweets.

  • Ugly: There were multiple (3-4) when I went over my calorie goal by close to if not over 1000 calories.

  • Goals: Run 2 more times, start 30 day shred, and get in a couple more yoga sessions.

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Last Week: 153.0
Today: 152.8
The good: My grandmother asked me if I lost weight. That was nice. I also went to the gym 3 times.  
The bad: I was fighting Aunt Flo all week, so my weight bounced from 152.0 to 155.0 and back all week. Also, I’m unemployed so just kind of eat when I want…it’s bad.
The ugly: Aunt Flo required at Five Guy hamburger and little fry, a fish fry, and some beer. But other than those meals, I ate pretty well. 
Goals: Go to the gym 4 times this week. Cut the crap (and the carbs) down. Don’t sit on the couch all day. Try and leave the house once a day for some movement other than the gym.

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@quierajen:  You can join in at anytime!

Last Week: 190

Current weight: 188

I’m at the point where I either need to start exercising or really really really watch what I eat.  Not that I’m not watching what I eat but more like if I’m going to have a skinny cow ice cream than I need to go to the gym, even if it is only 100 calories.

Going to focus on eating a protein and veggies for dinner instead of mainly a carb and shredding two time this week.  I know already that we are going to have a busy weekend so I’m planning out what we are bringing with us too eat.  I’m happy to report that I’m loosing my taste for fast food!

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Okie dokie, so since I’m allowed to join.

Starting weight: 226.0


A little about me? I’m almost 24. I live with my SO, soon to be fiancee who is very health conscious and that makes losing weight much easier because he’s always very supportive of me when I decide to do so. I am an emotional eater which is my MAJOR weakness when it comes to weight loss, which is why I think it will be good for me to have this kind of support, and this place to admit when I’ve eating a pint of icecream!


Goals? For the next four weeks, I’d like to start eating healthy full time again, starting slow for my body (I have pain problems and physical issues) so going to the gym at least twice a week to start out. I’d like to lose at least 10 pounds.

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Starting Weight was 163.3 (weighed that again at work on Friday)

Today’s weight 163.0

I still can’t have sweets, but to fullfil my sweet tooth I have fruit instead. But I think maybe it has made me want junk food…chips! This past week was so much better than last week except for Tuesday, I ate way too much and was miserable. I only worked out Monday and Saturday. But a good friend’s dad passed away and we were spending a lot of time with their family.

This week I plan on not eating as much and going to the gym at least every day and rest on Friday. My hubby hasn’t been going to the gym with me so it makes me lack motivation. But of course not an excuse!

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Last week: 182.6

this week: 177.8!!!!

since I can’t believe it myself here’s proof :o) 


The good this week was I was on plan and didn’t have any alcohol.  

The bad was I tried a bootcamp class that was WAY above my fitness level and after 20 minutes just could not do anymore so had to walk out.  Yesterday and today I could barely move, so I’m in pain and couldn’t workout ( way past normal good workout soreness).  Going to try running tomorrow, hopefully can get it done will be end of Week 7 of couch to 5k)


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