(Closed) The BEEgest Loser —-> t.XVIII – week 1 weigh-in!

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Helper bee
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Is this one just starting?

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Busy bee
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Starting weight this round: 168.6

Weigh in = 168.5

Uh, so yeah basically a maintain.  But, thats ok, at least it wasn’t a gain. 

What was good/bad/ugly about this past week? I got in three work outs!  I didn’t chose the greatest foods overall.  But I went grocery shopping for work today and I’m stocked up with good/healthy foods for the week.

Goals: Work out 4x this week.  Drink at least three bottles of water during my work day.  No going out to lunch!

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my starting weight was 195.6

my curretn weight is 193.4


What was good/bad/ugly about this past week? I worked out 5 days cut out all junk food and soda and only drink water. I started school this week so my day has been hectic.

Goals: I’m going to try to eat more calories. I use MFP and I’m getting just barely 1000. Its hard for me to eat 4-5 small meals a day plus I’m never hungry


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Sugar bee
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When did this start? I’ve been on a weight loss kick for a little bit now & lost 9 pounds so far! is there a post before this I can catch up on?

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Bumble bee
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Last week I was 189.8.  This week I’m 189.2, for a loss of 0.6 lbs.  

Im ok with it, I lost 3 lbs last week so I didn’t expect a huge loss this week.

Good: my eating was pretty great, I stayed on plan.  The bad: we went on a wine tasting so I had wine and had a glasses at home, I’m trying to balance enjoying myself but watching the alcohol.  The ugly: I only made it to the gym 2 times last week.

my goals for this week are to lose at least 1lb (will put me at 20lbs lost!) and workout at least 5 times.





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Hi! I am jumping in…if that’s okay 🙂

Last week: 197.9

This week: 193.8

Weight Lost: 4.1 lbs


What was good/bad/ugly about this past week?

Good: I have been sticking to my weightwatchers points, and my Boyfriend or Best Friend and I have been experimenting with lots of new healthy recipes! 

Bad: I had pasta for dinner tonight. Yikes!

Ugly: I didn’t work out much this week because I was having back spasms. I’m feeling much better and ready to get back on the horse!

Goals: I am playing in an intramural basketball team that starts tomorrow, so I’m hoping I don’t die on the court!! And to stick with my 10K training!

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Starting: 196.4

Current: 195.8

Not much of a loss, but at least its something! I was not good yesterday as I have a cold and stayed on the couch and ate things I shouldnt have. I was pretty good over the weekend, but did drink 3 beers on Sunday. I am hoping to get down to 194.8 for next week!

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Hi! I am joining too if that is ok.

Last week: 191.5

This week: 189.0

Weight Lost: 2.5 lbs

What was good/bad/ugly about this past week?

Good: I started going to the gym at work this week and stayed within my weight watchers points for the week and drank a ton of water

Bad: It’s my time of the month and I’m retaining some water

Ugly: I had 1 Mai Tai at dinner the other night only to discover it was 44 weight watchers points, thankfully I had weekly points to cover it, but wow what a waste!

Goals: Go to the gym 5 days this week and stay within my weight watchers points limit

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Helper bee
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 Starting Weight: 164.2

This Week: 161.6

Weight Loss: 2.6 lbs

What was good/bad/ugly about this past week?

Good: I have been drinking 64oz.+ every day and watching what I eat/snack.

Bad: I only worked out 3 days last week. ;(

Ugly: I had a beer (Ultra) on Saturday and Mexican food, and had Girl Scout cookies…I gave the rest away so I wouldn’t eat anymore.

Goals: To go to the gym the rest of the week.

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Sugar bee

Ohhh I’d love to join! I need some push for my weight loss.

Starting weight: 272.5 (last week on Monday)

This week: 270.2 (as of this morning)

Change: -2.3 lb.

What was good/bad/ugly about this past week? Great week so far as working out went! I got in my C25K workouts on Monday, Friday and Monday. Last night’s workout was AMAZING. I didn’t eat as well as I should’ve and I was sick twice (hence no Wednesday workout) – but I didn’t let that get me down and I actually saw a LOSS!

Goals: Finish week 3 in C25K, strength training 3x and make WAY better food choices.

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Busy bee
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Starting Weight: 197.6

This Week: 197.0

Weight Loss: 0.6 lbs

What was good/bad/ugly about this past week?

Good: I got all my workouts in!

Ugly: This weekend was pretty much a disaster!  Way too many temptations and I wasn’t very good at resisting.  So I’m honestly surprised I lost anything at all!  I stopped tracking on the weekend so I have no idea how many points I consumed but it wasn’t pretty.

Goals: Track everything I eat and stay within my alloted points. 

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Busy bee
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Starting Weight last week was 181.8


This Week: 178.1

Lost 3.7 this week!!! Yay very happy about that, I know most of it is probably water weight but heck weight is weight to me at this point. Just hoping to keep the momentum going!!

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Bumble bee
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I just started yesterday so you can use my starting weight for my week 1 weight and we can just say that I “maintained” this week. 🙂

Starting weight: 189.3

This week: 189.3

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