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Blushing bee
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My sister had one and I think she had it drained the first time. The second time I believe she had it surgically removed? It also popped on its own a couple times accidentally and as I recall that REALLY HURT so I don’t recommend it!

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Blushing bee
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I have a really small one right below my right ring finger.  I didn’t know what it was, just some hard small bump that kind of felt like a bruise.  My Dr. told me it was a ganglion cyst, and they sometimes go away on their own.  Luckily, mine isn’t visible to the naked eye, and you only know if it’s there if you press on my hand and feel for it (I find mine also appears and disappears all the time).

She told me that people usually ignore them, unless they hurt/inhibit daily life.  then you can go to a surgeon and they can inject it with steroids to make it go away.  Unfortunately, because it’s a re-occuring thing, even if you get it treated, there’s no guarantee that it won’t come back later. 🙁

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Busy bee
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Sometimes your primary doc will try to pop them, otherwise having it drained with a needle is nbd and can be done at the same visit.

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Helper bee
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I have a bible cyst right on the top of my left wrist. It comes and goes but usually never gets larger than an almond. My MD asked me if I wanted to drain it but as it was causing me no pain, I declined. My MD told me having it drained would be no real inconvenience and not risky or invasive. If your bible cyst is causing you pain and I would def say get it drained, *just be warned sometimes they grow back. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

I’ve got one on my right wrist that comes and goes.  It’s with me now, but not as painful as the last time.  I’d love to have it drained but right now I’ve got a bunch of other weird health things going on that I feel are more pressing.

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Busy bee
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My brother, mom, and I all have (or have had) ganglion cysts. My mom got hers surgically removed many years ago and it has not returned (but she does have a small scar). My brother accidentally popped his pitching in a baseball game in high school when a line drive came towards the pitching mound and he quickly had to duck and landed on his wrist. It came back and he has since used a large book to pop it – that’s where they got their nickname Bible Bump. Mine just comes and goes so I’ve never done anything about it.

Sounds like getting it drained isn’t a huge deal and might be a good quick fix if you can do it before the wedding. I know when mine is flaring up it makes lifting/carrying things with my left hand pretty painful. Good luck!

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Helper bee
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I have also had them come and go on my wrist and the top of my hand. Once I had one on top of my hand that was really bothering me, and I had a friend push on it/rub it really hard. I was nervous to look, but he popped it and I could hardly tell when it happened. I took aspirin for a few days afterwards, but that might work if you don’t have time for surgery to heal before your date.

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Blushing bee
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I had one and had it surgically removed.  It was on the top of my right wrist and when I bent my wrist it was the size of a large marble.  I had it for quite a few years before I found a good orthopedic surgeon who figured out what it was and took care of it.  Couple years prior one office tried to drain it….didn’t work for me, and hurt like hell the rest of the day. 

Some people say it dosen’t bother them, but mine caused my fingers to go numb all the time – similar to carpal tunnel but differant fingers.  When the doc got in there he found that it was quite larger than they thought and was pressing against the nerves which explained the numbing issues. 

It took me a week and a half before I could go back to work, but the pain went away within a couple days.  I do still have a scar, but I think it’s just more obvious to me.

I would take some Advil or Aleve for it and get a wrist brace to wear up until the wedding.  That will help limit your movement and hopefully reduce the pain until you can get to a doctor after your wedding.

Good luck!  If you want to know more feel free to PM me.

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Sugar bee
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My aunt had them on the back of each of her hands near her wrist and she had them surgically excised, they never came back.  I’m pretty sure my Fiance has one on his foot but he doesn’t really care about it.  It bothers me more than him 😉

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Bumble bee

I had one on the back of my wrist removed years ago.  Now I have one on the back of my neck.  I had it removed once and it came back but doesn’t hurt (knock on wood) so I am leaving it alone.

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