The braces are FINALLY OFF!

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I’m currenty wearing invisalign braces and also have a lisp depending on how the tray is. I switch them out every week and sometimes the lisp is there and sometimes i dont have one at all, the best advice I can give you is just wear your retainer and you’ll have a lisp for a week or 2 at the most but then your tongue will get used to it and it will go away! 

Good luck!

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Honey bee

My daughter had to do that for a while. You really want to make sure you wear the retainer at night. 

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Honey bee

You HAVE to wear the retainer or you’ll be me at 36 needing to consider braces AGAIN. It’s worth four months of annoyance. Trust me. Ugh. It’s waay worse to have to do it again.

That said I’m confused by the two types of retainer. I thought it was one or the other. They never even went over the option of a permanent retainer for me. 

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Take advice from someone who has had EXTENSIVE orthodontic work done and jaw surgery. WEAR THE RETAINERS! as much as possible or for however long they tell you to. If you dont your teeth, permanent retainers (which im guess are little bars glued to the backs of the teeth) or not, your teeth can or will shift over time. 

the lisp thing will go away over time.

I went through it as a young 18-19 ish teen, and i hated the plastic ones they gave me and told me to wear religiously. I was stubborn… A few years later my teeth started to shift, my bite changed and further down the road ive had two teeth pulled and a root canal due to shifting. My teeth are still straight and i still have retained a nice smile now at the age of 30, but the money my parents spent to fix my teeth over the years, i kinda felt bad that i didnt listen. 

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Buzzing bee

Kslim13 :  I had jaw surgery too!

OP, I also have permanent and plastic retainers on upper and bottom. Wear both! The permanent ones are usually only on several teeth in the front so those teeth will stay straight together, but your orther teeth could move. Not get crooked again, but move out of alignment with your top teeth. I had to get braces again about 10 years after my jaw surgery and I wore my retainers religiously. My teeth still shifted because I didn’t handle my retainers properly. I was too rough when I handled them and I moved the wires. I almsot feel imcomplete without my retainers. Keep wearing your removable ones and the lisp will go away eventually.

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Bumble bee

Wear those retainers!  I was a teen when I had my braces, and of course I really hated the retainter.  Only had one for the bottom, but I skipped it a lot.  My teeth, sure enough, began to move a bit.  I really regret it now.  They’re not crooked again, but not as straight as they could have been.

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Helper bee

I had both permanent and removable ones too, but I only wore the removable ones at night. And I still do, 15ish years later! My permanent one just popped out this year and I opted not to replace it. No problems thus far. 

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YAY!!! What an awesome feeling.

I had my braces removed at 16 and my orthodontist installed permanent “retainers” more like bars behind my top and bottom teeth. 12 years later still unnoticeable and they made it so that I never have to worry about my teeth shifting. Check if that’s an option! 

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Yes to the retainer in the beginning, and always at night! I had braces as a teen and didn’t wear my retainer for long after the braces came off. Now my teeth are straighter than before but have definitely moved! It does give my teeth a more natural look but no-one would guess I’ve had braces before.

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Blushing bee

I’m am ortho assistant and wear the retainers! Your teeth are the most prone to move In the first 6 months and you will get used to then your speech will improve and the sore will go away just like when you had the braces on. Also teeth will shift the rest of your life so wear them every night! Enjoy your new smile 😁

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