(Closed) The Buzz: What Went Wrong on Your Wedding Day?

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  • Wedding: October 2013

We (the girls) were running late for hair and makeup so the schedule got changed up. But that was 100% our fault.


The staff was supposed to hold back appetizers from cocktail hour for husband and I and the bridal party. They didn’t. I was pissed about that.


The vegetarian dish was brought out way late. Everyone had practically finished eating before the vegetarian dishes came out. Mom was furious.


No champagne was left in the honeymoon suite like they said.


Staff misplaced my hair comb and chapstick (I left it on our table while we took our finale picture). Chapstick wasn’t a big deal but I’m still upset that my hair comb was lost.


Our leftovers were supposed to be boxed, but they were thrown out.


I asked for premium liqour and they served top shelf. Therefore, our prepaid amount ran out way faster than intended.

ETA: I should have either DIYed my hair/makeup or just shelled out the extra money for a “better” team. I hated my hair and makeup…so much that I’m dreading getting our pictures back.

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  • Wedding: May 2013

my only complaint was that i bought 12 lanterns and 10 hurricanes and took like 1of each out as an example to show my helpers where to put them out….there was some confusion because only 3 got put out and the rest stayed in the boxes unopened so all the smokers were sitting outside in the dark!

not a huge deal but a little annoying considering i bought, stored, transported them up and back 

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  • Wedding: April 2018

There was a HUGE wreck on the highway near our venue the day of our wedding. It didn’t affect the wedding party (we stayed overnight) or our guests (it happened earlier in the day) but it did make our photographer late.

Fortunately they showed up only 20 minutes later than we had planned, so I wasn’t totally freaking out. I was just relaxing in my room and waiting to put on my pretty dress. We had to rush through getting ready photos a little bit since they were late, but it could have been a lot worse.

It was also RIDICULOUSLY windy on my wedding day, and I was walking down the aisle, the loose front pieces in my updo were blown across my face and I couldn’t do anything about it. That was annoying, especially when I saw the photos afterwards, but again, no big deal and it could have been WAY worse. (I had a gorgeous updo and the rest of it didn’t even BUDGE! Once we got to our reception my hair looked totally fine. Mad props to my hair stylist- what a pro.)

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  • Wedding: February 2013

My dad stepped on my cathedral veil after he gave me away, and my head snapped back. We all laughed it off, and my poor dad was a bright shade of red. We got this picture:

Years from now it will be still be a hilarious memory, I think.

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  • Wedding: August 2013 - The Liberty House

@Pokemon:  wait, she was expecting THE GROOM to sit in the audience for the ceremony? I hope you never have to speak to these people again.

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  • Wedding: September 2013

@Mrs. Mouse:  there were little thigns that went wrong but I didn’t know until the end of the night when everyone left.

They ran out of beef which was quite upsetting because how many people didn’t get what they ordered? whats the point of giving a head count ifyou can’t accomodate everyone?

We heard that some people’s plates were cold or not cooked properly.
Other than that, nothing. But that is a big deal, i dont want people to think we are bad hosts or that our food sucked

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  • Wedding: January 2013 - Harbourfront Grand Hall

@Mrs. Mouse:  The hair stylist underestimated how much time it would take to do our hair so we were running late, the MUA didn’t do the same makeup on me that I fell in love with at the trial, the bakery was late delivering the cake, the DJ played the wrong song list, the photog WAY overestimated how much time it would take to do pictures before the ceremony so we had a ton of time to kill before the ceremony and I ended up getting sleepy, my husband was supposed to look up at me while walking up a staircase for our first look, he got nervous and didn’t look up until he was right in front of me, the reception venue never refilled the water glasses of those of us at the head table.  Someone that RSVP’d without a plus one showed up WITH a plus one causing me to have to shuffle people around at the last minute and my photog ended up sitting with my boss, which I’m sure didn’t make my bosses feel very important.  Oh and my mom started picking up before the reception was over which really upset me because I wanted her to enjoy herself and we had planned on just walking out and leaving everything and picking up the next afternoon.


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  • Wedding: June 2013

@Mrs. Mouse:  

So our wedding was on Friday June 28 🙂 – Best. Day. Ever.

Not everything went according to plan, but we made the best of it. Honestly, I was on cloud nine, nothing could ruin this day for me.

Our photographer didn’t capture EVERYTHING I wanted, but overall, we are very happy with our pictures – Mainly due to the fact that we have so many we like, that we cannot decide on which ones to frame! 

It was rainy all day, which didn’t really bother me (it bothered my mom more than me, lol). My hair held up pretty good considering (have umbrellas handy as a fail safe! We kinda scrambled last minute…)

First let down: The makeup artist arrived late (I guess she had a hard time finding my mom’s house in the boonies – I don’t know – but still – almost almost 30 min. late :/)… Which led me to get in my dress late… Among other things being done late, there was no time for bridal portraits :(.

This is my biggest regret, I was too busy being in la-la land to even notice (I realized this 2 days later, lol). But, I have many great pics capturing me so I guess I can’t complain.

Next let down: The tent had walls… We had to go ahead with the tent for the outdoor ceremony. The original plan was to have a sunny day with no tent and a beautiful river in the background… But when I secured the tent, I didn’t think it would have walls, which made the background… Well, you’ll see :/

This is the backdrop we were supposed to have for the ceremony:

Oh well, so what if the tent had walls, we are married now (and dry)! We took SO many pictures in such a small amount of time. The rain drizzling everywhere (and bugs! Ugh) contributed in us hurrying the hell up! Haha

All in all, I just had to get over it (the walls and not having my bridal portraits).

I recommend to bees that they give themselves LOTS of time in their timelines, it’s better to have way too much time on your hands and relax than feel rushed. Or maybe even have the Maid/Matron of Honor (or someone else) make sure you stay on schedule. It’s a very emotional day, nothing was rational, lol.

Also, if you don’t want walls on your tent (if you are having one), make sure! Lol.

EDIT: I almost forgot!

Not even a week before the wedding, we discovered the best man/only GM/DH’s brother didn’t buy a suit. He had A YEAR to buy a grey suit… Sheesh. He ended up just going to Value Village and got something there that is more black looking than grey looking… :/ Here is how it turned out:

I got over it, but was not too impressed. What can you do? 

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  • Wedding: July 2013 - The front lawn of our church

My friend was supposed to make the cupcakes for my reception (she said she would get a team of girls together and do it) but I found out 5 days before the wedding that she “wouldn’t be able to.” I ended up making 1000 cupcakes by myself. Thankfully my Maid/Matron of Honor is good at icing so she iced them all for me when she flew in the day before the wedding. 

I was supposed to get my flowers from a local farmer. I met him at the farmers market and placed my order. When I called him a week before the wedding to confirm when I would pick them up he didn’t answer. I called him multiple times a day that whole week but never heard back from him. We ended up going to the farmers market after the rehearsal and getting flowers there.

These were really my fault for being cheap and not getting professionals.

My brother was supposed to sing 2 songs. One short one right after the opening prayer and a longer one during the lighting of the unity candle. He sang the long one first, so we were just standing there an awkwardly long amount of time, and we had to rush lighting the candles because the song was too short.

One of the groomsmen didn’t get his suit. He thought he would just borrow a random grey suit from a friend and it would be fine.

All in all, everything worked out. I’m really not one to stress the details. 

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  • Wedding: September 2012 - Mother of the Bride\'s residence

We had a few things go wrong because we just couldn’t manage to communicate with everyone trying to help — we didn’t really have any lead person or people delegated and it was a bit of a ‘too many cooks’ situation.

The two biggest ones that stick out to me: First off, we ended up getting married under a little pop-up patio tent rather than under the open air, because my mom’s friends were convinced that if they took down the little shelter tent, it’d start raining again. Mr. D was frantically trying to get someone to pull it down but then the music started and he had to give up. I didn’t even notice it at the time! It made our pictures less pretty, but oh well.

The other thing is now funny but sort of sucked for awhile. My mom helped the flower girls get down the aisle — after that, Mr. D was supposed to escort my mom and his mom to their seats. Except this was all a total change from our rehearsed plan of the little ones going AFTER our moms, because they were nervous, so my mom switched it up at the last moment. Our first bridesmaid autopiloted down the aisle, and so by the time I started my walk, our moms were still awkwardly hanging around hoping to get down the aisle. So Mr. D RAN out, grabbed them and got them, which was funny, but also totally ruined my ‘locking eyes with my future husband’ moment and made me really afraid that he was a) going to go throw up behind the tent or b) bolt out of the wedding completely!

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  • Wedding: January 2011

My husband had the flu and I fell down a flight of stairs after our dinner. I had a concussion and the paramedics were called to the restaurant because I passed out. LMAO! It was still the best day ever! ….even if I had a lingering headache for 2 days 

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  • Wedding: August 2013 - Rosehill Community Center

Not too much, just minor things that I look back and wish were a little different.  The caterer apparently spilled salmon juice on one of our friends, and they also broke the top two tiers of my cookie display!  And my family ended up doing most of the set up and clean up, because I thought the caterer was going to be doing that and they didn’t.  And I didn’t really think about having flowers for photos, so I didn’t see my bouquet until right before the ceremony, after we did the group photos.  But oh well!  It was pretty much as good as possible!

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  • Wedding: November 2012

We had a two pretty big fails!

We went to several locations to take photos, unfortunately at one such location our photographer accidently left her camera bag at one of the locations which had all our photos from the morning and ceremony. Unfortunately this meant she went out to find it and we had to push things back that I wanted photos of, like cutting the cake and the first dance. Needless to say she came back and the bags were found but still. The way to avoid this? Well a couple of things, firstly, timetabling! I did a reaaaaaaal rough timetable of where we would go and how much time to take there. The problem was I didn’t take into account the excitement of guests JUST after the ceremony. We kind of had an impromptru receiving line that really cut into our photos. I didn’t even realise until someone mentioned the time. So if you feel rushed just always get someone to check the area to make sure you have everything!

The second most horrible fail was my husbands wallet going missing. Now usually this wouldn’t be a problem. The problem was the room key for our sweet lovely already paid for cottage where we were meant to spend a romantic night was also in the wallet. Sooooooooo needless to say instead of being whisked away to our romantic night away straight after the reception, instead we were frantically searching for his wallet. We finally gave up about 3am and called them to open the door for us, they were very sweet and obliged. By then I had cried my eyes out and was annoyed that the romantic and restful night I was imagining was almost over. Just as we were leaving the wallet was located but I was so emotionally drained and sad that it took me until about half past 3 to feel better about the rest of the night.

The way to avoid this? Well the problem with this is that everyone ahd given their wallets and keys to put in a basket at one of the photo sites so as to ensure they wouldn’t lose them. You’d think that was a good idea but obviously it wasn’t seeing as all the wallets that went missing. So I would say either leave it where you are staying or have it on you!

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