(Closed) The Buzz: When will you have kids and how many will you have?

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  • poll: How many kids do you and your SO want?
    None : (30 votes)
    10 %
    One : (31 votes)
    11 %
    Two : (112 votes)
    38 %
    Three : (60 votes)
    21 %
    Four or more : (16 votes)
    5 %
    We haven't decided yet. : (21 votes)
    7 %
    We want children but we aren't sure/don't care how many. : (18 votes)
    6 %
    Other (please explain) : (3 votes)
    1 %
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    I had one daughter from my first marriage, so when Darling Husband and I got married she and I came as a package deal.  We knew we wanted to have one more for sure, but then said we would see beyond that.  We now have 2 daughters and we think we are done.  Our family just feels right the way it is.


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    Mrs. Mouse

    Darling Husband and i are hesitent. we want kids but wish we could wait till we are 40? i just feel so young and have so much to do on my lists of life. i wish i would just get prego. im still on birth control but have been thinking that when i get closer to 30. im 27. so maybe at 30 ill just stop BC. we didnt really talk about when since so much can happen in a couple years but 30 is pushing it. A girl only has so much time and my sister had a really hard time having her second kid in her mid 30s. so tick tock i guess. gosh i wish it would just happen and surprise!! i think we both agreed we would like to do them back to back. (as healthy as it can be so a year and half apart) that way they are close and the kid years are compressed together lol. if that makes sense. esp. since i might not have much time then. but who knows.

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    I’m pregnant now at 29.  We were going to wait until January but had a happy little surprise (not really a surprise though when you go off BCP).

    I wanted at least 2, I could get on board with 3 but I’d have to wait and see.  I wouldn’t want an only child.

    Darling Husband wants like 4!  We’ll see how that goes…I told him only if he has the money for it! Ha!

    I knew I didn’t want kids before 30, I enjoyed being seflish and doing whatever I wanted!  I’ll deliver just 2 months before I’m 30.

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    @Mrs. Mouse:  We decided about children whilie we were still dating.  We still go back and forth with me wanting 3 and him wanting 2.  I think it will come to if we have two girls, we will try for a 3rd-boy.  He really wants a boy.  As for when, not for a few more years, at least 2 years. He is 28 I am 26.  I really want to have a career by then so we can comfortably afford 2-3 kids.

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    We are still very undecided. Though we both seem more and more to be leaning twoards having one child, maybe two. We both would be fine with or without children. I feel like we’re in a tough spot sometimes because I will be 30 and Fiance 35 when we get married. Everyone keeps telling us we’re running out of time! Well I keep telling them I am not having a child for them! It is such a huge commitment we’re only doing it if and when it feel right for us.

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    How did you decide when to have kids and how many to have? Take the poll and let us know in the comments below how you and your SO came to your decision!

    We both knew we wanted children, and had discussed such many times before we got married.  We initially thought we would start trying around our one-year anniversary, but moved that up by 3 months when we realized there wasn’t anything specific we were waiting for.

    As a couple a little older than the norm (I’m 32, he’s 34), we worried that getting our BFP might take some time, so the extra few months would be helpful.  Mother nature proved us wrong, however, as we got pregnant on the first try. I had been charting, but took no other special measures to get KU.

    Baby McDonald is currently in the oven, slated to arrive in April, 2014!

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    On the days I want kids (I flip-flop a lot), I want 3. Not sure why, but 3 just sounds like a nice number.

    I suppose I should add, I’m not sure how many my husband wants. He has 3 siblings and I have 2, so probably around the same. He is, however, horrified by what he calls “woman issues,” aka periods, so he sometimes says that he’ll end up having 6 daughters and every month all month long will just be a PMS/Period mess and he’ll have to get his own house for sanity. He’s silly sometimes!

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    We both want to have 2 kids – we don’t want too many, but we also don’t want an only child.  

    As far as timing, we decided to start trying right around when we turn 30 (we’re both 26 now).  We want time to pay off our student loans and travel some before we’re tied down and have more financial responsibilities.

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    We haven’t decided yet.


    For the most part, we’ve been leaning towards no kids, but the longer I’m with FH, the more I realize that maybe one kid might not be so bad. We both go through stages where we really think we might want kids. We’ve never thought about having more than one though. FH’s got adorable neices and nephews. My friends have super cute, super cool kids. We wach my friend’s kids a lot and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. For now, there’s no rush either way. I have PCOS and endometriosis, so we’re not sure how that will come into play if we did decide to have kids. We’ve always said that after we’ve been married for a while, we’ll seriously discuss having children in the future. 


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    We definitely want kids, we’re talking about at least two and probably max at four. I’m a bit scare of three kids, the whole middle child syndrome thing! We’re getting married in May next year and will probably start trying as soon as we move back to Australia, towards the end of the year.

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    @Mrs. Mouse:  We discussed kids very early on in the relationship because communication is the #1 factor in our marriage. We agreed on two kids, parenting styles, how to handle family (grandparents), etc by ourselves and in premartial counseling.

    We knew we wanted a house and dog before we would TTC. In March we got our house and in June we got our first puppy. We had planned to TTC in October, but we had accomplished the two things we set out to do, so we figured what were we waiting for? We were financially ready, emotionally ready, and physically ready, so now seemed as good of a time as any to start trying.

    We ended up successfully conceiving, and I am currently 15 1/2 weeks pregnant with our first child. We are super excited and cannot wait to share our life with another person. Having a baby is a huge responsibility, but an equally rewarding one.

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    We both know we’d like to have 2 children, but we haven’t put an age on it. Right now, I’d say we’re mentally, emotionally and physically ready for children, but we want to be stable financially as well. He’ll be back in the job market in November (he was laid off in the middle of July, then broke his ankle at the beginning of August, and is still in a walking boot thing), and I’m currently looking for more stable employment.

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    I have 4 siblings, so a large family appeals to me. However, we don’t make enough money to give them all the quality of life I’d like to and I also don’t want to pregnant so many times. We have decided on one and if time permits, two.

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    My husband and I are in our sixth cycle trying for a baby. Ideally, we’ll have one. If we do eventually have a second, I strongly prefer adopting. In that case, it’ll probably be about 5 years before we have a second. But, we’re undecided about that. We are certain about having one.

    We also married when we were both established and older, which helps in terms of having kids.

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    We’ve decided to wait a couple years, but when the time does come Mr. Plane and I hope to have one healthy baby (he wants a boy, I’m hoping for a girl!). I was an only child growing up, which I think played a large part in our decision. We’re waiting a little longer so we have time to move into a bigger place and just enjoy being married for a little while! Our adult-exclusive honeymoon also reiterated how nice it is to be without children for an extended period of time. 😉

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