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    my friends Fiance has a crazy !! And I want to slap her. She caused their relationship to fumble a bit because, she eventually flat out said shit like that to my friend when my friend confronted her about it. And I can tell he loves my friend and wouldn’t get with that ” thing ” .  That my friend is also the definition of c**t . Excuse my language.

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    @nikkidrew90:  LOL what?! No, most women I know who try to push their way in go the sneaky route. More subtle bitchy stuff… 

    Seriously, what guy would see that type of behavior and be like “hell yes, I’m in”. No, they’d be like “This bitch is crazy like skittles” and run for the hills. 


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    That is insane.

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    WTF?! How desperate does it make her look that she has to make it a point to announce her plan to steal someone else’s man? Not only does she look crazy, but she also sounds pathetic. What goes around comes around though and maybe if her future Boyfriend or Best Friend, Fiance, Darling Husband cheats on her she’ll learn her lesson (not that I’d wish that on anyone).

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    @nikkidrew90:  Thankfully that hasn’t happened to me. H’s exes used to talk to him too much though and one of them would post on his facebook asking when he could visit her and I wanted to punch her in the face.

    One of my closest friends though has had a crazy, her current bf’s ex. Unfortunately she and this girl live in the same neighborhood too D=

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    Yes! This happened. There was this slightly older woman than Fiance who “dated” him when he was in his 20’s.  He friended her again after 10+ years later and then he started seeing me while they were friends.  She found out about me and went off.  She thought they were in a relationship, they weren’t…just friends!!!  She went far enough to try to get someone else to ask me out to get me away from Fiance and out of the picture.  She was insane. She’d send me anonymous emails threatening me all the time.  It was obvious that it was her.  She didn’t win that battle.  


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    There was a girl who worked with Fiance back in our second year of dating. She became obsessed with him and was constantly throwing herself at him despite knowing he was in a relationship and meeting me several times. Fiance thought it was really weird and awkward, and despite him asking her to stop several times it only ended after Fiance moved away for college and she got a boyfriend of her own.

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    I dated a guy in high school who’s ex-girlfriend told a TEACHER that she was going to get me killed so that she could have him back. It was so weird! We were pulled into the principal’s office and she had to do counselling. I ended up breaking up with him because I was so freaked out.

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    …nope. I guess the guys I’ve dated just aren’t that desirable, or everybody I’ve ever met is sane, or just sneakier, or maybe I just give off enough of a bitch vibe that crazies are afraid to cross me, haha.

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    I’ve had a crazie but reversed. The Girlfriend was the crazie. Back in college, I was getting friendly with this guy who had an on-and-off Girlfriend (I was good friends with his roommate). I was not AT ALL attracted to him and honestly just wanted to make a new friend…although if should have been a sign that he was much friendlier when he was “off” with his Girlfriend. Well, one night at a party, he was drinking heavily because his Girlfriend had dumped him again, I was trying to be a good listener and he kissed me. I instantly pulled away and told him he was rebounding badly and went home. The next day he got back together with his Girlfriend and she found out that he had kissed me and freaked the F out on me. Saying that she hated me, that I was a whore, that I had taken advantage of him by “allowing” him to get into a situation where he kissed me. Then she went out and told all our mutual friends I was a boyfriend stealer. I was like really? He kissed me! After he got wasted because you dumped him!


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    I’ve never had someone say that to my face but when I first started dating my Fiance, a girl he was casually dating before he met me told one of his friends that she missed him and was going to ty to get him back. He told both of us and we just kind of giggled because it was so random. One of my FI’s exes tried to have drinks with him when he went home for Christmas (this was like 3 months after we met and 1 week after we were official so I didn’t go with him). He was like “sure, we can all get drinks” and she responded with “well I thought it could just be us 2”. He quickly nipped that in the bud.

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    @nikkidrew90:  Yes!!

    My Boyfriend or Best Friend dated a girl for years but he broke things off with her because they wanted totally different things regarding kids and basically life in general. She moved away. Two YEARS later, we started dating, and right around that time she moved back into town and their old, big friend group took her right back in.

    Upon moving back (and finding out Boyfriend or Best Friend was dating me), she started texting him saying “I HAVE to meet the new girl and approve of her lol.” He thought she was just trying to make things less awkward if we all went out.

    The first time I ever met her was at a happy hour and the first words she ever said to (well, about me but in front of me to my BF) were “wow! I mean, if you’re not going to date me, you might as well date someone hotter than me!” She spent the rest of the night trying to be my BFF, and she twice got me alone and starting asking me things like “so, what do you love most about ______? He’s a really odd guy, you know. I don’t think anyone could ever have the connection he and I had” etc. Needless to say, my Bullshit Meter was firing everywhere.

    Boyfriend or Best Friend, however, gave me the whole ‘we’ve-been-broken-up-for-years-you’re-paranoid-she’s-just-being-nice’ line, but I knew in my gut she was up to something.

    Coincidentally, the apartment complex she moved into was the same one I lived in. When she found that out, she got my number and would text me almost daily asking what I was up to…and if Boyfriend or Best Friend and I were hanging out that night, when he’d be getting there, etc. Boyfriend or Best Friend still didn’t find this odd.

    Shortly thereafter, she began texting Boyfriend or Best Friend asking him to do things for her: help her hang stuff, fix a fan, feed her pet when she was going to be away, etc. He found ways out of all of them.

    After about a month of this, I mentioned in passing to a mutual friend that his ex was trying to buddy up with me. The girl looked at me like I had 6 heads and said “…and you’re not buying it, right? She’s made it pretty clear she wants to date ____ again.” Parroting my Boyfriend or Best Friend, I told her she was just ‘being friendly.’

    That weekend, we went to a party and the ex wasn’t there. During, a good friend of the ex said to me “I think it’s so nice you’re trying so hard to be friends with Katie, especially with how uncomfortable she is.” Uncomfortable? “Yeah, you know” the friend said “she still really loves _____ and it hurts her he moved on so quick.” 2 years later, remember.

    That same night, I was forwarded a screen shot from the mutual friend. The text was from Katie, and in it she sounded like a different person. Flat out called me an idiot and a bimbo and said that i’d be ‘history’ in no time and she and my Boyfriend or Best Friend would get married.

    With all of this new information, I went to Boyfriend or Best Friend. He finally ‘got’ it, and we cut off all contact with her, and she blocked us on FB and ubruptly moved away again.

    Literally 3 months later, we find out she got married. According to a sibling of hers, she was dating some poor guy the entire time she was back in town, and was just weighing her options.

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    LOL this has happened to me more than once.

    Some crazy bia told me, point blank, that she was going to fuck an ex (while said ex and I were still dating), and there was nothing I could do about it (LDR). I spoke with my ex, concerned and very upset, and ex basically said there was nothing I could do and I would have no way of knowing if anything happened (!!!).

    My FI’s ex liked to pull the “yeah, we’re broken up…for now!” quite a bit after he dumped her for cheating on him. She’d always be like, “He misses me! He’ll be back, I’ll get him back.” Yeah, okay. 

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