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In addition to crazies, getting engaged also brings out the exes! I got engaged in November. In December, I was not only contacted again by a one-night stand from the PREVIOUS December, but another former “interest” (and friend of 4 years) whose girlfriend had made him stop talking to me a year prior! Then, if that wasn’t enough, my most recent serious ex (we were together 3 years and had a rough breakup in late 2009) contacted me in January for relationship advice, of all things.

It’s like once you’re off the market, radar goes off to all the guys who ditched you before and they want to know what’s up.

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Bumble bee


I hear that!


I think it’s suspicious how many people start to contact you from “back in the day” the second you get engaged.

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@CharlotteMJ: Um, yeah. I think exes have a sixth sense for that stuff.


@GreenEyedMoon: Weddings can bring out the best, and the worst! That’s something I learned VERY quickly!

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Great thread :).

When my sister got married about three years ago, I met her friend, S. S is kind of an obnoxious person and I can’t say I particularly cared for her. She and my sister are sort of close, but not super tight. We were actually late to my sister’s reception because she wanted to stop somewhere for Tums, and she asked me to hold tissues for her at my sister’s wedding in case she started crying. Uggh. Anyway, it’s been three years since I’ve seen her, but occasionally she Facebook chats with me. I usually make up an excuse pretty quickly to leave because I don’t actually know her, really.

A few weeks ago, she told my sister she’s not sure whether to attend her friend’s wedding or mine, since they’re on the same day. WTF? She’s not even invited. I have no idea what made her think she would be? I wasn’t invited to her wedding (which is normal, since I don’t know the girl!!!)

Anyway, lol, that’s the story of my crazy.

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Buzzing bee
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When you are engaged you become fair game to all the ladies who secretely have planned their wedding since they were five years old.  When I got engaged, I got messages from girls I hardly even knew, telling me how excited they were and to just let them know if I need help with the planning, they’d be glad to help! Who are you and why should I let you pick my color scheme?


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I totally agree! Fiance and I are planning a destinatin wedding so its obviously a smaller affair just family and close friends. He has only been working at his current job for 2 months and a coworker of his keeps hounding him about an invitation and saying things like oh I just can’t wait to go to the Dominican. I have never met this girl and Fiance doesn’t even know her that well! LIke what makes you think you’re invited!! Grrr

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Sugar bee
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Yup. A girl I used to know in high school recently did this. She had added me but never said anything to me on Facebook before, not a “Hi, long time no see, what have you been up to for the last 11 years?” or anything despite her being the one requesting me as a friend.

Two months ago, out of the blue I get a FB message from her which basically read, “OMG I just noticed you’re engaged!” …(yup, just like my relationship status already said ages ago when you added me)… “CONGRATULATIONS! We should totally go out for coffee sometime so we can catch up and you can tell me all about your wedding and the lucky guy!”

Maybe I’m a bad person, but I didn’t bother replying…

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can i add my husband to the list of crazies??

i was telling my husband that our chiropractor finally (after 10yrs) proposed to his Girlfriend and they are getting married and i was telling him all the plans being made, 200+ people formal sit down reception blah blah blah

hubby: great! will we be invited?
me:  what? hes my chiropractor, why do you think we would be invited?
hubby: well you see him every 2 weeks, you are friends so i though we would be invited
me: honey i see him because i PAY him, i found him in the yellow pages! i dont think thats grounds to be invited to a wedding
hubby: hmmmmm [insert sad face]

clueless i tell you, clueless!


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I worked with a girl, M. We did not like each other and did not get along at all. Well, when I got engaged all of a sudden she wanted to be my best friend. She started asking tons of questions and being ridiculous. She tried to get me to let her try on my engagement ring. Then, to top it all off, almost every time I saw her she would be like “So, youre inviting me to your wedding, right?”, “I cant wait for your wedding! It’s going to be so much fun!”.

Ugh. Thank god she quit before I sent out invites, so there was no awkwardness.

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Buzzing bee
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We really haven’t had any.

At worst was the 5 or so phone calls from a mutual friend the day we got engaged asking a ton of questions about the wedding- she claimed her boyfriend (who we all knew) was about to propose and she was considering going into wedding planning (she’s a bit too overbearing for that line of work, PR at a beer company is more her style). Well they did get engaged 5 months later but really?

Come to think of it, the one Ex I am friends with didn’t say congrats or anything, and I saw him the next day… his girlfriend made up for it though.

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