(Closed) The Crazy S$#% Your FI does for you that confirms why you are marrying him :)

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@Barbiestylez:  So sweet! It’s nice to hear about the good of the SO on the bee. I’m sure it’s mostly there, but more often it’s vent posts that make you think “OP, why are you marrying this guy?” 

My Fiance is on the other side of the world so we Skype every night before I go to bed and often times Ill fall asleep on the call and he’ll tell me he loves me and hangs up after a bit. Anyways, last night I got in late from a party and was grumpy and had to call him before I could get ready for bed (he bad to be somewhere in 30 minutes and I wasn’t going to miss our call.  So I’m on this call and admittedly grumpy and tired and complaining about how I couldn’t even fall asleep yet and instead of being annoyed at how bratty I’m being he wishes he could be there and take off my make up for me after I fall asleep. He ended up telling me he’d learn how to use the make up removing cloths so I could always fall asleep whenever I was tired!

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@Barbiestylez:  that is so sweet. πŸ™‚ My Fiance will literally do anything for me when I’m sick. I had surgery for an ovarian cyst last summer and he put a suppository up my bum to help with nausea. Too Much Information i know but if he can do that for me and still think I’m pretty he’s a keeper. That and he always cooks breakfast on the weekends. 

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@Barbiestylez:  Aw, so sweet!  Last week, my Fiance painted my nails for me. I need to do them again this week… maybe I should book my appointment with him! lol

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@Barbiestylez:  lol I wonder how many weeks of doing my nails before he decides he’s over it? I would just go get them done, but I do the gel at home and it’s way more expensive to go get it done. Yesterday, while we were in Rite Aid, he picked out a new gel polish color for me. He even remembered the system I used and picked out the right brand lol

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SO lets my bunnies have their own bedroom. I love my rabbits and would never make them stay outside, so naturally they need their own bedroom.

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I’ve been looking at a certain swimsuit a friend has that is absolutely adorable and when I mentioned it to him he said, “Well hey! Let’s order it!” A $60 swimsuit, without even a thought, just because it would make me happy. I’m not one of those girls that need gifts all the time to feel special but it is nice every once in a while to get something you’ve really wanted. πŸ™‚ 

Mostly I love him for his long fuse. My dad had a temper growing up and even though he was never abusive or anything (he’s a great dad!) I knew I’d marry a man who could hold his tongue. It takes a LOT to make him angry and even more for him to explode about it. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve his patience. 


The other thing I love about him is his generosity. He would give you the shirt off his back if he thought he could help someone out. He currenty drives 30 mins out of his way to give a coworker a ride every day, and let him use one of our phone lines until he gets his own cell phone. He loves leaving $100 tips just to make someone’s day. Personally I think generosity says quite a bit about someone’s character

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Fiance always gives me the biggest bear hug when I walk through the door accompanied shortly after with my back cracking. I never have to get my back realigned again with him around. 

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I absolutely suck at mornings.  Like if you didn’t know me, you would think I hated you (and everyone and everything) if you saw me rolling out of bed.  So he makes me coffee every morning while I’m in the shower to make mornings easier on me.

He also buys me girly products at the drugstore, has painted my toenails and I think the biggie was that he insisted on flying back to Canada to ask my father in person if he could marry me (we live in NYC and had just come back from New Zealand where we told his parents.)  Other guys may have just done the phone thing but he insisted that it needed to be in person (and it made my dad’s year I think.)

When we were long-distance he sent me sheepskin slippers because I was complaining my apartment was cold.  And when he would visit he would surprise me with flowers, and treats from Canada.

The cutest was one day when I came home and he had left a trail of those small post-it strips from the living room into the refridgerator.  There was a note halfway there that said “You might like this.”  Then when I opened the fridge there was pudding from my favorite bakery (which always had a crazy long line up) with a note saying ‘miss you.’

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He brushes my hair when it’s knotted. He has given me pedicures and manicures before. He’s not big on romantic gestures, but if there is something I want, he always wants me to have it. He’ll run out to the convenience store at 2 AM to buy me gummy bears.

Here’s a cute one: One night I was watching a movie, and he noticed my water bottle needed to be refilled. He’s always doing that. He takes it and disappears into the kitchen. I hear a lot of running water, and it’s taking awhile, so I go out there to check on him. He was melting individual ice cubes down with water so that they would fit in my water bottle. He had it filled with ice because he knows I love drinks icey cold. That was really going to extra mile. We have a fridge water dispenser, so the water would have been cold without the ice.

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