(Closed) The Crazy S$#% Your FI does for you that confirms why you are marrying him :)

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@rlyn2188:  I’m the same! My H wouldn’t know it but I guard his self-esteem. Not that he has an esteem problem at all nor do I inflate his ego. I suppose I lack self-esteem sometimes and I thinks its very important to have a healthy level of self-esteem which to me is the same as being healthy! Anyways, I’m rambling! 

My question is, were the doctors impressed with his display of love?

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@PetalFace:  +1000 on the esteem point! I protect his self-esteem like its a priority..I believe we share the same views! 

Anyway, regarding the doctors, they were more than impressed I supposed, they didn’t say anything for the first few seconds, Darling Husband broke the silence by ‘requesting’ (more like an order) for a splint to be placed under the IV site to ensure that it stays patent. Take that! They did follow what he said, and that site remained patent for the rest of my hospital stay. I love him so much, but I can definitely vouch he loves me more. I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing with his wedding vows to me, everything he does for me and for us flashed back in my mind. He was, he is and always will be THE ONE.  

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Haha ditto on putting up with wild mood swings!

My Fiance just took half a day off of work today to help me assemble our new Ikea couch- he didn’t want me to get frustrated/injured doing it by myself! What an awesome, awesome guy.

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My Fiance packs my lunch for me every day and refills my water bottle from the Brita so I have good water at work. If I see, or even think I see a bug, I just have to say “bug!” or “is that a critter?” and he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to get rid of it. Unless it’s reptillian or amphibian, then it’s my territory lol (when we lived in Florida we had frogs and lizards make their way in). He gives me backrubs and scritches (like a back scratch, but better) almost every night without my asking. Every morning when I walk out to the car, he opens the living room window so he can wave goodbye until the last second. One time when our cat scratched me really badly on my back where I couldn’t reach he put Neosporin on it for me every day even though he’s super grossed out by blood. I have a very strange habit of wanting the bed straightened before I get in it, so when I’m doing all of my stuff in the bathroom to get ready, he fixes the bed and then lets me get in and crack my back before he gets in.

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SO CUTE!  I’m of the pasty white variety myself, so I completely agree that this is a super sweet gesture from your FI!

This one is a long-ish story but, basically, I live in a town 3 hours away (and all highway, so it’s quite a few miles!) and I fell and hurt myself at work.  My mom came to take care of me for a few days but after that decided to take me to my hometown doctor.  I packed clothes for a few days.  After we met with my hometown doctor and got X-rays and MRIs, it turns out it’s a lot more serious than we thought so I’m staying here for a while so my mom can take care of me.  Anyways, Fiance and I have a weekend trip coming up this weekend and I didn’t pack for it because I didn’t think I’d be gone that long!  He drove me the three hours home just so I could grab my makeup and clothes for a trip, then the three hours back.  It made for a long day but it was so sweet of him.

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Well I wasn’t feelign well when SO and I went out to dinner longe story short my sushi dinner ended up on the floor and it was the staff tht cleaned it up but him and then he took care of me the rest of the night.

Another one is I need a document fro my registration to a new school and I was to work And ask So if he cud get it for me. Well He leave on one end if the island and the office where the document was was on the other side. Plus his car was down so he caught the public bus there turned out it was at another location and he had to go back in a completely different area and walk in the HOT, summer in Bahamas because the bus didn’t go all the way in that direction. He spent hours out bus for a tiny piece of paper and then put my stuff in for me to apply at school.

Many other stories but yea he’s sweet and great and a keeper for sure. 

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This is such a great thread! I love all your stories!

My Fiance takes care of me. I’ve never had anyone take care of me ever. He makes me coffee in the morning, writes me love letters, gives me massages, buys me gift cards for mani-pedis. But most importantly, he brings me my meds and makes sure I take them everyday. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

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I love this thread, the storied are so heartwarming and adorable!! We are very blessed ladies.


Mine buys me tampons without hesitation!!! And will give me a full body massage every day of my P. He also buys me a single rose every month leading up to our wedding and gets a different colour every time.


He is super fit and in good shape but still does diets with me. I am currently on a diet now and he is following the diet with me every single step of the way!!


As I am writing this post he has just text me to tell me he loves me more and more every day and will always treat me the way i should be treated. N’awww!

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I rarely comment, but this thread is so wonderful! We had been dating for three or four months when I started getting a full sleeve (tattoo covering the entirety of my arm). Mr. Peach has no tattoos and I have quite a few. At the end of my first 4-hour session, he arrived bearing a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. I inwardly giggled, but found the gesture incredibly sweet. He did this again after my second session, but this time seemed embarrassed and said, “I don’t know what I’m doing, I guess it’s not like you’re in labor or anything.” He continued to bring me chocolate and milkshakes after each appointment. The fact that he lovingly offered those gifts to me when I was willingly and knowingly putting myself through pain speaks volumes of what he will do when I am pregnant and in labor 😉 He’s a good one.

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He always gives me the nicer looking dinner LOL 🙂

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The other day, we went to an amusement park. On the last ride of the day, the folks in front of us were playing this crazy awesome game of charades where the person holds the phone up to their head, and the others give clues regarding whatever is on the list. I was totally jealous that they had it, and it was clear that I really wanted it. The next morning over breakfast, he hands me his phone to show that he had hunted down the game and downloaded it! 

Oh, and on the ride in question, he chose to sit on the inside seat because he knew I would have more fun on the outside seat. I love that man of mine!

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@Barbiestylez:  He rubs/scratches my back whenever I need it, even if he’s the one who worked all day while I stayed home. He totally understands that period time means he will put counter pressure on my lower back when need it, the guy actually feels bad for me, which is a huge change of pace from my last relationship where any time I was ill or hurting I would be left to suffer alone or actually be screamed at.

My favorite thing that he did was when he asked me what should he get the kids for dinner on Friday (while I’m at work). 1) They are not his kids and 2) It never occurred to me to think it should be his responsibility to feed them. The sad part is that they go to their father’s on Fridays (because I work all day Fri., Sat. and Sun.) Now you’d think a guy who only has his kids 2 nights/wk., only pays $100/mo. in rent and $300/mo. in child support (for 2 kids) and is married to a woman who also has a job, could manage to feed his children on those 2 nights/wk. But no, he’d rather let my Fiance be the real man and feed his children every single Friday. So Fiance steps up, never talks shit about my ex, never complains about these not being his kids. 


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Yesterday, I wanted watermelon.

Note that we don’t have a car, and the nearest place to get it is about a 10 minute walk away. Not a bad walk under normal circumstances… but carrying an ENTIRE WATERMELON (they don’t sell cuts or sections) is just awful.

Regardless, I had a super hard craving and he went out and got it for me and carried it all the way home. :3 So sweet.

He also rubs my back or scratches my head (don’t laugh it feels awesome) almost every night when I inevitably bug him to, without complaint. 

So glad I married him!

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He buys me more fake toe nails when I run out. If one falls off I can’t stand to wear my flip flops and he knows that they are my go to shoes. I have a weird big toe nail from ripping off half of it on a picnic table. He even knows my favorite brand 🙂

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@Barbiestylez:  It would probably be mainly becuase he would enjoy it, however, I do believe my Fiance would do this for me too (LOL!). He rubs my feet every so often because he enjoys my reactions, I am a moaner. I have to say that he would wait on me hand and foot if I would let him. He is an amazing man when it comes to taking care of me.


I consider myself lucky, as you should, I know many couples who would not do these kinds of things for each other.

ETA: He is not ashamed to by my personal stuff for me and he does things like remove my boots for me after I have worn them all day.


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