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  • poll: What is your diamond clarity?

    FL - IF -- Flawless or Internally Flawless

    VVS1 - VVS2 -- Very, very slight inclusions

    VS1 - VS2 -- Very slight inclusions

    SI1 - SI2 -- Slight inclusions

    I1 - I2 -- Visibly Included

    I3 -- Heavily included

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    • Wedding: August 2014

    SI1 but looks more like a VS2.  It’s eye clean and really sparkles in the sunlight.

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    • Wedding: October 2013 - Vine Street Church

    My ring was my grandmother’s, but when we had it appraised, the diamonds are VVS1 and VVS2.

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    VS1 — I didn’t “pick” my clarity, DH did :). I think it’s perfect. I can’t see any inclusions.

    I have always wondered what my sister’s diamond is, because it’s a larger diamond than mine but has a visible carbon spot on one side. I1 or I2 maybe? I’ve always thought our diamonds are probably pretty comparable price-wise. 


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    Interesting Charts… first time I’ve seen these.

    We went CUT – COLOUR – CLARITY for my Round Brilliant

    My Feature Diamond is a SI-1 and we bought it loose and saw it under a Jewellers Loupe, and even then we didn’t see much we didn’t like.  There are NO HUGE Inclusions in this Diamond.  And certainly nothing that is visible to the naked eye once the stone was set.  I am very happy with the choice we made.

    In the end it all comes down to an equation that each couple must make in regards to balancing out what they can afford against their priorities of the many Cs (not just the 4Cs for Diamonds… but also CERTIFICATION – CONFLICT FREE / CANADIAN – COMFORT – and COST)

    We knew we wanted a stone somewhere in the 0.50 to 1.00 Carat Range (mine is 0.80) and we also wanted it to be GIA CERTIFIED, and CANADIAN.  Look / Presentation and Comfort for the Ring itself was also important… and well lets face it COST is always a concern.

    I am very very happy… no regrets.

    Lol, NOW if I was buying a different diamond CUT (Shape) I might have changed my priorities… CLARITY would be a lot more important to me if I was wanting a Diamond that presented more face-up (Marquis, Oval, Pear, Emerald etc) or one that was significantly larger in CARAT Size (1.0 and up) because then any Inclusions in the Diamond would become more visible.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    i have a SI1 i think- and everyone has complimented on how clear of a stone it is- which I agreee, but i have really good eyes so when I look closley I can see the little inclusions. they dont bother me tho

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    I have an eye clean GIA SI1.  The largest and only significant inclusion is on the side and completely covered by a prong.  My stone sparkles like mad and going with SI1 saved us a lot of money so it’s a win-win to me!



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    I have an perfectly eye clean GIA SI1, I absolutely love it! From the inclusions map, the flaws would not be covered up by a prong. The inclusions map looks more like the VS1 above, and the diamond looks more like the VS1 or VVS2… Actually I was thinking of having it independently graded as it may be higher than listed.

    The colour is also 1/2 in between colours and listed as the lower one. (Verified with my own eyes under a diamond light.) I wish I could say I searched and search to find the very best SI1, but I must say we lucked out instead.

    I wouldn’t expect a diamond to be to be graded incorrectly in the customers favour, but I suspect this may be the case. (Win!)

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    – Why’d you pick that clarity?

    Mine is a RB and it’s a VS2. I didn’t choose the clarity, Fiance did. I told him so long as there are no visible inclusions, inclusions that affect light return, or inclusions that would damage the integrity of the stone.

    – Do you see any inclusions or flaws?

    I’ve been trying for 1+ years and still havent’ seen any! I even have the plot on the GIA cert and still can’t find them!

    – Having worn your ring, do you think you should have gone up or down in clarity?

    I think VS2 is just perfect for me.

    – What’s the lowest or highest you’d go on the clarity scale?

    Because it’s a RB and it’s not a huge stone, I probably wouldn’t have minded going to an SI1, but I would’ve seen no reason to go higher than a VS1. I would’ve gone with a larger stone instead of higher clarity. If I had a step cut stone, I definitely wouldn’t have gone lower than a VS1, and if my stone was a larger RB, I probably wouldn’t have gone below a VS2.

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    Mine’s an I1.

    Why’d you pick that clarity?
    That’s what was in my ring. 

    Do you see any inclusions or flaws?
    I can see one, which is an occluded crystal. I’ve seen it under the scope and there are a couple of feathers–I was actually surprised when it was appraised at an I1. I do think I cracked it the other day, though. :

    Having worn your ring, do you think you should have gone up or down in clarity?
    It’s fine, so I wouldn’t change anything. 

    What’s the lowest or highest you’d go on the clarity scale?
    I1 lowest, IF highest lol.

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    I don’t have mine yet, but saw the finished product last week. It’s a 0.66 TCW cluster, and I went for VVS1 stones.

    I picked VVS1 as they were very affordable at the size, so I saw no reason to get inferior quality stones. My current ring has SI1/SI2 stones and they look cloudy; I felt it was pointless to go between VS1, and the difference in price between VS1 and VVS1 was negligible.

    I’ve only seen it briefly (wore it for about 5 minutes) but looked really hard and couldn’t see any inclusions. The stones are all very clear. I wouldn’t have gone up in clarity, as I don’t think it would have made any difference; but I wouldn’t have gone down either.

    The lowest I would go in clarity for an engagement ring with a larger stone than mine would be VS2. For a right-hand ring, I don’t mind; I have an I1 0.25ct solitaaire RHR and it has one very small visible carbon spot, which I can notice but other people can’t. So, for a RHR it would depend on the individual stone; some I1 stones look very cloudy or have several carbon spots, and I wouldn’t like that. The highest I would likely go would be VVS1, and for me personally, IF or F stones aren’t worth the extra bucks.


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    mine’s flawless, I’m SUPER sensitive to any kind of inclusion (but not so color sensitive oddly enough), my color is a J but the stone itself has no inclusions and looks white 100% of the time

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    VVS1 (GIA). It’s what my fiance picked for me. I’m v happy with that. I wouldn’t change my ring higher or lower. My lowest would be SI1 but for RB but no lower than VS2 for emerald or ascher cuts. 

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    @lunalyra:  Sure thing!  Here’s a pic of my beauty: 1ct I1 princess cut center stone in a split shank pave setting.  Center stone is I color, pave is G-H, tcw 1.5cts.  On my size 4ish finger I think it looks pretty damn awesome!

    (forgive the fact that the photo’s horizontal…don’t know how to tilt it upwards)  🙂

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    Also, regarding the charts posted at the top of the thread….holy COW do those I1-I3 stones look terrible!  If my I1 had looked at ALL like one of those I would never have bought it.  :0 I’m surprised ones like that even get sold.  All the more reason to make sure to see your stone before buying I suppose!  

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    Mine is SI1 and it is completely eye clean. It helps I guess that it is “Excellent” cut. I sometimes look and TRY to see flaws, and I literally see nothing.

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