(Closed) The dirt and grime of pregnancy not the glitz and glam!!

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Oh gawd right!!!!

Everyone is telling me how amazing and magical their pregnancy was, my favourite gem “I loved being pregnant if I could do it FOR YOU I would” yea no. Get away from me. People look at me like I have three heads when I tell them I’m done, I’m sick, I’m tired and I don’t like being touched.

Unless everyone that I ever know has had wonderful magical painless births they’re all a bunch of liars!

I also adore ALL the advice… “Just breathe through the pain, you will be soooo happy you didn’t take drugs, it’s like cheating”. F-You! I will take all the drugs I deam necessary.

I love when men weight in…. wtf gives you that right! This is something that you will NEVER have to go through. One guy said to me “I hope you don’t plan on taking anything and have a natural child birth.” my reaction “I hope you get kidney stones and pass them naturally without medication” damn douche canoe.

I’ve had one person be semi-honest with me when I asked about bleeding afterbirth, she said it’s disgusting no amount of pads will sufice and you are going to bleed all over your feet. At least she was honest.

People suck.

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Yeah, I think it’s a closeness thing. People who I’m not close to give you a gloss over. Luckily, my best friend shared all the horrible, gross details.

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I had such severe morning sickness that I ended up delirious and dehydrated hooked up to IV fluids in the ER.  It was the worst experience ever and I don’t look forward to doing it again.

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Well I am only 7 weeks in but so far between WB and WB friends I have gotten the straight answers and I am very greatful for it. It is a little too much at times but overall I appreciate knowing the gritty truth versus the glossed over “pregnancy is precious” attitude.

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I don’t really understand women who absolutely love being pregnant. I only know one (via FB) who seems to think it’s a woman’s purpose in life.

I’m 25 weeks and mine hasn’t been bad. I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was months in, so I obviously wasn’t feeling that bad! I didn’t like weeks 8-15 as I was nauseated and really fatigued, the fatigue bothered me more than anything. But everything has been relatively easy since then, so I like that.  I like feeling kicks.  Haven’t finished yet though, I know the end isn’t as pleasant.

But do I love love LOVE it?  Not really.  I can’t go skiing this winter or out for drinks or to Vegas in March. It’s more of a means to an end.

I don’t know, I know about labor and birth and I’m not scared of it.  I know it’s not going to be like going out for cake and ice cream.  But it is what it is so I’m okay with that.

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Right now, for me, the lack of sleep is the hardest part, I’ve been averaging 4-5 hours a sleep a night (interrupted) right from the get go. Also the various body odours are unpleasant. And Darling Husband and I had mismatch with our sex drives, I was rearing to go in the first trimester, but he still had the “I don’t want to hurt the baby” fears. Then the exhaustion and baby placement got the best of me, so I’ve had pretty much no drive since about halloween. Sometimes I miss the sex, but then when I think of all the effort it just makes me more tired lol.

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All of my friends who have had babies have told me all the gruesome and gross details of having a baby and while I appreciate the truth I guess you never really know what its all about until you experince it for yourself! I’m not so scared of the whole labour part..I’m more scared of feeling like crap for 9 months!

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I don’t understand it either.  The thing that really gets  to me is people who have never been pregnant, or haven’t been pregnant in years, don’t really know or remember what it’s like.  I’m not a big complainer at all, I keep it all in cuz nobody needs to hear me whine and complain.  I have really bad carpal tunnel now 24/7 and I said “Ouch” at work the other day, and rotated my wrist in hopes of making it feel better, and my co-worker looked at me and snapped “You make pregnancy seem terrible, like awful.  I never want to get pregnant now!” WTF??! 

Yesterday I had extreme heartburn to the point where I was in tears, so I cancelled a baking night with my gf – who got pissed of at me!  Seriously, I can’t catch a break.

And I also feel like none of my close friends or even my husband understand the not so glamorous side of pregnancy… to the point where they almost make me feel bad for feeling the way I do if I’m not talking rainbows and unicorns.

I don’t hate pregnancy, but I don’t picture myself wanting to do this ever again!

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