(Closed) The dirt and grime of pregnancy not the glitz and glam!!

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“If the doctor or nurse tells you to stop making noise while pushing, ignore them.”

OMG SOOOOOOO true!  They are full of crap.  It’s almost impossible to push without making noise toward the end.  

My 1st pregnancy I was 19 and the girl you want to hate because I literally had the easiest pregnancy ever.  Fast forward to age 32 and this one has been soooo different.  From first kicks & movements to the baby’s positioning to how I’m growing, it’s all different.  

Do I love being pregnant?  YES and NO.  Like anything it has it’s pros and cons.  I’m just getting impatient now and want to see our munchkin.  I hope the next 4 months goes by quickly!

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@dodgercpkl: You have no idea how excited I am to hear that you’re pregnant! Congrats, you deserve it!

My pregnancy has not been glamorous but I try not to complain too much because after experiecing a few losses,  I’m really thankful to have a healthy pregnancy this time around. I had 3 consecutive miscarriages before this pregnancy – since June 2012, I have been pregnant for a total of 63 weeks and I still have 5 more weeks to go before my due date Surprised. I have been pregnant for a freakin’ long time…I’m actually looking forward to labour!!! I can’t wait for this baby to come out so I can finally meet him.

I’m a bit jealous of those ladies who love pregnancy and are all glowy and crap. Pregnancy, especially early on was very stressful for me and I had a hard time enjoying it. Now I’m at the point where I’m super uncomfortable and can’t sleep at night. Also, my DARLING husband has started calling me “waddles” because of how I walk lol. I was watching the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!) and the one mom on there had a horrible pregnancy but when she delivered her baby boy and had him in her arms she said “I finally got my glow” meaning the baby. I started bawling my eyes out at that point lol. I can’t wait to see my glowing baby boy.


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Hmm that’s funny, I feel like all I get are the gory details! It sounds like HELL to me! I can’t say that I can think of one glitzy or glamorous thing about pregnancy?

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@eecuadrado:  It’s true, a friend of mine delivered at the end of August, she said that it was more painful after the birth than the actual birth. 


Also, they had a little girl, and FREAKED out when they did one of the first diaper changes and there was blood. Apparently, some babes get a ‘period’ of sorts, just one time. So don’t go fainting, just call and let the doctor know. 

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i haven’t read the whole thread (and i’m not nor have i ever been pregnant) but i just need to say one thing: vaganus. (thanks iarebridezilla)

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If you want the gory details, I should introduce you to my mom and her best friend. Those ladies don’t hold back! And that’s with my mom wanting grandchildren one day!

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baby movements sound so magical and like a special bonding moment between you and your belly

i currently feel like my baby is actually trying to claw his way out. so damn uncomfortable

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A few of my girlfriends really enjoyed my “keeping it real” philosophy during my pregnancy. I should have written a book.

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Great thread.

Oldtimer here…

The one thing more than anything else you’ll need to realize is that when you are pregnant someone else OWNS your body.

They will get preferential treatment ALL THE TIME

When you arrive at the Hospital… check your dignity at the door.

And put your brain into a space that says “this is only one day” (2 days, 3 days, whatever)

You will find that everyone wants to look, poke and prod you from the moment you arrive to the second you leave the Hospital

Your body is not your own… it is a mass of fluids… AND BABY

Concentrate on the baby part… try to forget / block out any evil fluid thoughts.

And ya, you will survive.

And just like every other woman… the wonder of having an AMAZING Baby once you are back home togher, will maybe not have you forget the bad stuff, but it will “soften” the blow

(Otherwise trust me NO ONE would have 2nd Babies, lol)

So it isn’t so much that people don’t share… they really don’t want to scare off anyone considering / going thru it for the first time.

It takes 9 months… you go thru the process a little bit at a time.  You get used to one phase, and more onto the next.

Lol, if everyone only heard the bad sh!t upfront… fewer people would probably get pregnant.

Birth is like that too.  It goes in phases… and the good news… when it’s over… it’s over.

Hope this helps,


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When people ask me how I’m doing, I always say “i’m great!”. When really I can’t sleep, my back hurts, I have had BV 4 times, and I am constantly either starving or have indigestion. The reason I do this is because most of all I am tired. I am too tired to explain how I really feel and WAY too tired to hear about anyones stories or advice. However, when my coworker who is 3 weeks behind me or my sister who is 3 months behind me asks me something, I am dead honest with them. I don’t see the point in sugar coating it. Does it mean it isn’t worth it? Of course not. However, it doesn’t make you a bad mother or any less of a women to acknowledge that pregnancy sucks the life out of you some times. So when I ask a mother a question, i expect a truthful answer and I will call them out on it if I think they are BSing me. 

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