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  • Wedding: October 2014

The dollar dance is trandition in my family. [In my family] it’s done right after the mother/son, father/daughter dances.

All of the weddings ive been do [mostly family], have done this. And the line that formed went on forever.

Considering his family knows/has done it, shouldn’t be an issue there. As for your family, i seriously doubt anyone will object to it, and if they do they are quite rude!

Whoops – missed the last portion of your post, the explination.

I’m sure it’s done different ways in different families/regions, but this is how ours go :

After the first dances, the dj will announe the dollar dance will begin. It’s usually started with the bride & the groom dancing. You can have the line form a number of ways, what I plan on doing is having my Maid/Matron of Honor stand where the line should form, and hold the money bag. She’ll take the donation and put it into the bag, and send the next guy [or sometimes ladies!] in line out on the dance floor. That person will interrupt the current dance, and dance with the bride. This goes on until there are no more people left!


I will be doing ours the above way, simply because that’s how my family does it. My fi will also be dancing his butt off, he’ll have a separate line with his best man.

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At the weddings I’ve been to, it usually happens about midway through the dancing time. The DJ will say something like “Get ready for the dollar dance after this song” then play another song then “It’s time for the dollar dance” and then people start lining up with their $$$.

I’ve seen it done where just the bride is the “dancer” and also where the bride and the groom are separate dancers, and two lines are formed…usually this way is quicker (obvi).

The music (where I’m from) tends to be a polka or an Irish jig kind of song and they play it over and over until the line(s) ends.

The Bee tends to hate on dollar dances in general, but it’s a cultural/local thing for many people. Get ready for people to try to talk you out of it.


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I won’t try to talk you out of it, but I will say, if you’re not familiar with it and it hasn’t been done at other weddings you’ve attended, then it may not be familiar to your guests, either, and that could be a concern. You may want to run the idea past some family members, preferrably older ones who’ve been to more family weddings, to get a better idea of how this will go over with your guests.

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@Benten24: We did it at our wedding. I think it is more common in the north because a lot of people (especially on the Bee sorry to say) look down on it. I almost didn’t have it and the bridal party raised a stink lol, so I gave in. I just felt it was unnecessary, but it was so much fun.

Anyway, we did ours in the middle of the dance. My Maid/Matron of Honor was with me and the Bridesmaid or Best Man was with my hubby. Usually the Bridesmaid or Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor have a say how long someone dances with the bride and groom, so it doesn’t go a whole song. They also take the dollars (and typically people will give more than a dollar because they know it is to help the bride and groom).

It usually goes about 5 songs (at least we did that many because we had 200 guests and we felt that was reasonable. Otherwise we would have been out there forever). It is a great way for you to get to dance with all of your guests. I got to dance and talk to guests that probably wouldn’t have been able to approach me otherwise because I was always ducking out or talking to someone. It was awesome, and I recommend it.

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@fishbone:  I agree. If you aren’t familiar with it, your guests probably won’t be, either, and they may find it, for lack of a better word, tacky. It’s done around here, though I think it depends on your family culture–I’ve been to weddings that did it, and weddings that didn’t.

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PP’s have explained how the Dollar Dance works, but honestly, if it’s not done in your circle and/or is not a family tradition, I’d highly suggest skipping it.  If no one knows what it is, it looks greedy.

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The Dollar Dance is very common in the latino community. It serves as a way to get a minute or two in with the bride or groom. Usually, the money is pinned to the bride or groom. The pinning of the money is the funnest part as people get very creative as to were they will pin the bills. I’ve seen the bills pinned as a tail on the groom, as a ring, a boutineer or in the bride’s hair.  It can get quite funny! Usually the bride and groom are both on the dance floor and people line up to dance with either one or sometimes both.

You can just have th DJ announce and explain the dance for those people who may not be familiar with it.

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It’s a little different than how @HeMadeMeWantTo:  explains it in the Irish/Italian population–the MOH/BM usually have a pouch or a basket to collect the mulah.

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It’s not really a “northern” thing, more of a cultural thing.  (I’m from Massachusetts, and I’ve never been to a wedding that did the dollar dance).  Be prepared; if guests don’t know the tradition and meaning behind it, it comes off as a bit rude.  Maybe you could put something in your program explaining the history behind it so your guests are aware.

Personally, I’ve never been to a wedding with a dollar dance, and if there was one at a wedding I was at, I’d likely stand in the back and hide, feeling horribly uncomfortable.  But that’s just me!

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My family has done it at several, but not all, weddings. It’s cute & fun & I definitely agree that it is a nice way to get a minute alone with the bride/groom to say congrats. I’d imagine you can rack up a good chunk of change if you have a large wedding as well. I doubt I’ll do it since I’m planning a small wedding & don’t anticipate one on one time to be hard to obtain. Oh, my family is Irish too btw. I think that has a lot to do with it being common in our weddings =)

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It is extremely common where I am from.  Up here the DJ will announce that it is time for the dollar dance and the bride and groom will each claim a side of the dance floor and lines will form for each.  Then the Best Man and Maid fo Honor will stand next to the bride/groom and collect money from people before they dance.  Most try and keep it moving pretty fast, because it can get to be really long otherwise.

I do agree with the PPs about being cautious doing this since your family might not be aware of it.  I would ask your parents or other close relatives what their thoughts are.  

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I’ve seen it at just about all of the wedding I’ve been to. Usually the Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man stand next to the Bride/Groom collecting the money and have discretion as to how long the individual gets. Typically, Guys go to the Bride and the Girls go to the groom in my family. (OR BOTH) it’s not so much tradition to do the dollar dance in my family but it’s common. Although we haven’t talked about it just yet, I believe we’ll be having it at our wedding.

You def. get to connect with everyone that joined you to celebrate your big day! That to me is the best part about it.

Key thing: Pick FUN songs. It will make the time go by quicker for everyone!

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@Benten24:  If this is common in your FI’s family, I would ask his mom or grandma about it. It will be good info for you, and will allow your future family members to feel helpful and important. 

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