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VictorianChick:  I’m glad there were a few that you liked! I wasn’t sure about what you’d be open to, so I tried to get a mix in there.

Regarding strapless dresses–I thought you might be open to some (a lot of people are…sorry) or open to adding straps in some way. The Etsy seamstresses should definitely be able to make modifications so that you can have cap sleeves, since their dresses are made to order. I also second the idea of asking Etsy seamstresses who make wedding dresses whether they could get a blue underlay or a blue lace to make your dress. You would want to privately message with them about these modifications before ordering the dress.

As an example, this seamstress has the option of “custom color” in the drop down menu: https://www.etsy.com/listing/252122985/lace-wedding-dress-cap-sleeves-sheer?ref=shop_home_listings


My guess is that, as long as you find a talented seamstress, Etsy would be the way you should go so that you can do some customization to your dress to make sure it meets the parameters that you’re looking for. I haven’t done it, but I have seen that some women on the Bee have done it successfully. Maybe you can ask which seamstresses the women who bought dresses from Etsy used?

Don’t despair! The fact that there was at more than one dress that I posted previously that you liked means that there is a dress that exists or can be made out there for you. You just have to find it or the person who can custom make it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Btw, I found more dresses for you to look at. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know they’re not perfect, but finding the dress that you seem to want (cap/short sleeve, no illusion/boat neck, lace/vintage feel, light blue, long because the length made you insecure?) is proving difficult. This is why I think an Etsy seller who could customize a creation would be the best shot for you to get your ideal dress.







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I also tracked down the dress in question and I don’t usually post unless I want to say that I love the dress/wear what you want but I just don’t think that this is the dress for your wedding. Especially with how you deleted the pictures in this thread, that says something huge I think. 

I could be wrong, it does depend heavily on what the rest of your ceremony/reception are going to be like.  It could fit perfectly but only if everything else in your wedding goes along the same lines and is very casual.  I think this dress is beautiful but there are a lot of beautiful dresses that aren’t for the bride.  I LOVE some of the bridesmaid dresses or even guest dresses I keep seeing everywhere I look but I’m the bride so it’s not my chance to wear those dresses.  I think this dress falls in line with that.  Get it but wear it to a wedding you are attending.  I think some of the links that have been provided a good step up from the original dress.

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VictorianChick:  I have to say I tracked down your dress and I’m sorry it does not look like a wedding dress to me. It looks like a rehearsal dinner dress.

I’m also confused as to why you’re upset since a month ago you said yourself that “[you] have a dress, but [you] can wear it to the rehearsal dinner” and that you loved the Monsoon Eliza Bridal Dress, but unfortunately you were unable to find it for sale in your size.

I’m sorry that you’re upset over this, but I don’t get it when you yourself suggested you could wear the dress you currently have to the rehearsal dinner.

The Monsoon Eliza Bridal Dress isn’t really all that special in design and it’s not even blue. There are dresses in that style that that you can buy and past posters have posted in this thread already.


For reference to other posters, this is the dress OP said she loved from the UK.

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Don’t listen to anyone this is your day your wedding and your “Dress” its about you, you are the bride no one else!! If they don’t want to see you in your pretty blue dress then they don’t need to be there, period..๐Ÿ˜Œ Good luck bee !!!

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VictorianChick:  Glad the bees are helping you out. I completely see your problem if you don’t like strapless. In the UK, only about 25-30% of brides wear strapless but in the US looking at this site it seems to be 90%! We also tend to have a more vintagey style that is more your thing.

I have found Etsy sellers to be really good as long as you choose someone with a good rating. I have used them for other things than dresses, but been really delighted with how they customise things like jewellery and hair accessories. If they are making a dress from scratch, they can just as easily make a blue one. Just ask them them the question. PS. I love the greyish blue dresses for brides.

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I’m a hug fan of eshakti.  They also make dresses to measurements, will customize to what you want, and deliver quickly.  They aren’t all blue but their selection changes all the time.  And they will give you $30 off and free customization on your first order.  All of these come in your choice of length.  A few for you to peruse…

The Cheyenne– $66.95

The Valerie– $66.95 (Has a HUGE number of options)

The Florence– $96.95

The Virginia– $149.95

The Fiona– $74.95

The Grace– $66.95

These are officially “Wedding Dresses” and therefore come with a custom muslin to try the fit before the final dress is made

Satin Silk Surplice– $599.95

Hi Low Tulle Gown– $109.95 (Ugh.  I love this one so much)

Ruched Tulle Gown– $499.95 (Has crazy awesome back)

Illusion Lace Tulle Gown– $149.95

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My college roommate got married in ice blue and looked gorgeous. Another friend married in red. If you really hate white you will never be happy in it so don’t do it to make others happy (I’m reminded on an episode of say yes to the dress that I watched last week where the bride hated white and she tried one on for her mom and couldn’t keep herself from sobbing when she was in it because she was so unhappy). 

There are ways to make colored and short dresses look bridal (are you wearing a veil?), and I think that would go a long way to making everyone more comfortable with it. 

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I am wearing a short poofy “ivory champagne” dress. It’s not what my mom really wanted me to wear but it makes me happy! 

But anyways- my dress was $167 at a bridal salon! It was a sample and it was on sale! You do not have to spend $800 on a dress! Do you have wedding dress consignment shop near you? I went to a couple and they had a nice selection.


I hope you can find what you want!


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I’m thinking that they mostly don’t like the dress because it looks more vintage casual. I’m also really in love with blue dresses and vintage styles.

Have you ever checked out house of mooshki? She’s a UK designer but you can find a lot of used dresses and cheaper Chinese ones online. She has a has a lot of dresses that are delicate with lace and a lot are tea length.

Here’s just a few examples, maybe you could show it to the people that are hating your dress and see if they are more flexible with a dress that’s more “bridesy” but still might be short/colored.




Other dresses you might be interested in-





Sorry if none of these help you or some where posted before, maybe I’m the only one that likes these kinds of dresses lol

If you do buy online I would try to find a person with good reviews and reviews with pictures to make sure it looks close to what they say they are selling.

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VictorianChick:  Now that I see what you’re looking for, I think I found one on Etsy that is similar and customizable in addition to the ones I posted before, I’ve posted a couple that were similar to that. This shop seems to be very open to customization, based on their FAQ.

I’m sure you could change the color and add longer sleeves if you wanted. I’m sure they could also change the neckline if necessary so it fits the way you like. You could also ask them to make you a small train if you wanted–that’d be a nice touch.

This was the dress I found in their shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/275397932/2016-steel-blue-bridesmaid-dress-with

I’d contact them for potential fabric swatches, as I’m not sure what the underlay is made of, but they do have different types of lace you can consider (though unfortunately you can’t order lace swatches): https://www.etsy.com/listing/273441512/colors-for-lace

Lt Blue #16 looks icy blue on my screen. I’m sure they would have a similarly colored fabric to match that in the underlay.

I hope I helped, and I hope that you can come to the decision that is best for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I went to the Bridal Shop and took a look at dresses. Then I got a mock version of the dress on eBay for $250. It is gorgeous. It was a risk but it was worth it for me. I got my bridal experience and still got a cheap dress. Think About it. If you love the dress then wear it. If you are only getting it because it’s cheap there are options like sue wong. I bought on of her dresses on eBay for $350 and it is so gorgeous. I was going to wear it as a second dress but we are down sizing out wedding so I’m going to resale it. There are cheap option and have you bridal moment!!!. Here a pic of the sue wong dress so you can get an idea. I got champaign for everything because I am too white. 


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It’s YOUR wedding day…wear what you love!

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