(Closed) The economy: how are you and FI / DH holding up?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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We are incredibly blessed. Boyfriend or Best Friend has been out in the “working world” since 06 and is working as a corporate accountant. His boss was laid off and his company is outsourcing some less-skilled jobs to India, but so far he is being told that his job/level is safe. He did lose out on bonuses he would usually get the past few years, but all things considered he is very very lucky.

I consider myself even luckier. I graduated law school in May 08 and thank God I did. 09 graduates are having a ridiculously hard time finding jobs… the legal market is almost stagnant. I got in with a (very) small firm that is seemingly unaffected by the recession. We do mostly contingency work (so our clients don’t need to have money up front anyways) and we focus on a select number of high dollar cases, vs. a volume practice taking on a ton of smaller claims. We seem to always have more work than we can reasonably do and I think we’ll ride through things just fine.

I think that we are both very aware of just how lucky our job situation is because we really just lucked into relatively secure jobs. **fingers crossed** and **knock on wood** that things stay the same.

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Busy bee
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It’s been kind of hard, but are blessed. We haven’t gotten too much *knock on wood*

My fi is in the air force but a reservist and he hasn’t had orders in awhile so he works part-time at Radio Shack and doesn’t even make…a quarter of what he used to make. But the base doesn’t have orders to offer because everyone needs them..and are trying to get them..so he went from full time on base all the time..to nothing 🙁

And, I missed out of some bonuses and got a really small percent raise on my anniversary with the company.

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Buzzing bee

Hubby and I also got somewhat lucky. My husband has been working at an animal shelter, but in March, it closed down because of financial problems. Luckily they offered him a job at their other location (he was one of three people they transferred). I also lost my job in June when the family I worked for moved, but I was able to find one quickly, despite the competition. I don’t love it, and neither of us are paid very well, but we make enough to pay our bills and for now, that’s good enough. We are definitely better off than many many other people. My dad is still unemployed after 9 months, and my mom basically is too (she’s just doing substitute teacher work right now).

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Bee Keeper
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we are desparately wanting my hubby to lose his job and be made redundant….. we get excited every time they talk about job cuts and keep talking about when he will be out of work… please please pretty please… if he gets the shaft, his payout will mean he can quit working full time – which means as we want it too much its going to make us wait and wait and wait

but we’ve been super blessed and are grateful for where we are right now – we are very lucky

and woohoo – floridabeach just reminded me, we get our bonuses in December so Guam/Yap/Palau here we come!


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Helper bee

We are blessed to still have both our jobs (salary freezes and layoffs at both companies).  I think I would move to a less stressful position (in anticipation of starting a family soon) if the job market was better but am staying put for now. 

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Sugar bee
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Before the wedding, we were just barely making it by the skin of our teeth. Now that the wedding is over and our extra cash isn’t going towards the wedding, things are a little better.

I’m still unemployed but going to school full time. We were able to refinance the house at a lower rate/payment so that’s helped. I just found out I qualify for another 13 weeks of extended unemployment benefits so we are managing ok.

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Helper bee
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My guy works in the car business as an aftermarket manager. He is potentially have his worst month ever (after his best month ever) and of course, that is the check right before the wedding. It should be interesting.

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Honey bee
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The economy may be picking up, but thats the corporate world. The working class is hurting… they are feeling the effect of this economy first hand.

Well, my city is hosting the 2010 olympics next year– so our economy isn’t hurting as badly as other parts of Canada. My work is steady because people gotta eat & they really love sweets. We have seen a major decline in summer sales this year though…  

My Fiance works for his state gov’t & his office had 6 involuntary furloughs (that they all worked through w/ no pay- grr) this year already. They didn’t get their raises, they actually took a huge paycut. We’re thankful he still has his job, but its still a tough one to take. I think he’d be better off somewhere else, but at this time it seems like its better to have any job… 

A lot of his family & friends have it a lot worse in the US… tons of people are losing their homes & jobs. So I guess we’ve been pretty blessed as well. I pray each day that he keeps his job because it will affect my immigration if he loses his job. 

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Bee Keeper
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people lost their homes down here too…… too much credit given to buy mcmansions, the 4wd and the european car and all those 36 months intereste free furniture deals to fill that mcmansion.  a house that cost you $800K 2yrs ago is barely breaking $500K today – i dont know how people manage

sending positive vibes for no visa issues to you Recessionista….

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Helper bee
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My Darling Husband and I are both employed by the same company, so that can be a little stressful at times- if something were to happen, we would be screwed. We work for a multi-million dollar catalog/retail company so there isn’t a real threat to the company, even though sales have gotten soft in Q3 and we are going into our busy/holiday rush season.

He works in Finance and was promoted this summer and is thought of fairly highly as he has an analytical gift; I work in Marketing. We both survived a company wide layoff last January and battled through a wage freeze as well. He is graduating from Grad school this December as well which will increase his earning potential at least.

We are in the process of looking for house but are staying conservative and are not going to buy a house based on what our income tells us we can afford; while we could financially afford something more expensive we don’t want to be married to our house, still want to do things we love doing, and don’t want to have to worry that if 1 of us does lose our job that we will struggle with our monthly mortgage payment.

So I guess you could say we are living as we are, but are being smart with knowing our bounds, knowing to save a little more than what we normally would in case of a crisis. With a husband as a financial analyst it is very unlikely that our finances will ever be out of control as he monitors that pretty closely.

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Busy bee
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So far, we both have good jobs.  The only problem is that we live in different counties because there have been no opportunities for me to relocate.  Jobs are really hard to find where he is at and he can’t move to where I am either.  I’m still hoping to get to live with him by the time we are married.

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Helper bee
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My Fiance and I also work at the same company – different locations, but same top boss.  We made it through the first round of layoffs fine a few months back.  But at the end of August, Fiance got laid off…and I still work there.  Lucky for us, we had been saving for the wedding with a big goal of paying cash for it all…and we managed to reach our target $$ in our wedding account last week.  We’re truly blessed, even if he did lose his job.  We’re using a portion of his severence to pay for the honeymoon, but that’s it.  The rest we’ll save.

The hard part is that we’re so close to the wedding day that looking for work right now is a little hard.  If he found something, he’d have to turn around and ask for two weeks off.  So, he’s looking, but not super hard. 

Even though all of that happened to us…I still say that we’re lucky!

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Bumble bee

We’re blessed. 

Fiance lost his job 3 weeks ago and this week I had to dip into the wedding fund to pay bills.  Breaks my heart.  My parents have been really supportive and when I had my little (ok maybe not so little) meltdown about the wedding and the $$  we’d lose on deposits – they graciously offered to float us – my dad said “this is a wonderful thing, the two of you, so there’s no reason this wedding shouldn’t happen” Very sweet.  He and my mom rock.  Fiance and I are adjusting to a different lifestyle – and I can’t say it’s anywhere close to easy, but we’re doing it.  We have each other and we have everything we NEED.  The kids are having a tough time, but they’ll survive, and for that matter so will Fiance and I!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Sucks to be us! My beau works in the oil industry and is laid off every few months. Luckily he has alwats found a job within a week. I was forced to resign in April from my sh.tty job that I hated so we were pleased and I was able to completely focus on my event design business and we have supplemental income from that but I actually have an interview in an hour with a craft store woohoo discounts and Christmas money

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