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ZebraPrintMe:  Facebook has created a narcissistic culture of oversharing. Why does anyone think they want to see a pic of you on the toilet? This is why I don’t have facebook, and I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing.

Your friend posting pics of overweight people and poking fun at them deserves a thyroid disorder that makes her gain 100 pounds. What an ass.

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The worst thing I’ve seen was a ‘draw with my friends’ (or whatever that game is called) drawing that was of a certain part of the naked body. It wasn’t offensive or awful, and I wasn’t shocked by it, because the girl who posted it is a dirty jokes/dirty drawings kind of gal, I just don’t like things like that on my feed. I hid her from my feed right away. 

Other than that, I see very few, if any, bad things. The best posts are the ones about children; births, birthdays, milestones, cute pictures, etc. I really love those. 

The sitting-on-the-toilet picture you saw is so ridiculous. It’s interesting that people are still doing that, because that seems like a fad that should be over by now. When I first learned of those, Facebook wasn’t even a big deal yet. The lady going out of her way to make fun of fat people must be nuts. What she’s doing is just crazy. 

Facebook has never been a problem for me. I guess I don’t know that many crazy people. 


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ZebraPrintMe:  I haven’t seen anything that bad come across my Facebook, per se, but I *DO* have those people that check in everywhere they go- their house, McDonald’s the gym, etc. These people will also post every single emotion they are feeling and how far they ran that day. What I’ve done, so I don’t have to miss out on the people I do enjoy seeing on Facebook, is “unfollow” the annoying people so that I never see any of their useless posts.

I definitely agree with Bridey77, Facebook has created an extremely narcisstic culture.

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That’s really horrible, I’ve seen alot of horrible things on facebook, but nothing comes to mind at the moment. Lots of people talking shit about other people, though.

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Some dumbass this morning posted a picture of them looking forlornly at their parents’ graves. I’m like, what the fuck is wrong with you? Go to their graves, maybe even post “visiting my parents today and missing them” or something like that. But a picture?? It wasn’t even a selfie! They had given their phone to someone, probably saying “here, take a picture of me looking sad while sitting by these graves.” And this was a grown-ass man, too — not the ‘Facebook generation’ at all.

The stupidity of it pissed me off for several hours. Hid that person immediately.

As for good things, I’m a sucker for anything funny. Facebook needs more funny.

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i have friend who has posted 3 pictures of herself breastfeeding in the last month. like, boob completely hanging out, baby latched on. i’m all for public breastfeeding- if your baby has to eat, your baby has to eat. but to go to the trouble of posting it on facebook so you can brag about what a great mom you are…? so inappropriate.

i’d like to deactivate sometimes, but it’s really the easiest way to stay connected with my friends and family.

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ZebraPrintMe:  the worst thing was a picture of a tortured animal (i will spare you details) …….. people felt they needed to comment on it and it showed up on my feed. distant brazlian cousins of mine… ugg

seriously F-ed up and im sorry i even shared that with you. another was a picture of a cat while he was on the toliet but you could see his knees. he was obviously pooping


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ZebraPrintMe:  i have said this before, but i will say it again.

Pyramid schemes!! My #1 pet peev on my FB right now. I have some people so heavily into it it is scary. They are so cult like and get tagged in or post their own multiple times a day

“Lord bless those who blessed us with nerium” really? Yes bless the people who took your $500 and promise you a free ipad and free lexus!…oh wait…where is your lexus?

I really try to stay our of polictical debates, but i understand some people are very passionate about their beliefs. But this one girl i went to highschool with is going a little crazy posting about the gaza situation. Like just going off on rants and posting very graphic pics and videos. Which i know the world needs to see, but you can just feel the hate in her posts. It is not very peaceful way to attract attention to the matter you are so desperately trying to convey. Just too much negativity.

i cant really think of whats the best thing i have seen on facebook. Probably just some silly meme lol

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“Facebook has created a narcissistic culture of oversharing.”

Word to this right there. I feel that statement also applies to stuff like pregnancy and ultrasound photos. What makes you think that anyone wants to see the inside of your uterus? No offense if anyone here has uploaded an ultrasound photo to their facebook; however, I always cringe whenever I see one of those, and I’m not the only one who finds them to be Too Much Information.

And as for the selfies….yeah, if someone posted a pic of them on the toilet, they’d get the good ol’ unfollow click from me. Same thing for people who uploaded constant incessant pics of their kids doing absolutely nothing all day long that take up my newsfeed.

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I highly dislike when people are on face book during labor…”hey guys im crowning!” Really…….

Love the happy posts when they are born, birthdays, happy events in general.

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ZebraPrintMe:  The best thing was when I reconnected with my pre-school best friend from 40 years ago. And her smile was still the same. I was in tears that day. 

The worst, meh, maybe some political post. Who cares, that’s what the “hide this person’s updates” function is for.

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dgplmr86:  I got rid of facebook–a year ago? But just found out a good friend of mine, 27 year old 3rd time mother did the same dang thing. “Just got to the hospital! Pitocin started! Ow, contractions hurt! Epidural! 7cm! ” Ugh!

Now I am all about babies and want to hear your birth story, (in person, on the phone) but posting everything on fb while you are in ACTIVE LABOR?  If I hadnt already deleted it, I would have for that. 

“Look at me everyone!!!” B

Narcasissistic indeed. 

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