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I met my man while out with a girlfriend who recently broke up with her boyfriend.  I had been single and dating for about 8 months and didn’t want to settle down!  I was having too much fun being single at the time and it always happens when you’re not looking… lol. 

His friend started hitting on me and I wasn’t intrigued, lol, so we started talking.  We hung out and talked outside the place for the rest of the evening until closing time.  He took my number, I didn’t think much of it.  He asked when he could call me.  I told him to just text me the next day since I had to work, he said he wanted to call me so what was the best time.  I told him the time I’d go on lunch, didn’t think too much of it, just that he was so cute! πŸ™‚  I had been a little jaded by that point with the dating game.

The next day he called me during my lunch break at work (he didn’t forget!).  We made a date during the week on a Wednesday (I was in my last year of college and didn’t have much time with work and studying).  It ended up being Valentine’s Day 2007.

Been together ever since <3 I love him so much and I can’t wait to start our life together.

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@SandyThePoet: I laughed SOO hard at your comment about dating men that looked Jesus! That is hilarious!

I met the man of my dreams when I was in my freshman math class in college. He walked in and I was just like oh my God that man is beautiful! He was JUST how I liked them chocolate brown, gorgeous smile, tall, and deep voice. Then when the teacher called names for attendance I’m used to them struggling to get through my name…then I heard him struggling through ANOTHER Nigerian name and I looked up and saw it was him!

Needless to say my heart dropped into my socks when I found out he was FINE AND Nigerian like me! I was like okay I HAVE to get him…so for ME it was love at first sight after weeks of crushing and friends with big mouths (went to a small college) he heard that I liked him and approached me , he told me he noticed me too but he doesnt like to just approach women he doesnt know (yes my baby has NOOOO game and he never has, loll) and the rest is history! After 6 years of friendship he is the man I will spend the rest of my life with. AHHHHHH! IT is the GREATEST feeling to know you are about to wake up next to your best friend till the end of time. I am so excited πŸ™‚

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lol I met my Fiance online. Im glad that nowadays its easier to say Oh i met him online, but anyway, I just got out of a bad relationship. My ex decided that it was permissable to call me up and let me know that hes mad at me, .. cuz I havent congratulated him for his new Gf..? Lmfaoo. so anyway, I was moving on and I saw my Fiance on myspace, and im like oh hes cute * add*– lol. And we talked – and next thing we know it, weve become an imp part of each others day- we had to talk like 2-3 times a day. He then went and met my dad (: talked to him and told him that he really likes me and im great. ( awww ) and asked if he can ask for my hand.. <3


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Aww these are so sweet! <3 I met my {soon to be} husband online. We set up a date for Halloween night. We wanted to meet in a very public place, and also somewhere easy for both of us to find…so Walmart it was! As a last minute idea, he said we should meet in the aisle two geeks would meet in. Video games, right? I couldn’t find my phone, so I ended up being really late (and I couldn’t call to tell him) So when I finally got there, I was looking all up and down the video game aisles and started to panic. I wondered if there was another geek aisle I was unaware of, or even worse if he’d thought I stood him up and went home. As I was looking, I noticed this guy from behind. I thought “who the heck wears flip-flops at this time of year? And wearing your headphones inside the store? Weirdo.” Apparently the love of my life does, because he turned around and it was him! He still wears those flip-flops as late into the fall as he can before I take them away and make him wear real shoes ^_^ 

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I knew my life had changed forever. It was strange, I didn’t know he was THE ONE, but I knew there was no going back to what I felt like before. The difference for me was night and day.

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I was meeting my girlfriend and her new guy at a local bar. His friends were also there (which I wasn’t aware of…)


I went to the bar to get a drink before I tried to find my gal pal… And I saw this guy across the bar. We locked eyes for a very long moment and I remember thinking to myself how freakin’ attractive he was. And Wondering why I hadn’t ever seen him around. (we’re both products of a small town)


Turns out, he was my friend’s new man’s best friend. Odd huh? Maybe it was fate.We both fell hard pretty quickly.

I was trying to be stand-offish because I was still dealing with a crash and burn relationship. He pursued me like crazy.

We both agree it was definitely “spark and sizzlies” at first sight.


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I saw him while with some friends, we were training for a marathon… he was wearing his Marine Corps silkies (google it… trust me… it’s worth seeing a well-built man in a pair of short shorts!) but he’s very tall, very mean-looking and generally a bit intimidating!

I liked what i saw (mmmmmmuscles) but i was actually pretty scared of him.  But then i found out he was a sweetie πŸ™‚

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The first time that I saw my fiance.. I couldn’t stop staring haha He came over to get something from a friend, and the minute he walked out, I told my friend that his friend was hot.. and my friend called him and told him two seconds later haha

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I met fiance at a Near Year’s Eve dance hosted by the swing dance club he and I both went to (I more than him). I actually wasn’t planning on going that night, but my friend (who was, at the time, an unknown mutual friend of him) said that he would be there and I hadn’t seen him in months. I got all dolled up, arrived at the dance, and my friend was nowhere in sight. I called him and he said he was already down in Cedar (the town where he, my fiance, and later me went to college). I was fuming, but I was already dressed up, so I decided to stay. Halfway through the night, I notice this guy keeps looking at me. We never make eye contact, but it’s obvious. I think he’s a bit of a creeper, but when we finally make eye contact after a round of glance-tag, he says, “Hey, you look really familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?” 

At this point, I’m thinking, “Seriously?” but I give him the benefit of the doubt and start listing places we might have connections to. Finally I bring up my high school, and he mentions his high school, and it turns out we attended the same poetry reading that his high school hosted. He and I both read poems and apparently our brains registered this because both of us recognized each other. Then I found out that he was friends with the friend who ditched me, and that he went to the same school I was planning on transferring to. He asked me to dance, which we did a couple of times, and then we talked basically the whole night. At one part he put his arm around my waist, which most men would get chewed out for, but I didn’t mind from him. At the end of the night we exchanged emails so we could be facebook friends, and we popped balloons together at midnight. After we parted for the evening, we both raced home and added each other on Myspace. He went back to Cedar the next day, and I kind of forgot about him until he said he was coming back up north to visit and wanted to “hang out.” That was January 25th, 2007 and it was our first date. It was extremely comfortable, like we had known each other forever, and by the end I knew that he was it for me. It took him a little longer. So not love at first sight, but I, at least, knew that something special was happening. 

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We first met online through our blogs. I was looking for a blogroll to join and saw his picture on one for our college and thought he was cute so I started reading his blog. He was sarcastic and funny and had some pretty thought-provoking posts so I started following his blog. After a few weeks I finally got the courage to comment and then that led to another comment, then a few emails and then AIM conversations and phone calls.

So we finally met about 2 months after making it official and I was nervous about not being able to recognize him even though we share plenty of pictures of each other. But when I saw him walking past the window to where we were meeting at, I knew instantly it was him. When he walked inside, his face just lit up as he smiled and he gave me the best hug ever and kissed my forehead. I couldn’t stop smiling and haven’t stopped since. πŸ™‚

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Oh this is so fun, I love this story πŸ™‚

It was our junior year in college.  My best friend (and now MOH) was dating his roommate at the time, but I hadn’t met him.  FI was kind of all over the place, and I had met all of the other guys in their group of friends, but he had never been around.  MOH and her boyfriend decided that they wanted to set me up with their friend Brian.  He was a sweet guy – I was not attracted to him in the slightest, but I had broken up with a bad boy about 6 months before and had decided I needed a good guy, so I was giving him a chance.  Brian and my Maid/Matron of Honor ended up having a joint birthday party, and I was there as Brian’s guest.  I had been sitting next to him trying to make conversation for about 45 minutes when who should walk into the room but Fiance (late of course).  I remember seeing him and thinking “WHO is that?! He is CUTE.”

He joined the group, and after a little while the conversation turned to other birthdays.  I heard him say his was February 13 and I said “You’re lying!! That is not really your birthday!”  Mine is the same day.  With that, we started talking, he stole Brian’s seat when he got up, and we didn’t separate for the rest of the night! 

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The first time I saw Fiance, I was a Freshman in high school, dating one of his best friends.  I always loved to listen to him talk, and oh, his laugh. It wasn’t until much, much later that I noticed the beautiful blue eyes…. 


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I love this!


I met my guy at the company I just started to work for.  He was a manager in my department, and I was an admin assistant with a desk right across from his office.  He was a really outgoing guy who came up to me and asked “are you ready to have fun?!” when I started a later shift that he also happened to work.  I thought to myself “who is this crazy guy, and wow he looks really young!” (he was actually 34 at the time).  

We ended up becoming really great friends, and I found myself attracted to him… Which was a huge no-no because I had a Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time.  Well we ended up breaking up… And my future SO and I ended up texting each other one night.  I had a few to drink and I finally admitted that I had a crush on him (liquid courage, eh?) And as everyone says… The rest is history πŸ˜‰  

Later he admitted he couldn’t believe that I never caught him staring at me, which I thought was hilarious, because I would sneak a peek at him also! 

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