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Meaning behind profile pic/name: it’s my name 🙂

Age: 27 

Occupation: registered nurse and NCA 

SO’s Occupation:Commercial pilot

Children?: no but I want to ttc right after marriage.  

Pets?: my budgie passed away this summer.  I had him for 11 years and he died in my hands. If I were to have another pet I would get a puppy.  Preferably non shedding and good with kids.  Any recommendations ? 

One random fact about me: I’m half Filipino and half French.




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Worker bee

Lol I don’t know why I have all those codes on my previous comment.. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2014

Meaning behind profile pic/name: The name is just because I like blue and the pic I like just because it’s so cute.

Age: 38

Occupation: Non-profit fundraiser

SO’s Occupation: Lawyer

Children? None

Pets? One dog and two cats

One random fact about me: I am in love with Chicago and dream of living there. Since we can’t, my husband indulges me and we visit every year and every visit I love it more.

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This is a fun thread, I bump this. Love love reading all replies from everyone

Meaning behind profile pic/name: the avatar/profile pic is just myself… “thestaircase” is a memory between me and ‘this guy’. We live in the same cheap rent area neighborhood. He choose the public staircase that closest to my apartment, quietly sit there and wait for me… Everytime he back from work or whenever he have freetime, he would came back to this same staircase and wait. ‘This guy’ is my then boyfriend now husband, lol

Age: I’m 30 year olds

Occupation: I work at Retail/Sales (Shoe department)

SO’s Occupation: DH right now have 2 jobs, we trying to save up money as fast as we can for a house… He works for a local Truck company and he works at the Warehouse. Physical labor jobs it is, everyday loading/unloading heavy stuff all day, poor hubby

Children: No kids yet; but he is fixate on have a son.

Pets: I have a small poodle

One randon fact about me: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) is my mother tongue. I’m fluent in Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese. I do speak fluent English, but I have bad English grammars.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: TBD

Meaning behind profile pic/name: Picked after my favorite Disney movie.

Age: 24.

Occupation: Turkey Hill clerk.

SO’s Occupation: Freelance photographer.

Children?: 0, but I will soon be the step mother to 3 awesome kids. ^_^

Pets?: 0, but we are planning to get 2 kitties after we move.

One random fact about me: Even though I’m a metal head, I love me some My Little Pony, hehe.

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Sugar bee
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Meaning behind name: nothing!! Just needed a name! I spelt it wrong typing it in. Supposed to be yippeebee. So I then spent an hour trying to figure out why I could not log in, before realising I needed to drop a p. . .SO frustrating!!

Age:23 (almost 24 in June)

Occupation: signed off with health problems (yaaaay) but got a hospital visit coming up and my fingers are crossed the road to recovery may be approaching

SOs job: Games tester but he wants to own a comic book shop. He is also an amazing drawer and we are in a band together (another one of our pipedreams)

Children: not yet but we want a couple!

Pets: two cats. One thin one, one faaaaat one. Go figure. Fat one is a bully boy puddle of flub! 

Random fact: ummm, I really love Barbie’s. I collected them as a kid and I am still really in love with them. At uni, when I was having a stressful day I would go to a toy shop and look at the Barbie’s and daydream about which was the prettiest and which one I’d buy if I had enough pocket money. Its still! One of my favourite things to do. Darling Husband bought me an expensive posh medival barbie for our first Christmas together. She is on display in our bedroom!

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  • Wedding: October 2006

Name… I love aquamarine stones, my engagement ring is aquamarine, I love water, swimming and the idea of mermaids

photo… Is a google image of gemstones as I love them and the photo up loader will not let me alter my photo of my engagement ring to put that up



job.. Shop assistant


SO…house husband


children….cant have

pets… 1 fish, 2 birds and 2 rescue dogs

fact…. My husband is 37 year older than me and only 6 years younger than my grandma

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