(Closed) the great DJ vs. iPod debate. WWYD?

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  • poll: What should I do for music at my wedding?

    FREE 'iPod wedding' with friend as emcee

    $700 professional DJ services

    obligatory other - please explain

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    @Skittles131:  I don’t expect people to dance or anything. I will be dancing around maybe, but my wedding will be most of it chatting and eating, but that’s just us, that’s why we are having an iPod. Maybe a guitar and a mic if someone offers to sing something.

    If you wan’t people to dance, and you can do the $700, a DJ would be nice.


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    @Skittles131:  My sister had a free ipod wedding (well it was actually my laptop).  It was SO MUCH work beforehand to get all the music, and then as the maid of honor I was at the computer half the night.  It was the biggest regret of the wedding.  I got a DJ for mine and I was so happy!  Money well spent.

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    @Skittles131:  I was going to create a playlist, then Fiance decided to pay a DJ to make a playlist to save me the stress. We paid $100 to a guy who was recommended by a friend but he was just starting out and about half of what he gaved us sucked! 

    Two nights before the wedding my cousin and I were elbows-deep in google, my brains ready to explode from stress. Then I found it… Soundcloud.. and some of the most gloriously wonderful pre-mixed wedding playlists EVER! Our music was amazing! We had a friend step in and MC (he’s a professional hype man) and we used my dad’s pro sound equipment. I’m sure a lot of people think my dad is a badass DJ now lol

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    not for my wedding but the night before (we had a large “welcome reception” for about 100 ppl that was basically a whole wedding – food, photo booth, open bar etc)

    originally I was planning something like you – I had a friend who was a DJ with all the gear and he was going to handle it…. all good no problem except when he got a new job 3 weeks before the wedding and couldn’t take any time off and all of a sudden couldn’t be at our wedding

    so I asked another friend who also DJs but doesn’t have the equiptment so I was going to have to do all these rentals and such and pick them up/return them after and he wasnt really getting back to me reliably (the playlist was like half done after a day but then a week later nothing more done)

    so then I was just going to use spotify and use my ipod but then I found out that meant that my DH iphone would have to be hooked up the entire time and well he is attached at the hip to that phone and I could see he was starting to sweat it! so then we were going to use my ipad but I still didn’t want to have to be the one (or DH) switching around songs and such (after being at an ipod wedding this past fall I knew that they definitely need “babysitting” since it generally never lines up exactly) and no one was really volunteering….

    end of the story I just got a DJ and ended up letting him totally handle it …. and I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief! it was so awesome to just not worry about it and have someone else be responcible. I do wish that I had given him some of the playlists/ songs that I wanted to play (I literally gave him no direction – I asked him how old he was when he said basically my age I just said ok handle it and if people want something different take requests)

    moral of my way too long story? unless you have a very reliable friend (that honestly doesn’t mind “working” and not being part of the wedding) and a backup it might not be worth the stress of handling it since for me I had a much better time enjoying my wedding than scrolling through an ipad looking for some specific song that I swore I put on that stupid playlist!

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    a DJ is make it or break it at a party. I would pay the 700. (that’s exactly how much mine was)

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    We did Ipod.  But, we have a good friend who is a sound engineer and has a bunch of speakers/equipment.  We had a fun night at his house putting music together and then the night of the wedding just hit play.  We weren’t too concerned about people dancing – it was a small wedding and were more interested in talking, mingling, etc.

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    • Wedding: July 2014

    My cousin did ipod, it was a small (50-60) wedding, and it worked out just fine!  There was plently of dancing, and the first dances and announcments were handled by the manager of the venue.  Bigger weddings might be different.

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    @Skittles131 I went back and forth with this delimma for quite a while. DH wanted to do the music himself (read: I would make the playlists and arrange who would keep track of it at the reception). We ended up waiting until a month before the wedding to hire a friend of a friend who does wedding DJ-ing on the side. We paid $500 and I am SO happy for not having to organize the music. Seriously – music was the worst for me. I had a hard enough getting DH and I to agree to a first dance song and mother/son-father/daughter song, let alone planning all the music for a recpeiton.

    I voted pay the $700 because the ease of mind was well worth it for me. In a different scenario, I definitely could have made the iPod work, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.

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    We did an iPod wedding for my garden wedding in the country last year. I have to say I spent A LOT of time making a playlist but it was completely awesome and worth the work! Full disclosure, I am a big music person so I already knew exactly what I wanted. I used big band music during our cocktail hour, then I went in order with 60’s, 70s, 80s, and modern music. That way the old people can dance to the music they know earlier in the night, and you can save the modern pop music for the last hour or so. A family friend was semi in charge of running it but it basically ran itself in the exact order I wanted it. All our friend did was hit pause before and after the speeches. I highly recommend it if you are a music buff that loves making playlists! 


    That being said, my husband would have been awful at this because all he wanted to add was B Sides and music by obscure fave bands of his. You have to play music people already know or they will not dance! I did let him pick a couple songs, and that was totally when people left the floor to refill drinks. I told him so.

    Also, we had a DJ at our second reception that my mother in law planned. She would not allow us to play our own music and hired him without asking us. He was the worst, and it took him a full hour to play anything that got people on the floor.


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    We will be doing the iPod wedding.  We have a good frienc who is a pro DJ, but I don’t like his taste, and I would still have to make an enormous list of songs and the order I want them.  

    So instead, we are going to have a laptop set up, and one of the fellow’s from SO’s little brother’s band will emcee for us (hopefully).  This way, we get to pay him in beer.

    Some of our close friends got married last summer with an iPod reception, and it was awesome.  HOURS of dancing, and they never had to skip songs or anything.  The bride spent about a week on the compilation, and she claimed it was totally worth it.

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    We are doing a DJ.

    We much prefer letting our guests choose what kind of music they want to listen to, and we also like knowing that we have a dj to make announcements if need be.

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    We were going to do an IPod but ended up going with a reasonably priced DJ that was really highly recommended to us.  To me, it was just one less thing to worry about, or to have one of my guests worrying about instead of having fun.  The main goal of the DJ is to get people on the dance floor.  I love dancing and there really isn’t much as at my wedding other than dancing, so I want people to dance and have a great time.  If you don’t care if people are on the dance floor or have really outgoing guests who would be up there anyways, maybe you don’t need a dj

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    $700 is very reasonable for a DJ.  It’ll be one less thing you have to worry about and they usually also MC the entire event.  I went with a DJ and he kept everyone dancing all night. 

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    We had the great DJ v. IPOD debate for a long time, as we had a small wedding (only 26 guests) and a tight budget.

    We ended up giving in and hiring the DJ, and I’m SO HAPPY WE DID. It really was money well spent.

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