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alysee:  I had 2 brain tumors removed,1 in 92,and 95.At that time my husband and I was only dating for a year in 92 when I first found out,he been by my side 100% and still is 24 years later.So we lived  the sickness and health way before we even thought about getting married.He proposed to me in 98 we got married in 2001,and now we’re renewing our wedding vows next year 25 years together and 15 years of marriage with 3 beautiful children and a dog.I just want to thank god for being by my side  and heeling me, and a wonderful man who has been there through everything I had to go through.

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we are not married yet, but have been together for a long long while. 

The hardest struggle we have overcame (albeit there were others) was our house burning to the ground in the middle of the night. And all the stuff that follows. (Insurance, rebuilding, moving, moving again, restarting our lives)

The neighbors house caught fire, spread to ours at 2 am. I sat up straight in bed (it was burning from the outside so there was no alarms going off at this point) and woke him up. I take care of my in laws, so they live with us, he got them. I got out. (Our kids were thankfully sleeping over grandmas) And we stood on the other side of the street in pjs and no shoes, and watched our home burn straight to the ground. The following days, months and now 1.5 years, have been the biggest struggle. 

<br />Huge praise: we just moved back into our rebuilt home (that I designed..talk about another struggle!) We are so happy to start again.

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Victoria.nelson.3541:  Congrats on 15 years of marriage. Darling Husband and I just celebrated 19 years being together and will celebrate 13 years of marriage in July. I am so glad I had him by my side through everything. He also helped pull me out of a very dark place after an abusive marriage with my ex. He is my rock and my best friend. We are also planning a vow renewal except this will be a trip for just the two of us. I can’t wait to remarry him.

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Well there’s so much but we got married this past August. And in November my mother committed suicide. I come from a broken family. I was in foster care my whole life and dealt with some awful parts of the world that kids shouldnt have to deal with. Darling Husband grew up in a pretty “normal” home. His parents are amazing; dad is retired police officer and mom is a teacher. He is best friends with his brothers and grew up in a close knit small town. He never had any serious tragedy happen to him and was only ever hearing of them. So my mothers suicide to me was another part of the “oh the world just sucks ass” list and for him it was a whole new realm of reality. I was sad. And I’m crying while I type this. But for him, he started to realize things that he didn’t before. He’s always been the strong one so it was hard for me to comfort him and help him through it. In December (exactly a month after my mom died) I found out I was pregnant. We were so happy and we are still happy but now it’s been hard again. Dealing with my moms death so recently and now I have gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel and a ton of other prwgnancy problems that weren’t expected. So I’m just feeling drained everyday and Darling Husband is treating me like his baby and taking such good care of me and loving me so much! I’m just so grateful for all of this and having my daughter here and getting a chance to start a new life and teach my daughter how to have a normal family (as normal as it gets) will be the most rewarding part of my god awful life (DH and our relationship is the best part of my life currently) :). Darling Husband told me “I can’t wait to brush her hair and dress her in her cute little outfits and teach her everything” that makes it all worth it to me. I’ve never had a family Just people in my life. And I have for sure not had very many good men in my life. 

Anyway im glad that we are married and going through life together and finding strength in one another through it all! 

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We’ve been married a year and a half and have been together for 7 years. 

The hardest thing we’ve gone through since being married is probably me losing my job last year for 6 or so weeks (luckily I was getting unemployment). Also, the only thing we really fight about from time to time is money (or lack thereof), and even that only happens, like, once every 6 months or so.

HOWEVER, very early in our relationship we went through A LOT, and I think those things have helped define us as people and as a couple. 

We’d only been dating for 8 months when my husband’s dad had a sudden, massive heart attack (on Christmas night no less). He was in a coma for about 10 days (on life support) when they finally decided to let him go. He passed away less than 12 hours later.

My husband also lost his job after a year after that, and it took him 6 months to get another one, and another 6 months before he found a job he didn’t hate and wasn’t dangerous.

Then about a year after that, my mom got really, really sick from an infection (complications from kidney dialysis). She was in the hospital for 3 months and almost died, like, twice.

THEN, I lost 2 jobs….. in a row…..lol….loooooooooooooooooong ridiculous stories.

In the midst of all of this, we were constantly, desperately trying to get our own place and get engaged, but every time we’d start looking at apartments or whatever, something awful would happen. 

Looking back, I think those things actually helped our relationship. I have no doubts that we will stand by each other no matter what. We’re strong. Yeah, they were extremely difficult, scary, and frustrating, but ….. now we are married and have our own house. Things aren’t perfect, but because of what we’ve been through in the past, I know we’ll get through anything.


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