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I didn’t like the book…I know I know….don’t hate me…but I am looking forward to the movie.

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Haha actually, my friend invited me to the midnight showing around 3 pm yesterday. I hadn’t read it yet and I ALWAYS read the book before I’ll see the movie. So I spent yesterday from like 4-10:30 reading it, and then went to see it at midnight!

I thought the movie was a really good adaptation of the book, actually! I really enjoyed the extra details they added, like all of the stuff going on in the control room and the riots in District 11. Not exactly what happened in the book (or rather, not stuff that was mentioned in the book), but I thought it adapted to the screen really well.

I was sad that they left out the different kinds of bread, and that Katniss didn’t get the bread from District 11 because that part of the book made me cry SO HARD.

I liked Cato’s little monologue at the end. It made him seem more human right before they literally fed him to the dogs, which made me sympathize with him more.

I randomly LOVE Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. Go figure.

And the actress who plays Katniss was amazing, IMO. She looked exactly as she did in my head and the acting was very believable.

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Question to those of you who read the books before seeing the movie. Is this going to be a trilogy, or does the movie cover all three books? I just started reading the first book today, and Fiance wants to see the movie this weekend. If it only covers one of the books I’ll hold off on the movie until I read the book.

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@SquidWeds:  It’s going to be 4 films, actually – the last novel will be split into 2 films (rightly so – that 3rd book should have been longer OR 2 books).

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I freaking LOVED the movie. Aghh. I’m almost comatose right now from lack of sleep, but it was soooooo worth it!

I’m just gonna copy/paste some of what I wrote in my Tumblr this morning haha:

  • I love how much attention and time each of the important tributes got. They made me feel for Cato and Foxface, just as I did reading the book – that’s so crucial and they nailed it.
  • District 12 giving their hand signal and then Katniss repeating it to District 11 and District 11 signing back to her then flipping out… holy shit, goosebumps. I’m so excited to see how the next films handle the rebellion in the districts!
  • The Peeta/Katniss thing felt a little forced, but I think it works in the context ofKatniss as the central character: it is forced for her, especially in the beginning, and while it’s not executed as cleanly as I think it could’ve been, Hutchinson and Lawrence did a pretty great job.
  • BUTTERCUP!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even care that he wasn’t yellow, just so glad they kept him in. It gives me hope that they’ll film the scene from Mockingjay where she yells at him that Prim is gone and breaks down.
  • Capitol fashion rocked my world! I love the use of color; the direction they decided to go in to represent the ridiculousness of the capitol worked well for film. I am sort of sad to not see a bunch of rainbow-dyed people running around, but as my fiancé pointed out that could have majorly backfired and looked cartoonish, totally destroying the necessary impact. Simplicity worked in their favor.
  • Though we’ve seen it a million times over from the trailers, the launch scene still gave me major goosebumps. Jennifer Lawrence’s fear is palpable and Lenny Kravitz as Cinna performs his duty as her ally beautifully. Ah. Perfection once more.
  • Loved getting an inside view of the Gamemaker’s headquarters. It helped drive the arena story forward without leaving the audience with too much guesswork (and allowed Seneca Crane to become a full-fledged character, which I *loved*).

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Seeing it tonight. We specifically bought 21+ seating so we didn’t have to face the teenage/college girl crowds. SO EXCITED. Fiance hasn’t read the books, so I am not sure if he will like it or not.

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Oh man! Midnight showing and it was soooo good!

I wish Katniss would have drugged peeta like in the book. I also wish they would have done the Avox character. I think in the later books she plays somewhat an important role. They didn’t show her go deaf in one ear, and peeta didn’t lose his leg, although I’m glad he didn’t lose his leg but Katniss going deaf affected her hunting and fighting. I know most things were cut so the story would flow smoothly and the movie wouldn’t be 4 hours long.

I loved the book soo much and I thought they did such a good job with the movie. (much better than the book to movie transition for twilight)

I think if there was one thing they really should have shown it would be the developement of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. In the cave they had more talks and kisses that I think would have developed their unique relationship better, also katniss becoming frustrated with his noisy footsteps impeding her hunting.

Overall i’d say the movie was awesome, and probably almost as good as it could get without making it extremely long (although I’m sure most of us would sit for 3.5 hours for it :p) Are the books better? Of course, but the movies are damn good too! 🙂

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Darling Husband just bought tickets for a showing tonight! I can not wait! I’ve heard great things and I love when a movie stays pretty true to the book–I hate it when major plot points are different or they cast characters that don’t look at all like the descriptions in the book.

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Saw the midnight showing, overall loved it. Here are the main things I saw/felt:

  • From the previews even I started getting a little ticked that they might change a bunch of things. The biggest thing that I noticed first-off was how the mockingjay pin was purchased by Katniss and given to Prim, as opposed to given to her by her friend. Didn’t hurt the story too much but I wonder if they are just going to cut the other role down the line??
  • Overall I felt like they covered a good amount of plot line without selling the story short, but I feel like the breezed over some of the important things. I didn’t really believe any relationship except for Katniss and Prim, and yes, I cried when Prim started yelling “NO NO NOOOO!!!” as they took Katniss away. All of the actors were good, don’t get me wrong, I just feel like they didn’t spend as much time as they should have building the relationships. I also must add that I was not happy with the casting at first, but now I think that they did a great job of it. 
  • I agree with PP–why did they cut everything with the Avoxes? They play a role later in the series, I guess they are cutting that??
  • Can we just give Jennifer Lawrence a huge round of applause!? She NAILED the part and was amazing and very believable.
  • I totally started bawling (along with half of the theatre) when Prim died and then District 11 started rebelling.
  • I really like Cato at the end right before he died. That actor did a great job and was a perfect Cato.
  • I really did love the movie, but I definitely think it helped reading the book first, as they left some of the details out (I agree with PP–I wish the bread thing had been added). I like that they shortened the timing on some of the things, like how long Katniss and Peeta were in the cave, healing and bonding–in the book it dragged on a little, but in the movie it felt like decent timing (except they could have built their fake “love” relationship a bit more).

I think I want to see it again when there aren’t a million screaming teenagers around me. It also didn’t help that we ended up seeing it from the third row, therefore giving me a migraine by the end of the movie. I still loved it, though, and recommend it to anyone!

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we are going to see it this weekend. I did not read what is written above because I am afraid of spoiler alerts 😀 I have NOT read the books but excited to see it saturday!

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@yellowlace:  I think it’s entirely possible for Avoxes to be introduced into the story later on without ruining anything – yes, they’re a part of the first novel, but like you said the part played later on is the biggest. I do think we’ll see Avoxes before the end of it.

Being a Harry Potter fan has taught me patience with novel adaptions to the screen; sometimes they take stuff out and it does suck because as a reader you want to see that so bad… but narratively, it doesn’t work. I have faith with how closely Susan Collins is involved with the project that the films will continue to reflect the most important elements of the story and also develop further characters/situations that the books only sort of touched upon (such as the uprisings – we will get to physically see that in film, whereas Katniss only heard about it in the books).

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Wait, Prim dies in the first movie?

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So jealous of all of you! i cannot wait to go see it – hopefully i’ll make it there this weekend. I’m super pumped to see it because 1) i loved the books and 2) it was filmed here in NC. The capitol was filmed in Charlotte but they also filmed in Asheville and Shelby. so i can’t wait to see if i can pick out some places i’ve seen.

My husband and I actually tossed around the idea of being extras when they were doing casting calls. I’m totally going to try and do it for the next movie if they film here again.

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