(Closed) The importance of the "3Cs" once Carat is decided?

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The way I ranked importance (after knowing I was getting bigger than a 1ct center), was 1)cut 2)clarity 3) color…but I also knew I had minimum requirements. I wouldn’t go below VS2 or G color….so, I have an excellent cut, G VS2. My mother has an H Si1-while I don’t know the cut of her stone, I can tell you it’s certainly not as clear or lively as mine. I have a cushion, she has an oval. My G looks very white in most lights, and I have never seen a hint of yellow at all. I know some Si1s are eye clean, but I believe that’s at a distance. I stare at mine so much, and so close, that if I were to find any specs of any carbon or anything, I’d be upset. VS2 is the lowest I’d recommend, because you will have an eye clean stone, and you’ll get the most for your money. I also managed to get a VS2 that’s closer to being a VS1 (I actually have no idea how it’s not, the plot on the GIA report is almost totally clear). I know people who have J colors and strangers have commented on how they have a “yellow” diamond. Def not something I’d want. Good luck!!

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It also depends on the stone, I’m not sure about princess cuts. But I have an emerald cut and clarity is of ultimate importance because otherwise you won’t see the step cuts that make it an emerald cut diamond, same with asscher I’m assuming. I didn’t know this until my Fiance told me. I wanted between a 1-1.5 and my diamond is a 1.2. I remember his saying with emerald cut once you start getting closer to 1.5 the cost increases dramatically because of how clear the diamond has to be.

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For princess stones, I would say 1) Cut 2) Clarity and 3) Color. Color would be an issue if your side stones are also diamonds as you don’t want like an H diamond, for example, next to D side diamonds. If you do a G center stone, I would stick to a letter above or below for side stones.

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I personally found colour, then cut, then clarity to be important. If you don’t have a good enough cut, they don’t sparkle, and it really bothers me to look down at my ring and see that’s yellow-y.  I only have SI-2 clarity and I can’t find inclusions even with a magnifying glass – so that didn’t bother me at all.

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I have a princess cute soliataire and I can tell you that color is VERY important. I have a D VVS2 ideal cut. I am sort of a diamond snob and even before my husband and I even talked about getting engaged, I always knew I wanted a stunning diamond, regardless of the shape or size.

A friend from high school got engaged shortly after I did and she has the exact same size diamond and cut as I do but the corners of her stone were yellowed and there was a black spot in the center of her diamond. I also know with princess cuts, the color tends to show on the points. My ring honest to God looks like a 5/8 and sometimes it appears even bigger because of the cut and the sparkle to it. So i think they are all equally important ESPECIALLY for princess cut stones.

My diamond is a half carat.


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My C’s that are important are if different orders depending on ct size …Mine would be color( for over 1 ct ) than clarity because you can see everything inside a large stone and lastly cut because the larger surface area kinda helps with sparkle but you still need a decent cut no one wants large stone that’s dull  

But for stones under 1ct I usually look at cut because a good cut can maximum sparkle can sometimes wash out clarity issues and it also makes the stone appear larger than it is  , clarity as long as nothing is dark or colored ( black, green and red inclusions are quick to spot at first glance )  , than color especially if you plan on having a wedding band with diamonds or white stones you want you e-ring to match or else it will stick out in comparison 

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The truth about Diamonds is a really great website for helping you determine importance of color, cut and clarity. It helped me with budget too.

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I also would try to keep everything as close as possible to vs for the larger stones but MANY say that they don’t see anything wrong with there SI stones and si for the smaller side stones  as long as they dint seem dark due to inclusions and keep everything as close to g-h as possible once you get to j it will start to be noticable if there right next to each other stones that are higher  but some stones have better florecance and that helps with a lower grade to look whiter .. you just need to sort threw them and make sure there color matched own your eyes I know I have one stone in my wedding band that is dark compared to the rest and it is going to bug me but it’s not “yellow” so I’m sure all my stones are considered the same color and clarity grade but every stone is different 

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Depends on the stone. Some hide imperfections better than others. And you can have an inclusion that is hidden because of the setting. I rank them as follows

1. Cut

2. Clarity

3. Colour. 

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1) Cut – what makes it sparkle

2) Clarity – you want as few inclusions as possible; there was one big enough black carbon one you could see with the naked eye in my first engagement ring

3) Color – if the cut and clarity are good most people can’t tell the color of a diamond unless it’s next to other diamonds or it’s really dark and grey looking (around J to me)

Here’s a great article on it: http://www.truthaboutdiamonds.com/truth-about/diamond-color/  He highly suggests going with white gold over yellow gold when going for the less than colorless stones.

If you’re mounting multiple stones I would be more concerned with making sure they are pretty close in color to each other.

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