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Blushing bee
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why do your parents disagree that this is a good house?

things like evantually needing a new furnace aren’t the end of the world.  every furnace will eventually need to be replaced, but make sure to think about the money involved in making such changes.  it’s not cheap.

of what you listed, the only really concerning part to me is the mice droppings.  if there are mice, what other creatures are there? why are the mice there?  (meaning, what attracted them?)

if you have a gut feeling that this place is not good, walk away.  there are a million houses out there.  that being said, none will be perfect.  even the ones that seem perfect won’t be–maintaining a house takes effort and $$$.

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Busy bee
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Unless a house is brand new, there are going to be things that come up in an inspection. If you parents’s house was inspected, the inspector would find things there too! Personally, the one thing that would really scare me too much to buy a house would be foundation issues. All your things seem like they are fixable (loose toilet bowl? can’t a handy person fix that on a Saturday afternoon?). Your parents are probably super worried for you because they know it is a big financial commitment. Think of how proud you, your Fiance, and your families will be when you’ve made your fixes and made the place your own.

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Buzzing bee
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How close is the price of the house to the top of your budget? Meaning, if you purchase it, do you have the money to gradually fix these things, or will the mortgage max out your available funds because the house was at the higher end of what you could afford?

Mice droppings are discouraging, but exterminators and pest control can help with that, and it’s not an uncommon thing, especially if the house is in a wooded area. One shingle missing doesn’t seem to be a huge deal. The furnace could be expensive, but sometimes that stuff just has to be replaced. Toilet bowls could be tightened or replaced for not much money. The biggest expense would probably be the furnace, so consider if you can afford to replace that if you’ll need to in the near future.

If you love it and think you can afford the expenses, see if you can work out maybe a slightly lowered price with the sellers. Most houses you look at will need some sort of repairs eventually, so just consider whether these are really dealbreakers.

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I have yet to see a home inspection report that didn’t find something wrong. Little stuff being wrong is no big deal. Furnances and roofs need relaced all the time and can be bargining points during the purchase process. I do not see anything in what you listed that would deter me from purchasing the home.

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Bee Keeper
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We’re trying to buy a short sale, and the inspection failed miserably. The house needs a new roof, new electric, lots of plumbing issues, and the AC wasn’t working (we live in FL!). We got estimates on everything and it was $8,000 worth of stuff. Since it’s short sale, the seller doesn’t really care to put more money into it, they aren’t going to make money off of it. The bank offered to lower the price $7,000, and we’re taking it. I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant, and we aren’t going to lose this house over $1,000.

My dad also wanted us to get a better deal then we did, and we also think we got a good deal! First he wanted us to low ball the offer, even though our realtor said that other people did that before us and they didn’t except any of those offers. Well like I said, I’m pregnant and we want to get out of our townhouse before the baby comes, so it’s just not worth it to us to lose the house over a little money. I kind of feel bad b/c they’re helping us out a little with the house, but my family does have a strict policy of whatever they give is a gift and we can make our own decisions.

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Honey bee

A home inspection will always find mutliple things wrong…even in a brand new house. Its the inspectors job to tell you every little thing. Honestly, your report doesn’t sound bad at all.

  • What is the average life of a furnace? Saying that it needs to be replaced eventually may not be a big deal. Because everything in your house will  need to be replaced eventually.
  • A shingle missing is so not a big deal. And the fact that the roof is only 5 years old is awesome.
  • Toilets are easy to fix and/or replace
  • Mice droppings are a little scary, but nothing that a pest company can’t fix.

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Bumble bee
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That’s too bad! Don’t be hard on yourself! Not everything is visible to the naked eye when looking at a house, that’s why there are professional inspectors!

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Sugar bee
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Those are NOT a big deal! I thought you were going to say there were structural issues!

Those are items that you can use as bargaining chips to bring the price down or have the owner fix before you sign the contract!

The air conditioner was broken: Depending on what is broken it can be an easy fix! Have someone come out to take a look at it and give you a free estimate

the furnace is the original (25 years old) and will eventually need to be replaced:
Like other posters a furnace is something that will eventually need to be replaced. If it’s still working fine (ask to see heating costs for past year perhaps?) then don’t worry about it right now.

A shingle was missing on the 5 year old roof: A shingle loose is not a big deal. Have them replace and retar the shingle. A 5 year old roof is practically brand new. An average residential asphalt shingle roof has a life expectancy of 20-25 years!

The toilet bowls were loose

Honestly these are not huge issues to me.

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Honey bee

@coffeegal85: Thats still not terrible, and honestly…you have no way of knowing how long anything will last in your home. You could move in and have an appliance break the first week. Who knows! That is the scary part of owning a home. But its really no reason to NOT buy a house.

You could always go back to the sellers and ask them to either fix the AC, or give you a credit, or lower the price. We did that when buying our home. The water heater needed to be fixed and the sellers replaced the whole thing!

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Helper bee
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Those things are all normal. You could certainly try negotiate the price of a new furnace into the deal, othey usually run 3-4k I think and you would want to get a good one to last another 25 years. It doesn’t hurt to ask and worse case you pay the price but they could also meet you half way or take the lower offer. I feel like my dad would steer me away too. If you know this house is the one and are willign to spend the extra money to fix then I think you will be happy long term. As long as the structure/foundation/electrical/plumbing is fine most things are easily fixed.

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