(Closed) The Journey of TTC after miscarriage – Part 12

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jessc27:  Happy Mothers Day! This is always one of the hardest days of the year for me. Its hard to watch everyone in my family be acknowledged as a mum except me. Thank goodness it will be over again soon for another year!


mrsm42712:  yay! So happy your scan went well. My scan is in 9 days! Hope the next 2.5 weeks go super quick!


I got my 4th beta and it was 12,200 so it’s still rising every 2 days. I thought I was only 5 weeks but maybe i’m further as it seems high for then. 

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My SIL just sent this to me.  I thought I would share with all you ladies! 

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I don’t know if it posted the picture. 😁

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bubbycakes:  it’s so hard waiting! Hoping these 9 days go fast for you!

MissB15:  I love that. Thanks for sharing.

thinking of all you ladies today 

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I woke up this morning and my temperature was 36.28. I was really confused (it was 36.75 yesterday) until I remembered that I had started spotting before bed last night.

I honestly can’t remember the last time my period was this heavy or painful. It’s ridiculous. Did anyone else have it really bad in their first cycle past D&C or miscarriage? 

The only good thing about it is that it signals the start of TTC again!

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bubbycakes:  Maybe its two? Eep!  πŸ™‚ Yay for high betas!!!

MissB15:  Thats so beautiful, thank you for sharing <3

TwinklesNZ:  My first period after my c-section was pretty bad. It went on forever, horrible cramping etc. The last few have been MAJORLY heavy, but less crampy. I hope they get easier for you (or you get your rainbow and dont have to worry about them!)

AFM, AF arrived sunday full force after taking her sweet time. I havent had a 15 day LP in months. I had period nightmares where i was bleeding through everything. Ugh… the things our brains make us think about. πŸ™ Everyone was very sweet to me this weekend. My mother, sister, SIL, and Mother-In-Law all got me cards and gifts. It should’ve been my first official mothers Day with my baby. It was very hard to feel like a mom, but all of that kindness helped. Someone left a butterfly bush on our front porch friday night with a sweet card, but no signed name.  Mystery gift! We did eventually figure out it was our neighbor down the street. It was SO thoughtful of her. I’m excited to plant it and see the butterflies and hear the messages they send me from Grady in heaven.  πŸ™‚ I hope you all got some love this weekend. You all deserve it.

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Hi ladies!! I’m alive!! Ha! I went MIA for a little while there. The hubs and I went on our mini-vacay and then work was nuts when I got back. But I wanted to chime in and let you all know I was thinking about you guys this Mother’s Day! Hope everyone survived what I’m sure was a day of mixed feels. Hugs!!

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jessc27:  Thank you! Hope you see “peak” soon!

mrsm42712:  Sorry you have to wait another 2.5 weeks, but YAY for great news!! Hope everything continues to progress beautifully!

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bubbycakes:  Great betas!! Try not to worry about it being so high (easier said than done, I know!)

MissB15:  Love the picture. Thanks for sharing! 

TwinklesNZ:  Sorry you are hurting πŸ™ my first period after my MC was definitely heavier and more painful than usual. Motrin and a heating pad were my best friends! Hoping you get some relief soon. xo

FreckledFox:  *tears* oh how so sweet of your neighbor, and everyone else in your family too! Glad to hear there was a little sunshine in your day πŸ™‚ 

cricket2082:  Haha hi there! Hope you enjoyed your getaway!

AFM, hubby and I hosted our annual summer party on Saturday so it was a great way to let loose and get TTC off the brain! (maybe a little too much though lol) I haven’t used OPKs this cycle and I have to admit, it’s kind of liberating! I know I usually O around CD 12-14, and today is CD 14. We were able to BD CD 12 and 13 so assuming I O’d around my usual time, we got some decent timing in. My Mother’s Day was spent on the couch, binging on Netflix so it was nice πŸ™‚ Darling Husband said he wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the day so he didn’t want to make a big deal about it. I felt kind of numb to it so that made it easier to get through. Just sucked reading all the facebook posts and even a couple pregnancy announcements πŸ™ 

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TwinklesNZ:  my first period after my d&c was horribly heavy and it lasted a few days longer than usual. I hope it gets better for you!

i wasn’t real sure where to post this but I’m hoping someone has some insight for me.. I got some faint lines on Friday that prgoressively got darker through the weekend but I woke up to feed the dog at 4:45 this morning (I have a bulldog and she’s like an alarm clock when I comes to her eating πŸ˜–) But I noticed there was some dark brown discharge in my underwear. My heart immediately sank. I went back to bed and got up around 6:30 and decided to test expecting the line to be much lighter than it had been but it was actually much darker than yesterday’s! I called my doctor to get in for some blood work and she said she wasn’t too concerned with the brown spotting as long as it’s not red. I think it’s pretty much stopped at this point but I’m still totally stressing :/ has anyone gone through something similar? What was the outcome? Good or bad

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Roll call:

Status (MC cycle/rest cycle/TTC cycle):  TTC cycle

MC History:  I found out I had an ectopic pregnancy in Sept 2015.  It turned into a long nightmare and eventually lost my tube.  I had an HSG in January 2016 to check my remaining tube.  Been TTC since March.

Issues (if any):  I only have my right tube.

Action Plan for next TTC cycle (ie Baby Aspirin, progesterone, etc):  Pernatals, OPKs, and lots of BDing.

Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MrsBGfromWB/

What are your biggest challenges right now?  Lots of sad feelings from the pregnancy loss and many other things.

Current coping strategies/favorite inspirational quotes:  I made an appointment with a therapist to help deal with everything.  I also try and savor every moment with my son (nearly 2).

Just for fun: Do you and your partner agree on what sex you would ideally like?  Nope. I want more than he does.


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FreckledFox:  That butterfly bush is beautiful! That was so sweet of your neighbor.

cricket2082:  Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your mini vacation!

HaaaveYouMetTed:  Your party looked so fun! File that under fun things you can do while you aren’t pregnant… so there!

MissB15:  Unfortunately for me, when I started spotting (8 weeks) it was the beginning of the end of my pregnancy. I went to the dr the next day and there was still a heart beat but 2 weeks later when there was no longer a heart beat, baby’s meaurement was the same as when he/she was measuring at the previous appt. Dr assumes I lost the baby later that day or the next. BUT, that being said, there are TONS of women who spot throughout their first tri and go on to have very healthy pregnancies. If you’re that worried, I would insist on going in for blood work just for peace of mind. 

MrsBG:  Welcome. So sorry about your ectopic. That must’ve been scary to go through. Hope your rainbow is right around the corner!

AFM, last Saturday marked the day I found out I miscarried. I was at a bridal shower with a bunch of friends so it was a good distraction. I felt at peace about it. Mother’s Day was mostly fine, too. I kinda wish my Darling Husband would have done something but he’s not even remotely that type of person. It makes him sound bad but he’s just not thoughtful in the gift-giving/gesture-making (you know what I mean) area and just doesn’t think about days like these whatsoever. I didn’t bring it up bc it wouldv’e made him feel bad. It’d just be nice if he could have acknowledged it somehow. Luckily, I can name 8 million other ways in which he’s the greatest so ya know, I still count by blessings. 

In other news, went in for my first monitoring appt since beginning stims. There’s been some growth but follies are mostly small. I was happy to see that my lining was at 7.1mm already though- I was usually under that even by trigger time for my IUIs so hopefully that thickens more as I continue. I go back again on Weds. Oh and stims have been easy peasy, but I could do without the headaches! Other than that, no bruising or bloating (yet)!

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