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First, Congratulations on your weight loss! You did a great job!

I’ve been up and down with my weight for most of my life and it took me a while to figure out the correct way to release the weight (my fiancé says “release” should be used instead of “lose” because you don’t want to find the weight after you “lose” it). At one point I wasn’t eating very much and would just exercise like crazy. I don’t really consider it anorexia because it was more or less being misinformed and not knowing any better (I was in high school and learned you need to intake less calories to drop weight. What I didn’t know that I know now is that the body needs a minimum amount of calories to drop weight in a healthy, more permanent way). Every time I would get to about 180lbs (my goal is 150lbs), I would get more relaxed on my eating and exercise and end up putting all the weight back plus more.  It’s a little funny because I wouldn’t know I was doing it and all of a sudden I would have all the weight again but I have learned a lot with all my ups and downs.

I’m current still working on my goal. I started January 24th at 210lbs and I last weighed myself on March 3rd and I was at 194lbs. What really got me motivated was seeing wedding dresses in the store window when I went shopping with my bridesmaids for their dresses (they actually ordered their dresses before I tried on dresses). It made it all real to me. What keeps me motivated is the fact that I bought my dress two sizes smaller (I’m a jean size 16, the sample I tried on was a dress size 16 and it was recommended that I buy a 20 based on my measurements but after talking to my consultant about my weight and the fact that I was going to go down further she suggested I order in a 16). I also do it for my health. I have week/bad knees and the extra weight makes it hard on them. I noticed the more weight I release the better I feel and the better my knees feel.

You’re doing a really great job and have done an amazing job getting to 175! Don’t lose sight of your goal now. You’re 5 lbs away. Think about all the hard work that you have done to get to where you’re at today and how you feel physically and emotionally. Do you feel stronger than you did in the past? Do you feel healthier? Happier? Sexier? Remember why you started doing all this in the first place. Also remember that you have to continue to eat healthy and workout to maintain your weight and health. If you don’t, you can potential put the weight back on.

I say this a lot, but I recommend the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook. It has helped me a lot. It shows you how to make everyday favorite foods into healthier versions. They even have a pizza recipe and dessert recipes. They also talk about how many calories you should be eating based on your goal weight and then you can design your own meal.

Just remember, you’re so close to your goal, it’s right there in your sights! You can do it!

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I have trouble with the FIRST five pounds. This shit sticks to me. Yell

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Congrats on your weight loss!!  You are doing great!  

My advice is to put your scale far under your bed and not use it.  Then, do everything you can for the next 4 weeks to stay on target.  Exercise, eat right, get enough sleep.  Don’t weigh yourself.  I found when I lost a pound, it would give me room to cheat.  My rationale was that I was doing so good, I COULD eat that ‘x’ thing because I NEEDED it. 😉

I do think having the dress fit may be an issue.  My dress was a nightmare with my weight loss (it was too big, then they swapped it for one size too small) and I was freaked out it wouldn’t fit.  So, I guess that was my motivation. 

Do you think you could give yourself a new goal?  Meaning, you are so close to the other one, if you made 160 a goal, would that be motivational?

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Congratulations on losing weight!  The last 5 lbs is always the hardest but it’ll feel soooo good once you reach your goal!  I agree with oracle, stop focusing on the numbers and just keep doing what you’ve been doing to reach this goal.  It’s ok that you slipped a little bit – the important thing to realize is that you can always get back on track.  Do NOT tell yourself that just because you slipped, you’ve lost all your progress. 

It’s easy to reward/comfort ourselves with food because the gratification is immediate.  Instead, choose something else to reward yourself.  Now that you’ve lost almost 30 lbs, you can reward yourself with new outfit to complement your new body.  Or a new bag or a new pair of shoes.  🙂  Good luck!

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@MissHoneyBun: Me too! I’ve been on this diet for a little over two weeks, and I can’t even see a difference on the scale, but I can feel a little difference in the way my pants fit.

Kudos to getting down to 175 OP!



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wow thats such an amazing weight loss! Congratuations to you, and especially congratulations on doing it gradually and healthily. 

I have the same advice as PPs – stop weighing yourself for a little while and just see what happens.  As you’ve said, you’ve got time before your wedding so it should really matter if you fluctuate a little bit – and you’ll be less tempted to ‘reward’ yourself if you lose, and punish yourself if you gain.

Also, remember that 5 lbs is not alot of weight, and that it can be gained and lost really quickly with water or heavy foods – my weight has been known to fluctuate 1.5 kilos (almost 4 lbs) in a day just from eating & drinkin, hard exercise or….’toilet troubles’ 🙂


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