(Closed) The late 20's transition….anyone else going through this?

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Busy bee
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I turn 26 this Saturday- I will officially be closer to 30 than 20 and I am not excited. My best friend moved to Kansas, another to Wisconsin, another Germany, etc. I was in a social club with 11 other girls and we live really far apart. I have no life. I miss having fun. We will all be back together at my wedding but that seems so far away. I’m sad too.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I think it’s just part of growing up…you end up away from the friends you’ve gotten used to.  I just moved from the city to the middle of nowhere, away from three of my very good friends (one of whom moved; they all have new relationships), and while I am very happy to be with my fiance (FINALLY — we were long distance for five years!!!!), I miss living in the city and seeing my friends all the time.

However, we would often just get together and watch tv, so now I watch tv with my fiance instead.  He met a guy at the bar whose girlfriend just moved in with him, and so we hang out with them sometimes and I think we’re going to be friends.

So, you have to adjust to the life you now live, and you have to remember that good friends just happen — they aren’t forced.  =)

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Busy bee
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I feel the same way! I feel like its harder to make friends as an adult because everyone has their own lives they obsess about (including me). I am signing up for some type of art class as soon as I start my new job. I think its important to have a hobby to do with a new group of people. Ugh, it stinks sometimes its just me and my fiance and really you just need a girls night every now and then!!

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Bumble bee
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I’m definitely feeling the same way. I just moved away from all my friends and family, so all I have is Darling Husband. Luckily, I get along with his coworker’s girlfriend so I have someone, but it’s not the same as the network I had at home.

I think it’s just a part of the whole being an adult thing. You adjust to new groups of friends. People come and go out of your life.

I have no real advice about meeting new people, since I’m still working on that, but you’re not alone.

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Busy bee
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I have loved my transition from late 20’s to early 30’s….I have made some of the BEST friends EVER during this time…..I am having so much fun!

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Blushing bee

I feel this way too. All my friends from College moved to different places, I don’t live in my hometown anymore, so being in a new city, it’s almost impossible to make friends. Thank god I have my sweetheart, who is absolutely my best friend, but he doesn’t really enjoy pedicures like a good girlfriend would Smile. I’m turning 26 this year so I’m kinda sad too 🙁

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Bumble bee
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It’s hard!  I just turned 30 but I feel like I get where you’re coming from.  Can you find ways to stay in touch and visit often with the friends who moved away?  One of my best friends moved to Germany a few years ago, so we do skype dates.  What about something social for meeting people?  I joined a book club that has been good for that– I was connected to a few of the ladies, but now I’m friends with the other people in it too.  A sports thing?  Are you in a city?  I live in Boston, and here there are lots of social sports leagues– kinda like college intramurals.

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Buzzing bee
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  Um, YES! My good friends from college are all scattered. I feel like I’ve grown apart from some church friends (which hurts, but that’s for a different post :-)). I have some friends that are co-workers, but we never get together outside of work (which is something I’m hoping to change).

  I am really excited that Fiance is back in town. One of our college friends is also back in town, so I’m hoping that will do more to broaden our social circle. I’ve also been doing more things with two of my cousins. It’s tough making friends as an adult…if anybody has any advice, I’m all ears!

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Bumble bee

I’m going through this as well. I’m 24, and everyone keeps telling me I have plenty of time to figure out what I want to do, but I feel like I’m suffocating at my current job. I mean, it’s a fine job. It’s relatively easy, it’s full time with benefits, but it’s the exact opposite of what I should be doing. I was trained in the arts, and this job is at an insurance company. If you’ve seen Office Space, you know what I’m talking about. haha

Things are better than they were a few months ago. I was having a major quarter life crisis before I moved out of my parents house and into my own apartment. Before then, I felt like I had the responsibilty and bank account of a 24 year old, but the limited freedoms of a 16 year old. It was a big confusing mess that caused many fights between me and my mom, and we had never really fought about any of this before.

On a funny side note, my boyfriend’s parents want him to live at home forever, even though he’s moving in with me in two and a half weeks. They know this fact, and yet I’m not allowed to be alone with him in his bedroom, even with the door open…and he’s 26…

When did 24 become 14 and 26 become 16? Seriously? When? haha


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Bumble bee

Also, losing touch with friends also happened to me through the natural course of moving around so much. I’m from Pennsylvania, but I went to college in Virginia, and then moved to Florida to work for Disney, and then moved back to Pennsylvania again. Since everyone at school or Disney was also out of state, I have friends scattered all over the country, but unfortunatly none of them live within a couple of hours of me. I have friends in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Arizona, California, New York…etc. but no one is close enough to just go out to dinner with, you know? It’s very frustrating. I’ve tried going out and meeting new people, but I work so much that it’s hard to develop the close bond you develop with people at school. Hang in there. I’m sure things will shift again and you’ll get back in touch with people again.

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Busy bee
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I totally hear you! All of my college friends are moving on with their lives. We are still great friends and have an amazing time together, but not very often.

I want to meet more couples who are in the same spot as us so we can hang out with them, but i have no clue where to start. Joining a co-ed sports team seems the best way to do it, but i hate sports…. any suggestions for where to find “dates” with other couples?

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Busy bee
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Yes! It’s so bizarre. I’m 26 now. There’s such a strange dichotomy amongst our friends. On one hand, there are those who still live at home with their parents, and party during the week, and spend recklessly. Then on the other hand are the friends who are buying houses, getting married, having babies.

On top of that, Fiance and I are moving away from our hometown next year. And while we’re not the first to do so, it’s going to be so strange to leave our friends and family. I’m definitely worried about making new friends after the move.

I guess I don’t really have anything interesting to say. Just that I’m glad that I’m not the only one in this weird limbo.

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Bee Keeper
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You’ll adjust don’t worry! It’s hard at first but once you do meet some new people you click with, it’s a great time in your life!

Do you play any sports? Staying involved in sports or community activities can really help to meet people.

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Honey bee
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Try getting involved, join a sport, a volunteer group, a class….. you will meet people there.

Hell, I have made friends with the lady that does my hair and a cashier at the grocery store, we hang out every now and then. I go on dog walks with the neighbors on some nights too. New friends are out there. I work alot, most evenings, but I always make sure to get some social time in there somewhere.

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