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@Cornmuffin09:  That’s so cute!  Where are you going that you get 7% APY?!?! lol

I’m not a waiting bee anymore, but we’ve only been engaged a week and he keeps saying, “MY fiancee” when he’s referring to me.  He’s quite excited to be engaged.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am married but I want to play too.  I realize how amazing he is when I hear what other women put up with!  Honestly, stupid men make me so thankful that I have an amazing husband.

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My Fiance is a fantastic listener and is very attentive. He always knows what I want and need. Unfortunately, I am not a very good listener at times. I am a strong “orator” though ๐Ÿ˜‰

This past week was awful and I had to work about 60 hours/had to be at my job from 7:30am-8:00pm nearly every day hosting events. I was exhausted on Friday and even though he had to work a lot this week too, he brought me a carmel brulee latte and a cinnabon :). It was very sweet (no pun intended), even though I am trying to stick with healthy eating.

 @Cornmuffin09:  Also, like another PP asked, where did you find 7% APY, or did you mean .07%?

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It sounds silly, but when we go out as a couple to a party, he will always offer to make sure that he doesn’t drink more than a beer or two so that if I’d like to have a few drinks with my girlfriends, I can do so without worrying about how I’ll get home. ๐Ÿ™‚

When he’s working a lot and can’t see me every day, he always checks up on me. It doesn’t sound like something you’d normally ask of someone that you’re very intimate with, but he ALWAYS asks me, “How are you?”

When we first started dating, I thought that was really awkward and formal. But now? I love it. He really really does want to know how I’m feeling in that particular moment and he wants me to share it with him, even if he’s busy and can’t be with me.

Whenever we have to make long trips home, he always asks if I’d like us to ride together, and he always offers to drive because he knows I hate it. He drives and will let me sleep in the passenger seat the whole way.

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@MrsFuzzyFace:  I would hve to agree! Seeing other SO’s being shitty or dumb boys makes me so thankful for the amazing man I havE. 

He surprises me with candlelit dinners randomly, he constantly tells me how beautiful and amazing I am, he would do anything for me, he is just the sweetest person I’ve ever known. I especially love when he will randomly grab me and pull me in close to him and kiss me on te forehead it’s so cute. 

Hes just super awesome. I’m soooo lucky

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My Fiance is just the sweetest I could spend an entire year talking about how lucky I am. This last week we were dedicated to surprising eachother as much as we could. I kidnapped him and took him to one of our first date spots and the next day I came home and he had the house lit with candles, Brigitte Bardot playing, a bath drawn and a note on the front door that said welcome to “Maison De L’amour.” I never thought I could love someone this much.

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@Cornmuffin09:  Forgive me if I question you further, but I find it really hard to believe it is a full 7% APY. The highest I have found lately is 1.05% for a standard checking account with a minimum balance of $25,000. CDs don’t even have 7%! I need to find your bank and open an account immediately, which bank is it?


Sorry, don’t mean to thread jack.

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@Cornmuffin09:  Oh it is capped at $2000. That makes sense, my bank offers a “super saver” account incentive that is very similar to that at around 6.5%. It makes sense now. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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He went to see the twilight movie with me. LOL. 

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I took a shower and SO washed my dirty dishes on his own accord. We don’t live together and they were all my dishes- score!!

On Saturday I was stressed out and frustrated about waiting so SO drew me a bubble bath to relax. I love bubble baths!

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While I was recovering in hospital after surgery.  SO spoon feed me and even though most of the food ended up on my face.  He wiped my face and carried on.

I had the cannula (introveinous drip needle) in my writing hand and it was difficult to move it.

When I came home SO spent time making concotions of blended food for me to eat.  I’m not allowed to have soilds. 

Also the fact he has been running me around to doctors and specialists which is in the city and we are a good few hours away.  He doesn’t complain though at times I know he doesn’t want to go but he does it for me. 

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