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I heard an interesting theory today from a radio dj in my area, so who knows what it’s worth. He said that the 777 has a flaw with the casing around antennas of some sort (I can’t remember exactly which part or the details) but that if this cracked and the cabin lost pressure, if people were unable to get their oxygen masks on quickly enough then everyone on board would become incapacitated. Left untreated with the crack in the hull they would eventually freeze to death. however, the plane itself is high tech enough that if it was flying on auto pilot, it could continue on for hours until it evenutally ran out of fuel. This would explain why no one radioed in (if the pilots and crew became incapacitated) or triggered any warning of problems. If it happened quickly enough and everyone was knocked out they couldn’t sound the alarm.

This theory to me sounds plausible, except for the change in course (I hadn’t heard that detail when I heard this theory), and the fact that there’s been no wreckage or sign of it. I wasn’t aware of the depths of the oceans it was passing over, but if the PP who mentioned ocean depths is correct, it seems there should be something left to tell the tale.

And the reason it’s captivated so much attention isn’t because of the worth of the people on board, it’s that it’s missing. No one knows where it is. It’s the mystery of it that has peoples attention. Not only is it potentially tragic, but it’s so curious. Nothing to do with the salary of those on board.

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When I read a news article the other day, they (German press) deemed terrorism very unlikely. Other than the already mentioned theories, they also mentioned suicide by crew or passengers (and that it should be checked whether anyone increased their life insurance prior to the flight), and also the likelihood of the plane having been shot down. They mentioned an incident in 1988 when an Iranian flight got shot down from the US Navy. To me, with all of today’s possibilities when it comes to technology and the NSA even knowing when our chancellor is picking her nose and being able to intercept Merkel’s cell phone, I think it’s more likely that someone powerful would not want the info to be found than a huge boeing just vanishing completely. (Not saying it was shot by the US Army, just mentioning the example and basically any government with skilled technologies could probably prolongate finding helpful info. Iran Air Flight 655 was an Iran Air civilian passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai that was shot down by the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes on 3 July 1988. The attack took place in Iranian airspace, over Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, and on the flight’s usual flight path. The aircraft, an Airbus A300 B2-203, was destroyed by SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles fired from the Vincennes. All 290 on board, including 66 children and 16 crew, died.<sup id=”cite_ref-1″ class=”reference”>[1]</sup> This attack ranks ninth among the deadliest disasters in aviation history  


Oh and the article also said that the water was really shallow, so it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find the plane if it crashed there (Gulf of Malaysia or whatever it’s called).

And that it’s not that weird to not have sent out an SOS because first priority is on getting the plane to work again and taking care of your passengers, so it’s apparently not only a matter of taking a second to push a button.

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Payless:  I think its crazy that we’re on day 6…and still nothing.  This morning on the radio they were talking about how consipiracy theorists are starting to come out with that they think happened…and how everyone is hoping for news so much that they think people will be more likely to listen than had the plane been found.  Then they were talking about how some family members were calling their missing loved ones, and their phones would ring.  THAT would FREAK ME OUT. Regardless of what happened, its so sad and I hope they find the plane and get the family members some peace of mind.  My prayers are with them 🙁

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I just got a notice on my phone that they are widening the search area to include the Indian Ocean. The search area is now the approximate size of Portugal.

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With more reported movement  towards the Indian Ocean and Indian airspace I am more inclined to believe that the Indian military shot the plane down. The tensions between Pakistan and India never seem to fully resolve, and a nation that feels it is under the constant threat of attack does not hesitate to defend its airspace. If an unresponsive, unidentified, unexpected passenger jet appeared over US airspace, I have little doubt that the US military would shoot it down. (I also believe that the US military, and not the passengers, brought down UA93 in Shanksville, since you can’t really expect that a band of complete strangers would coordinate themselves to take control of a hijacked plane when historically hijackers did not kill the hostages, can you? But that is a story for another day.)

I am not saying that such action is right or wrong, only that it is completely foreseeable. I would imagine it will be a long time before anyone knows for sure. And that still won’t explain why the plane was so far off course.

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I can’t believe that its been nearly a week and still no answers. No one knows anything and it seems that endless possibilities just keep popping up. I hope these families receive answers soon. It’s heartbreaking just to watch, can’t even imagine what they are going through.

Everything is just so odd about this story…the transponder going off, the last words recorded was “All right, goodnight”. Granted it was a red eye flight, its just suspicious. The more and more this story goes on, the more I think it didn’t go down as an accident/mechanical failure (if it went down). 


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SoonToBeMrsD921:  at the time of the last transmission they were switching from one airspace to another. We have not been told what the transmissions were before that. For all we know the pilot was saying goodnight to the airtraffic controller of the airspace he was just leaving. Nothing suspicious about that. 

It is being reported here that sensors have picked up siesmic readings on the ocean floor that would be inline with an aircraft going down. The area where it was recorded is not on a fault line. 

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I have no idea what happened but this story adds to my anxiety of flying by 1 million percent!!! I dont ever want to get on a plane again after hearing this! I really hope they find some answers soon because this is beyond freaky…

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After reading numerous articles and watching various news reports I am inclined to think that this was not an act or terorism. 

I believe this aircraft encountered a catastrophic event that led to the demise of the plane and its occupants. 

As j_jane mentioned, there have been reports of seismic activity on the sea bed in an area that is not knows for siesmic activity. This event occured at almost the exact time the aircraft vanished from radars. 

Reports say the scale of the readings indicate the plunge to be catastrophic. 

If this is indeed due to this aircraft plunging into the sea, it would have had to have gone down in one piece. No debris have been located at this site as yet. This in inclusive of a plane being shot down-unless it is being covered up and there are infact debris that we are not being informed of at this time.

What else can cause a plane to nose dive into the sea? The engines could have stalled and caused the plane to enter a nose dive, however reports suggest the rolls royce engines to be working after the plane dissapeared from radars.

Pilot error? This is quite possible and had happened before.

We may never know what happened, but i hope for the sake of all those involved something is found soon. 


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MrsNewDay:  I know we are not the only ones thinking of this more now after hearing this story!!!!! The max flight I will ever do is 5 hours nothing more or I will have a anxiety attack. The next time I fly is going to be super instersting..I feel sorry for my DH! Good luck on your flight take a gravol to relax or have a drink (just dont do both) 

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sweetchiquita12:  I know, right! I have to fly cross-country tomorrow and am more on edge than usual about it.

I really hope they get some kind of good lead soon. 🙁

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It is very much a conspiracy…

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SomedayHisBride:  The thing that is still bugging me (after further reading this afternoon) is the images that were accidently released of ‘debris’ in the water. Now apparently they sent planes to investigate and nothing was found. It was later said these images were not supposed to be released. 

Having looked at these images, there is clearly something in the water, yet nothing was seen at the sight by military aircraft. That sounds fishy to me. 

They have also said that that the aircraft was about to fly through airspace that did not allow signals to be transponded. Could this be why the transponders were swiched off? 

I readt lso that Malaysia military personel identified an unidentified aircraft in its airspace. Did they shoot it down. Were this the debris that was found. Did the military then order the images to be retracted? Its all very odd. 

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SO and I watch way too much X-Files, Doctor Who, and Star Trek because our first instinct made us both think, “aliens or time travelers,” duh.<br /><br />Still totally plausible and would explain attempts to cover it up. My SO read up on the skill sets of some of the passengers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some situation similar to Star Trek IV.


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