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Sugar bee
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Here’s all of my information!

How many weeks/estimated due date: I’m about 7 weeks, 4 days along, due approximately July 14.

Baby #: This is our first.  This wasn’t planned but as the days go by we seem to get more and more excited!

Recent/upcoming appointments: My first appointment is next Thursday so we’ll get all of the preliminary stuff out of the way and get our first ultrasound.  

How you’re feeling: I’ve been okay.  Mainly I’ve been extremely tired and haven’t really had an appetite but no real nausea.

Who you’ve told so far: Our immediate families know but we’re waiting to see how things are going before we announce it to everyone else. 

Any advice/words of wisdom: I have none so far since this is the first time I’ve done this and I’m not that far along yet but I’ll add some if I have some!

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Helper bee
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@Ree723: I hope you are right about the 2nd half of the 1st trimester flying by! It IS going so slooooowwwww….lol I think after we start telling more people it will go faster!

How many weeks/estimated due date: I’m 6 1/2 weeks, and due August 3rd!

Baby #: This is our first! We have been talking about having kids since before we got married and we are still in shock that I’m actually pregnant AND going to have a family!

Recent/upcoming appointments: December 12th (tomorrow!) is our first appointment. I’m pretty excited but I’m not even sure what all they will be doing.

How you’re feeling: I’m feeling worse this week, the morning sickness has really been kicking in, no vomiting just nasuea all day long.

Who you’ve told so far: A close friend I work with, and our other close friends we hangout with all he time. We are planning to tell our close family on Christmas and other people at 12 weeks.

Any advice/words of wisdom: None so far…

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Honey bee
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How many weeks/estimated due date: I’m a little over 5 weeks, EDD August 10th

Baby #: A long wanted, long tried for #1. Praying this one sticks!

Recent/upcoming appointments: Waiting impatiently for my insurance card to come in…hoping to make an appointment tomorrow for (fingers crossed) before Christmas. I’m hoping that the recent miscarriage + at least 1, maybe 2 chemical pregnancies + over a year trying will be enough to get them to see me before Christmas. 

How you’re feeling: Tired and moody, mostly. My patience is sapped. I could sleep all day. My boobs are sore most of the day, and my face is breaking out like crazy. No vomiting yet, but I’ve definitely done some dry-heaving. This sense of smell is ridic. Oh, and cramps. The cramps terrify me. They come out of nowhere and stop quickly, but I always immediately go to the bathroom expecting to see blood. 

Who you’ve told so far: My mom the morning I tested. She apparently already knew. My BFF SIL (and by extension her boyfriend). That’s about it. We’re planning on telling DH’s family on Christmas.

Any advice/words of wisdom: I definitely don’t feel qualified to give advice or wisdom yet! But I guess that it’s okay to totally zonk out and nap during the day. 

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Buzzing bee
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How many weeks/estimated due date:  I’m very early in my pregnancy…4 weeks, 2 days.  Our due date is August 17th.

Baby #:  This is our first child together, so we are super duper excited.  We’d been TTC for about 6 months.  We also have my daughter from a previous relationship.

Recent/upcoming appointments:  I’ve had two blood tests done to confirm the pregnancy.  My initial appointment is on Jan. 16th, but I get to go in 2 weeks before that for an ultrasound!

How you’re feeling:  I’ve been feeling pretty good overall – just really tired/lack of energy.      I’ve been dreaming alot, as well…I keep waking up at the end of my dreams throughout the night, but then can never remember them when I wake up for real in the morning.  I’ve also noticed that I’ve had to pee a lot more often the past couple days.

Who you’ve told so far:  The only people that know so far are me, my husband, and my daughter.  I also told a close friend at work that’s also TTC.  We plan to tell our immediate families on Christmas, and then spread the word to everyone else once we’re through the first trimester.

Any advice/words of wisdom:  Not yet!

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Helper bee
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@Ree723: That’s such a relief to hear! I’m looking forward to the time going by faster! I know we are going to be really busy these next couple weeks with non baby stuff so I’m sure they will fly by! I will for sure keep you ladies updated with my appointment 🙂

Oh and try to stay positive about your NT scan!

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Busy bee
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So excited about this board! I don’t know my exact due date yet, but I go to the doctor on FRIDAY!!!!!!!! So excited!!!! I will repost with my info after I’m back from the doctor.

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Honey bee
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@Ree723: Thanks! I’ll try upping my water intake…I’m up peeing every hour anyway. 

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Busy bee
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How many weeks/estimated due date: I’m 5 weeks 6 days-estimated Dirty Delete is 8/8

Baby #: This is our first. We’ve been married for 4 months and have wanted kids as long as we’ve been together. 

Recent/upcoming appointments: December 19th is my first appointment with my new Ob/Gyn. Our first ultrasound is 1/10/12. 

How you’re feeling: Tired, nauseaous, irritable, crampy…but still so excited to be pregnant!! 

Who you’ve told so far: My best friend who has a daughter and recently had a miscarriage. I knew she would be great support for me if something happened. We’re planning to tell my mom on Christmas but will wait until 12 weeks to tell the rest of the family and our friends. 

Any advice/words of wisdom: Drink lots of water and keep snacks by the bed so you can munch when you first wake up. 

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Buzzing bee
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Wow, congrats to all the BFPS. I remember so many people from the pre-BFP boards so it is wonderful to see so many graduates. As for me:

How many weeks/estimated due date:  I’m 13 weeks and 4 days, due the 14th of June! Our due date keeps shifting, but this is the current one. While I know technically June 14th is still spring, it is more likely that the baby will arrive ii the summer so I’m gonna stay here. Pplus everyone on the Sring Babies thread is much further ahead than me.

Baby #:  This is our first. We couldn’t believe how quickly it happened!

Recent/upcoming appointments:  I have had 3 u/s, the last one being my NT scan whic I had last week. I got the results today and the chances of Downs are 1 in 10000 which doc said was a great result so we are really happy and excited.  My next app is on Dec 21st.

How you’re feeling:  I feel pretty good. I’m mostly just fatigued and still have a lot of food aversions but otherwise I’m good.

Who you’ve told so far:  We have told quite a few people. We are now pretty much going public with it as of today, and I’m really excited to finally be out of hiding.

Any advice/words of wisdom:  No serious advice, except I can’t believe how lazy I am being about my exercise. I have done maybe 10 mins of prenatal yoga, that is it. I would say it is best not to do as I do haha.

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Buzzing bee
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@plantains:  That’s exciting that you’re “out of hiding” now.  I can’t wait til I’m far along enough to be able to say the same!!

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Bumble bee
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Just thought I’d repost my info here, too!

Date of BFP: 12/6/11. I am 6 weeks today!

Estimated Due Date: 8/8/2012

Previous children? No, this will be our first!

First doctor’s appointment: Jan. 6, 2012. I’m so upset my particular Dr. Office WILL NOT see you before 8 weeks. Then I had to push the apt. back another two days so that Mr. Panda could make it. I’m sooo nervous, feel like all the other summer moms who are telling their family this Xmas at least got their first apt. in beforehand. Cruel, cruel doctors 🙁

How are you feeling? Tired, nauseous, sore breasts, hungry ALL THE TIME.

Gut feeling: boy or girl? I’m starting to feel like it’s a boy now, no idea why, but I’ll be happy with either one!

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Helper bee
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How many weeks/estimated due date: I’m almost 10 weeks, estimated due date is July 16th (our wedding anniversary!).

Baby #: #1

Recent/upcoming appointments: December 22nd for my 3rd visit.  Then January 6th for NT.

How you’re feeling: Tired, emotional and nauseaus..  I seriously cry at commercials, my husband thinks it’s hilarious..

Who you’ve told so far: Besides the hubby, my best friend who is due in June, one co-worker who is due in June and 2 other co workers.  We are telling our families over the holidays.

Any advice/words of wisdom: It’s hard not to, but try not to stress.  Oh and drink lots of water and make sure to have tons of snacks. 

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