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Noooooo I did not. I bought my dress just like I do any other important outfit. I pranced around in it and debated! I was like "hmmm il ike it…do i love it?’ and the longer i wore it the more i realized a) it looked awesome on be b) my waist looked so skinny c) it was affordable d) not anyone else’s dress that i’ve seen (no pick ups, slimmer fit, not huge ballgown, etc)

I sent my mom a pic and she was like ‘omg buy it now. it looks better on you than anything else you’re going to pick out’. So i just bought it! And walked out the door with it, too! hahaha. You do have to wait on it i think if you can. If you don’t really like something, even if it’s a t-shirt or a necklace, you don’t buy it, right???

Did you at least get some styles narrowed down? The first couple of stores I went to I tried on different styles. Then i was able to look online at details that i liked. Once you eliminate what doesn’t look good on your body, the potential dress selection drops a lot and makes it much easier

Just keep shopping, just keep shopping….=] 

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@Lovespearls – I had the same kind of experience this weekend.  Went to 4 bridal salons, tried on 30 dresses.  Found one yesterday that I really, really liked that I think will be "the one."

Actually, I felt that way about one of the first dresses I tried on.  I really thought it was "the one," but after I compared it to some other dresses I tried on later, I realized it was not as great as I originally thought.  Funny, I had ex-boyfriends like that, too. 

@ejs4y8, I think you’re right.  Just keep shopping, just keep shopping.

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I first went to a shop purely for entertainment with one of my bridesmaids.  We both knew we were going to "play" and I wasn’t really looking to buy, just to find the style I liked.  I tried on several and at her insistence I tried on one I would never have picked out.  I liked it and received several compliments from the staff and other customers, but it was missing something.  A few weeks later, I went with my mom to another bridal salon.  I told the consultant what I liked, and she pulled several dresses.  I tried the first one on, even though I told her before I even had it on that it wasn’t the one.  The second dress was amazing!  I knew when I saw it that I liked it, but when I put it on, I knew it was the one.  I started tearing up and my mom couldn’t stop smiling.  I went ahead and tried on a few more, but I kept coming back to the second dress.  I put it on a second time and wore it around for 30 minutes; nothing else compared.  I ordered it that day and have my second fitting next Saturday.  I’m happy to say that I still love it and cannot wait to wear it!  I was skeptical of the reports of just knowing when you put your dress on, but I definitely had one of those moments.

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  I went out looking at dresses once and I tried on a couple and I really liked one’s train and the neckline of another but nothing really jumped up and screamed "the one"   But in the weeks after that I just could not get the train of one of the dresses out of my mind. It was all I could think of really. So after dreaming of it and being terrified it would be out of stock i went back and bought it.

The one thing I would caution-a dress can look amazing in person but photograph uber shiney!!  Many bridal boutiques won’t let you take pictures but it is sooo important.  Maybe ask if they will let you take a pic of just a part of the fabric or take a pic and then give it back to them–that way you will know how the material will look.

 On the other hand I went to an antique shop and fell in love with a dress I saw, I texted a pic to a friend and she said "buy it…right now"  So I did (it was cheap which is probably why I gave into the impulse.)  When I wear it my grin is sooo big!  To me that’s "the one feeling" a big stupid grin I cannot wipe off my face!  I think there is a dress that can create that smile for every bride.  (hopefully the price tag doesn’t turn the smile upside down tho)

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Sugar bee

Even as much as I loved my dress, I never had the instant "OMG, this is The One!" feeling.  I tried on probably 30 dresses and there were a few that I liked but I never got the immediate feeling.  I shopped with my sister and she was the one that noticed that I liked the dress.  She said something like "this is the first time I’ve seen you smile!"  when I had it on.  I had to see it a couple more times until I realize that it was the dress for me.  I showed the photo of me in the dress to a few friends and even brought my mom back in to look at it.  I saw the dress 2 more times before I made my decision.

I think the other gals are right, just keep shopping and looking.  Keep an open mind–I know I would have walked right away from my dress.  It was very different than what I thought I wanted, but all the dresses I loved in photos/magazines/online didn’t look right on me.

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I don’t think most people have a "the one" feeling about the dress. 😉 And it’s okay! Doesn’t mean it’s not perfect. I am having a "the three" feeling about mine!

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I’m in the same boat as you, but I’ve probably tried on around 100 dresses, and I’m not exaggerating. LOL. I found one that I really like, but I didn’t put it on and say OMG this is the dress that I want. I can’t wait until I do finally find "The One." Maybe it’ll only take another 100 more.

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Don’t rush! You don’t want to get something that isn’t absolutely as stunning as you are!

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I probably visited 10 stores and tried 5-10 dresses in each store (50-100 dresses???  crazy, huh?).  I liked a lot of dresses that I tried on – they looked nice – but I was only REALLY excited about two.  One of them didn’t look so good in pictures, and I absolutely loved the other.  I had to sleep on it though.  I went back the following day and tried it on again, and when I saw it again I knew that was the right one for me – because I felt so excited about it!  So take your time, I think it’s good to take time to think about it and give yourself some time to get excited about it.

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I think it’s OK not to have that "the one" moment.  I am a little chubbier than I want to be, and very big busted (great for future hubby, bad for clothes shopping).  I pretty much have to brace myself emotionally every time I go shopping.  I went to David’s and tried on 10 or so dresses, felt like a total monster because nothing fit my body right at ALL.  One dress would have been okay if the details were in a different color, so I asked for something in that color, and there was some dress that had been discontinued so I hadn’t seen it online, the only size left was my size, in a women’s cut.  It fit like a glove, but I was so jaded that I didn’t like it at first.  It looked amazing but I kept getting hung up on "It’s not what I expected to want".  My bridesmaid who was with me knew the minute I put it on that it was the one.  Well after wearing it for 20 minutes or so, I declared "this isn’t what I expected, but neither was my fiance!", wore it for another 30 minutes, called my mom, and bought the dress.  Bonus… it was on clearance for $350.  My dress budget was $1500.  Which meant, with the savings I could afford to splurge and hire my DREAM photographer!!  Also remember, a talented seamstress can change small details, add beading, add lace, remove straps, etc.

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I found the dress right away. I just told the sales associate "no poofy" because that’s my personal style. I appreciate poofy dresses however.

The sales associate said that she would take care of me. Listen to these women and men: they know their stuff! They do this all day, every day for a living! They can look at your body and tell you better than you know!

At least that’s what happened to me. I never thought I would have picked the dress I did. My mother was shocked because it had so many embellishments! But I am sooo happy. I get to start fittings in two weeks.

Bizarrely, my perfect dress that has no rival is from Alfred Angelo. I live in Beverly Hills and went to fancy bridal stores just to compare, I still like my dress better! Go figure. At least I saved a little money there because these stupid details like table tents and stupid wedding crap seem to add up…

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I went through four dresses, and as soon as I walked out in the fourth one and saw it, I knew.  I couldn’t stop looking at it!  I was really surprised because I’m not that in to clothes or the dress or anything, but I loved it so much that I named it, lol!  I think you will know when you see it.

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Once I was engaged, I obviously started researching all the different and beautiful gowns. Fiance said he imagined me in something that shows my figure. I fell in love with pictures on Badgley Mischkas website, and thought I wanted something that was more mermaid and drop waist etc. 

So I walked into my private apt. at the bridal atelier … with who else, my fiance!!! I made him come. So for 3 1/2 hours I tried on each style wedding dress there was. I tried on everything, every brand, every style, every price point. I was like uh … I don’t like wedding dresses, cannot walk in them … too long, omg I hate this … than I found my dress!

As I stepped out onto the stage, I knew it was the one. Incidentally, so did the fiance. I felt so comfortable, so free, I could move, I could twirl, I could walk, and it felt so right. 

Of course, I took back my mom and dad, my mom knew right away it was my perfect dress. The stucture was perfect. 

I loved the structure, but there were certain details I didn’t like, and I took two different dresses and ideas from the designer to creat a one of a kind hand made dress for me based on what I want.

I am so excited. After one visit, trying on a million dresses, going back a few times to work on the details, I have my dream dress. 

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I tried on dresses in 3 different shops.  I thought the first dress I tried on in the first store was the one.  This changed after trying on dresses in store #2 when I thought i found an even more perfect dress.  Finally, after trying on my first dress in store #3, I had that ‘moment.’  I knew it was the dress when I tried on another one-it just didn’t feel right. 

How I knew it was the dress: 1) I am not the smiley girly girl type but my Maid/Matron of Honor kept telling me I had the silliest grin the entire time I had the dress on; 2) My Maid/Matron of Honor got teary eyed; and 3) I wanted to try the dress on a second time.

Really though, I’m sure not everyone will have the out of body experience that so many other brides have had  in shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’  I was pretty sure I was never going to have that moment because I’m an unemotional robot, but for some reason it was there when I tried on my dress.

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