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I never say how we met because it is just too strange. I can tell you that it was a blind date and we were both pleasantly surprised when we met each other that fateful night. Every thing happens for a reason because my husband was far away in another province and he was transferred out here for work. He was very romantic and chivalrous.

I knew my husband was the one when he was supposed to help me move and there was a heavy snowfall. I told him he didn’t have to come out in that weather but he insisted. It was so kind of him and I knew I found a man who cared deeply for me. 

We had some hard times and breakups but we always found our way back to each other. One particular memory stands out in my mind. We were broken up and I had some of my husband’s books. He called my cell phone twince while I was on a date, using the books as an excuse to contact me and arrange a time to exchange them. Finally, he called and said he didn’t care about the books. “I only wanted to hear your voice.” 

When I told him that I was out with someone else, he said “Tell me where you are and I’ll pick you up. I will also tell your date that you’re mine.” I thought that was a very ballsy thing to say, even though I wasn’t going to be nasty to my date and have the man I truly loved to come get me. 

My husband has been my greatest friend and ally. He is very protective of me and treats me like a princess. We are blessed to have found each other. 

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I met Darling Husband when my family visited his church for the first time towards the end of my senior year. We were both seeing other people at that time, but I remember meeting him like it was yesterday. I thought he was cute. All through the summer whenever we would be paired together for church events (like a fun fair for the kids or vacation bible school, it happened a lot!) I remember getting so excited that we would be working together. When we started dating he said he felt the same way. Well 5 days before Christmas I broke up with my high school boyfriend. A couple weeks after that, while I was in the cafeteria at college, I got a message from him on Facebook. I’m pretty sure it was a simple “what’s up”. So romantic right? Well we talked for a couple hours where he told me that he was thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend. He told me that he wanted to start a serious relationship with someone headed towards marriage and he couldn’t see himself marrying her at all. I think my heart skipped a beat. I was excited for some reason. Wel, we continued to talk on Facebook a lot. We shared a lot about our lives, hopes, dreams, etc. About a week after that first FB message he told me he and this other girl broke up. And I was super excited then. But I didn’t know why. We had both never expressed any feelings for each other. I mean I knew I liked him, but I also knew he didn’t break up with her for me. Well, a few weeks after that he asked me out. Our first date was February 13, 2009.

I guess you could say I had a hunch about him from the moment I met him, but I was trying to spread those feelings because I was dating someone else when we met. But really after our first date, I knew. I know that sounds creamy, but it’s true. We even talked about houses and what we each liked in houses on our first date.

Why I felt that way? I was attracted to his smile at first. He’s almost always smiling and I love that. He has a great sense of humor, and he does everything he can in his power to make me feel loved and taken care of. I feel safe around him.

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DBF and I met in high school, but unlike most of those sorts of stories, we weren’t one of those couples who shared almost all of each other’s classes. In fact, we only had one mutual class in high school, and it lasted a semester. Not just that, but since I was a senior and he was a sophomore, and since we weren’t in a tight-knit group like band, we didn’t even know of each other.

During the time we were in that class together, we didn’t talk that much. He had a good friend there, and even though he was very affectionate, he seemed to be dating a new girl each month. On the other hand, I was trying to tolerate having one last class with my middle school crush wo never liked me in return. But around January (this class was a first semester class), DBF started to develop a bit of a crush on me, and he commented on nearly all of my angsty Facebook statuses (I honestly found that annoying at the time)…

By our spring break at the end of March, we started chatting on Facebook every day. Despite how quiet he was in real life, DBF always initiated. Combined with the fact that our conversations would last at least two hours each and everyone else in high school would only talk to me for about a maximum of two hours, I knew DBF was special. In my case, the way we got along so naturally helped me to “know”…I don’t click with many people at all IRL.

Anyway, by mid-April, I had admitted that I had feelings for him. He was in a really weak relationship at the time in which he saw his girlfriend about once a day at school, but he felt the same way to the point of wanting to try long distance once I moved to a different part of my state for university. Once they broke up, I asked him if he wanted to go to my senior prom; he accepted my invitation, and we officially started dating the Tuesday before the dance.

Almost exactly two and a half years later, we are still happily together. I won’t say our relationship is perfect because I don’t believe that any relationship can reach that point, but we pay close attention to one another, we are honest with one another, and we’re happier than we’ve ever been prior to this point. ๐Ÿ˜€

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I also met Fiance through a friend, he added me on Myspace and MSN messenger, and we talked for a while before meeting in person. We were just friends for a very long time, he even introduced me to my second boyfriend. One day he suggested we become ‘friends with benefits’, though not full blown intercourse, we were both virgins and wanted to keep our virginity for long term relationships. In early January 2009 he, the friend who introduced us, and another friend came down to the apartment on the Gold Coast where I was holidaying with my family and they spent the night. Those 3 were on mattresses on the floor, while I was on the couch. Fiance happened to be on the mattress closest to me, and looking down at him while he was sleeping, as creepy as that sounds, something clicked and I just knew. I asked him out/to be my boyfriend shortly after I got back from my holiday and we have been together ever since! We will have been together for 6 years and engaged for 3 years in January!

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cbgmtx:  This is a cute thread ๐Ÿ™‚

I was on a 6 month dating hiatus when I met my SO. He tagged along with a friend to my best friends birthday outing (fast forward a few years, friend and my sister are dating and co-habitating). We sat across from each other and he was totally hilarious and was about everyone having fun and making my best friend feel special on her bday. We went off to a bar afterwards and he bought all my girlfriends shots and drinks. After that evening I kept asking my friends about him and it took another month to add him on facebook. I was holding strong to my hiatus so I looked into his profile and we began chatting just friendly stuff. He had just purchased a house so we were talking about his projects. Hiatus ended mid-July and we hung out two weekends in a row with large groups of friends, we had our first date July 29th 2010. 

I’d say I had pretty strong feelings this relationship was different from the start. About 4 months in I was complaining that my toilet seat was broken and that I’d have to get a new one. My boyfriend was saying that he’d look at it and I told him not to bother it was broken, 2 minutes later he came back and told me it was fixed (there was only a screw loose but I wouldn’t know that lol, I’m better now I promise…). Right then it hit me, I could see myself with this man for a long time. Fast forward to New Year’s that year, that’s when it hit me that he was “The One”. He made it feel special and I could see myself bringing in every new year with him. He realized he loved me about 8 days later at my best friends wedding, he told me later that it was something about the way I looked at him that night- it hit him like a ton of bricks. Took us another month to say it to eachother ๐Ÿ™‚

I knew he was the one because he put me first and always asked my opinion. He never leaves me guessing on how he feels. He thinks about me often and is always considerate (at the gas station buying candy he always grabs a little something for me too). He respects his family and respects mine too, would always make an effort to speak with my family before we left on a date or outing. He always tells me if he has something going on over the weekend so he woudn’t be able to hang out. He never double books himself (my biggest pet peeve), meaning when we have a date or plans he never schedules me for 5 and his buds for 8 meaning if I wanted to hang out later he would have to cancel on his buds. He always gave me his full attention in the initial dating process and even now he makes an effort.

(I recommend this to all my girlfriends, tell him early on what’s important to you. Causes much less heartache later on) I told him when we first got together the holidays that were important to me are birthdays/Valentines day/Anniversarys (6month then yearly)/Christmas and after that there was no guessing for him and he appreciated knowing without having to guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

He’s incredible and he makes life exciting, can’t wait to be officially engaged ๐Ÿ˜‰

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