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I don’t think I’ve ever really had a “bad” boyfriend to compare all the good ones to. They’ve all been generally good people. My reasons for breaking up have usually been, “Two good people that just grew apart and weren’t meant to be.” I think I’m pretty lucky in that regard =) and very happy with my FH!!!! =) If he gets away, I think he would be the “one that got away.”

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No I definitely don’t have one that got away, but I think I *AM* one that got away, lmao. My ex and I were together for 6 years and he could NOT get his ‘ish together. He was mean, not motivated, abusive and a liar. Even years later he has tried to text or email me to tell me he regrets everything. Good riddance!! lol

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I definetely do not have a “one that got away” – all of the people I was with before Fiancee Eagle were effing losers.  I’m so glad that I found her. 

I guess maybe I am someone’s “one who got away” – but I’ve never had an ex contact me to say that or anything. 

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I am someone’s one. I do have occasional thoughts of “what if it had worked out with so and so” (not the same person I “got away” from) but it’s nothing more than curiosity.

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I have one. We met, and it was magical– all those fireworks you expect πŸ™‚ Turned out that our timing was off. I was available, he wasn’t. Then when he was available, I wasn’t. 

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I have one. It was very complicated, I was with a guy who was ill (cystic fibrosis) who treated me like shit (seriously, worst boyfriend ever), but I stuck around because I felt bad for leaving someone with an illness. I met “the one who got away” when my boyfriend dumped me for the 5000 time (oh but he didn’t mean it) but we couldn’t be together due to my guilt over my sick on/off boyfriend. We snuck around for awhile until he got tired of my crap and was done with me. I still think of him occasionally and hope he is well.

I also happen to know that I am “the one who got away” for two other guys I dated. That makes me sad.


To be honest now that i’m older, I realize everything happens for a reason and if all this wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have met my Fiance and have the fabulous relationship I have now.

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I have one, I broke up with him because I was young and I freaked out when I thought he was going to propose. Then a few months later I realized that the reason I freaked out was because I wanted him to, but he had a new girlfriend by then and never gave me another chance once when they broke up (even though I had still been waiting around for two years)

It all works out for the best now, I know that the way my life went with SO is more amazing than it could have gone without him 

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i did have one that got away! but…i got him back and going to marry him this time Laughing

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kind of, but I only started missing him years after I broke up with him so I totally forgot why I had done it in the first place. I think I only missed him because I was lonely.

I ended up visiting the city where he lives, so I spent a day with him and his wife. it was so boring to hang out with him that it reminded me of my original reasons for breaking up. it totally broke the spell!

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I have one, took me 6 years to get over him.  He was my “one”, soulmate, everything.  But our timing seriously sucked, and I moved away for a job, he was a real mess and ended up marrying his HS girlfriend out of obligation, which didn’t last.  He went into a spiral decline, and I was glad it didn’t work out as I;d have gone down with him.  Letting him go was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I am so incredibly glad it worked out that way.  I’ve learned that for me, that spark and connection, wouldn’t have made it work, or made it last, he was intent on destroying himself.  The man I am marrying is a much better person, and my best friend in so many ways, and I am so grateful that he’s in my life and we have the chance at a future together.

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I kind of have one… he was one of my best friends in high school, we dated once but broke up over stupid reasons (we were young) but stayed friends, hooked up a few times in college when I was home… When we would get drunk we would confess our love for eachother (usually at opposite times, the timing was never right), the next day under sober light we wouldn’t talk about what was said, we both were really afraid to screw up the amazing friendship we had…  After a couple years of never being on the same page we kind of gave up.  I moved on and moved far away and I grew up a lot… Being away from all of our high school friends and away from my family kind of forced me to…

Then I met Fiance, who is absolutely perfect for me and we are on the same page…  While my friend is still hanging out with the same people doing the same shit, partying most weekends… He is most definitely not ready to settle down!  I do wonder if we had actually dated again if things would have worked out, but then I look at where he is now in his life and where I am and we are just completely different people now and I think we are both really happy with where we both are.

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I have this guy I’ve crushed on since college. It would never work b/w us but he has a ton of admirable qualities and he’s good in bed. I never knew a crush could last this long….it’s been like 11 years! And I still consider it a crush even though we dated for quite a while.

I do sometimes wonder what being in a relationship with him would be like especially since he’s evolving into such a great person. But I think it’s more wishful thinking that anything. We talked about it in the past but we were in different places in life, then he moved away for his job.

I may be the one who got away from him, especially since he still reaches out and he’s single, I’m the one in a relationship. When we last talked he did say he passed up a good girl (or girls) in his past. Not sure if he was referring to me. But he’d never hit on me while I’m in a relationship, he’s a gentleman.

Nto sure how to shake this crush. I know it wouldn’t work. Thank God my SO is so amazing.

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