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I never found a pill that worked for me, but I’ve been pretty happy with a hormonal IUD. The hormone dose is much lower and I found much more tolerable. Have you considered that or maybe the copper IUD? 

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gaia3465 :  yep! The hormonal lasts for 5 years and copper for 10. Its effectiveness rate is really high because there’s no human error on your part (no remembering to take a pill at the same time) and if you want to have kids you can get it out. The hormone dose is much lower than the pill because it’s localized so you don’t need nearly as much for it to be effective.  I would talk to your gyno about it to see if it’s a good match for your needs. 


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You should look into IUD’s or some form of semi-permanent birth control. Mirana is another popular option. Or depending on your age and how confident you are that you don’t want children maybe it’d be worth considering getting your tubes tied. 

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If you don’t want to be on hormones you should consider the non-hormonal IUD. It last for 10 years.

The copper ions, basically make the uterus a toxic place for eggs and sperm. 

The copper iud can also be used an emergency contraception if it’s placed within 5 days of the…sperm exposture(?). 

I had one for a little over a year. It worked, I didn’t get pregnanet, but I did get heavy periods with it and decided to return to the mini pill. 

If you want to try it, getting it placed is a bit of an ordeal, but getting it removed is so quick and painless. 

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I’d second the idea of an IUD. I had a Mirena coil for 5 years and it was great. It was quite painful getting it put in, but it was worth it for years of peace of mind. 

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I’ve never responsed well to hormonal contraception and I don’t want to go near the copper IUD as my periods are already very heavy and long. We just use condoms (and have done for years) – they are honestly fine and at least the man mess is more contained… 

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Use condoms in the meantime. Pulling out is not reliable.

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Iud all the way! Copper if you don’t get bad periods (no hormones at all), hormonal if you do (the hormones are much lower dose). More effective than getting your tubes tied, stays for years and years without work.

Or your partner could get a vasectomy (on this new handmaiden workd where we pretend women sre

sinners and the only one who engage in sex, men should step up and do birth control)

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I have a Mirena IUD which is good for 5 years. I rarely get periods and when I do they last for like 2 days and are light. Otherwise I’ve had no side effects other than some spotting during the first 2 months. Painful omg to get done but no regrets. There is also the Nexplanon arm implant that is extremely effective. It has hormones as well.

fourth year medical student here: the estrogen component is really what increases your risk of clots/strokes. There is no estrogen component to the above options I’ve talked about, only progesterone. I have a history of migraines with aura so I’m never allowed to take estrogen containing birth control (most pills, patch, ring). But the others are fine.

would not recommend the copper IUD unless you want 1/4 of your life bleeding heavily. Although it can work for some people.

disclaimer: still only a student (one year left!) so take my advice with a grain of salt and discuss with your doc

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I loved the copper IUD when I had it.  Moreso than any hormonal birth control.

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I have a mirena and it is great.  I was on the pill for 16 years.  I had some headaches monthly because of it.  I don’t have any headaches on mirena.  I do have 2 kids but I got a mirena so I wouldn’t have periods anymore.  I only spot a couple days every month or two.  And I don’t have to worry about it, it’s fantastic!  There is no estrogen in mirena and the other hormone is localized (not like the pill where it goes through your whole system). 

Mine didn’t hurt much more than a normal pap to have done but I’ve given birth 2x.  Anyway, any brief pain (it’s over fast) would be worth it for the 5 years it is effective.  I did cramp the first 2-3 weeks after and spotted for about 4-6 weeks but then all that stopped.

I used to have heavy periods (why I was put on birth control in the first place) so I had no interest in the copper IUD.  I love the mirena

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~30% of men have semen in their pre-ejaculate. Pulling out is not a reliable form of birth control. 

An IUD is an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t want children. Or the arm implant.

At least use a condom ffs.

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I had a copper IUD and had really bad side effects from it. It is marketed as non-hormonal, but it emits copper and that in turn will raise your estrogen throwing your entire hormonal balance off. There is a well-known link between excess copper and estrogen dominance. Not saying you will get it, but a lot of women do. Just a word of caution. 

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