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I don’t have the Kyleena, but I have had the Mirena IUD for almost 2 years now. I love it, and recommend it to everyone! I was also a little wary of switching since I’d been on the Nuvaring for years & was very satisfied with it, but I liked the extremely high effectiveness of the IUD so I eventually decided to make the transition. I won’t lie, the insertion was quite painful, and a had a lot of spotting for a couple weeks/months while my body got used to it. But now my periods have stopped entirely and I LOVE not having to think about it at all, ever. It’s just wonderful.

I will say that from what I’ve heard, the slightly smaller size of the Kyleena doesn’t really make any difference for insertion at all & the pharmaceutical companies are just trying to make more money as their patents start expiring for the slightly older models, like the Mirena.

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I was fine on birth control pills, but the convenience of an IUD drew me in. I had two Mirenas before TTC. Like PP said, insertion was pretty bad – I suggest having someone drive you and then go lay down for a few hours. I had no issues and loved the convenience. I did spot for a month and then I hardly had a period after that. Once I was ready to TTC, I got pregnant rather quickly too.

One big benefit for me was that I was really moody and weepy on the pill. My mood evened out with Mirena. 

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I have a Mirena and I absolutely love it.  I’m on my second one because I loved the first one so much.  I love how convenient it is.  It’s been incredibly affective.  And I barely get a period.  It’s so light and short that it’s perfect to know I’m not pregnant but I can get away with a thin panty liner.  Yes, there was some pain (more like a pinch and pressure) with insertion and cramping for about 24 hours after.  But that seems small to me compared to 5 years of protection.  It also probably helps that the midwife I saw does a LOT of insertions and removals so I felt like she was a pro and made the pain as a little as possible.

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ecampbell :  I had the multiload iud for almost 4 years. It’s a copper one that is also smaller than usual. Insertion and removal are incredibly sore but quick. I had regular periods throughout.

I highly recommend it. I’ll likely get another one when my baby is born. 

Had a positive pregnancy test only 3 weeks after removal as well. 🙂 and I’m 14 weeks along now. 

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I’ve switched to the Kyleena after having serious issues with a different IUD. Thus far, I don’t notice any issues that I had with the other IUD. It’s still early so my periods are still regulating. However, nothing really to complain about so far for me. I like the convenience of an IUD and not having to do anything with it. Five years is a good timeframe for my husband and I in terms of when we may want to start a family. The insertion was like my previous one though a bit more painful only due to having had a LEEP a month before. I definitely have less bleeding on the Kyleena and virtually no cramping. Length is still pretty long but I think that’s normal since I’m in the early months.

I think only you can weigh whether it’s worth switching to. Just know that with any IUD, they advise six months to one year for things to regulate. So, don’t be worried if your periods or spotting is a bit weird the first six months.

Best wishes.

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I have had Skyla (smaller than Mirena, lasts 3 years) for 1.5 years and I absolutely love it. I’ve told everyone in my life to get one LOL. I was always so afraid of IUD’s and the thought of having something”in me” gave me anxiety. I was basically forced to get an IUD because I started to get migraines with aura while on the BCP and my OBGYN told me that its not safe to be on estrogen if you get migraines with aura due to the increased stroke risk. The IUD was the only non estrogen option that I was remotely interested in. The insertion wasn’t fun but it would never stop me from getting another one. The internet horror stories about feeling like you’re dying are very dramatic IMO. Honestly I’ve had no bad side effects from my IUD. The only thing I can say is that I can tell that my acne is a little less regulated than it was on the BCP as I break out more around my cycle like I used to pre-BCP. My periods are super light and minimal cramping. I don’t have any irregular spotting. I was cramping for 3 days after insertion and then have been totally fine. It took me 6 months to get a period after getting off the BCP and I’m honestly so happy I got off it now instead of when i’m TTC because of how long it took me. I feel like the IUD is overall more healthy for me as the hormones are only in your uterus and a very very very minimal amount actually enter your system as opposed to the BCP where it’s all in your system. Just my humble opinion. 

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I’ve had my mirena for two years now and I absolutely love it! I was on the pill for a long time like you, and also like you I found that I had a pretty low sex drive. My mirena definitely changed that lol, but not to like a crazy amount, just what I would consider a normal amount, which is nice 🙂 I still get the same light periods like I had from the pill, but my mirena made my periods considerably shorter, like three days, which is AWESOME. As pps have said, insertion did suck pretty bad, I actually passed out, however that was my fault for not eating first and taking a painkiller as they suggested. Give the iud a try! I highly reccomend it! Just dont be a rebel like me and not eat or follow instructions beforehand lol 

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