(Closed) The Pill… what's your experience with it? Bad/good? Worth it?

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  • poll: How do/do you feel about hormonal contraceptives?
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    Low dose–no probs 🙂

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    I’ve been on two or three different pills since I was 17. I’m 25 now. No major problems. One cleaned my skin right up, but it was a high dose and a bit expensive. So we moved to a lower dose. Pill hasn’t killed my sex drive completely, as my partner can barely keep up with me on most days. 

    On the plus side my periods are completely managable now and I can skip when I need too. Woo! 

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    I was blissfully ignorant the first time I was on bc and it WAS nice to have my period come like clockwork.  But then my husband and I were married and decided to stop the pill and ttc.  My cycles went away completely for 17 months.  The only reason that I had ANY cycles during that time was because of provera or prometrium to bring on AF. I found out my hormones were COMPLETELY out of whack and I know it was the bc that pushed them over the edge.  I was diagnosed with PCOS and struggled to lose weight and get my body functioning again.  Since then I’ve have 2 miscarriages and have found out that I have MTHFR mutations which is a blood clotting issue.  BC and MTHFR don’t mix well and I don’t want to take any chances.  

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    I’ve been on jazmin (low hormonal dose) for about 10 years now. They cleaned my skin of acne, my hair got less greasy and reduced my PMS symptoms a lot. Only problem is they have caused spots on my skin over time but they are minor and I deal with them. Tried to leave them once and the above problems returned. However, I know that a warning has been issued recently regarding this pill causing a higher risk of blood clots so you should check with your doctor first In case there’s history of that in your family. 

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    I have to be on hormonal contraception due to endo, and will be right up until I hit the menopause/have a hysterectomy (whichever is first). I personally love it; I have always hated condoms, and have only ever used them when single, or in the early stages of a new relationship (first few months). I hate the feel of them (they massively reduce sensation), and I also hate the way it interrupts sex.

    I’ve tried a few different methods:

    the combined pill microgynon, which was tough for the first 6 months (I experienced bad mood swings as well as weight gain (it inreased my appetitie and I could have controlled it, but I choose not to as I was TINY (US size 0) before I went on it and liked the extra few pounds!)). The pill shortened and lightened my periods massively too, which was great, but I came off it initially because I had cervical erosion (common, harmless condition, but it was irritating and necessitated bi-annual colposcopies and biopsies), then, I went back on it after the Mirena and Depo Provera shot didn’t work out, but came off it the second time as I wanted something that completely stopped my periods, as by this time I’d been diagnosed with endo;

    the Mirena IUS: absolutely great in terms of hormonal side effects (all I experienced was some weight loss, and a few spots on my back and shoulders for about 4 weeks), but I had severe cramps from week 6 on which gradually worsened, and I had it removed after 6 months on my doctors recommendation. Stopped my periods completely which was great;

    the depo provera injection: hated this; I was on it for 10 months and put on a stone despite dieting, had severe mood swings as well as depression and anxiety; suffered with fatigue; had zero sex drive; had vaginal dryness; it did however stop my periods completely, which was the only positive;

    the mini-pill Cerazette: this is what I am currently on, and have been for the past 2.5 years. I love it; teh side effects I experienced were two weeks of VERY heavy bleeding inc passing clots, and 4 weeks of severe depression; after that, I have had no issues at all, and have been period-free the whole time I’ve been on it.

    Everyone is different: what works for one person won’t for another, and if you do choose to go on hormonal contraception, I cannot stress enough how you MUST be prepared to stick with it for a minimum of 3 months, and ideally, 6 months; side effects are VERY common with any method in the first few months, and can take up to 6 months to settle; but after this, you should have few-no side effects, and also see some benefits.

    Most methods have certain common side effects. so look these up. Also be aware that the higher the dose, the more likely and more severe side effects are likely to be; in my case, the number and severity of side effects exactly corresponded with the dose of hormone; the Mirena had by far the fewest, then the mini-pill, then the combined pill, and then the injection was the worst. Some methods like the injection are notorious for side effects; I would only try the injection as a last resort.

    Otherwise, it can be a case of trial and error; but IMO far too many women give up far too quickly, never knowing if a method actually suits them or not.

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    I gained a ton of weight after using birthcontrol. We use condoms for protection now.

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    I have had absolutely no problems with the pill, as long as you remember to take it every night you’re fine 🙂

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    I just don’t believe in gaining weight because of birth control – water retention is a different thing though. But a pill won’t make you gain weight BUT it can increase your appetite (and in my case, the first time I gained weight on pill was simply because I was just letting myself go – people are usually more active when they’re single!).

    I’m on Yasminelle and I think it’s really good – I have tried a couple of others and, well, one of them turned me very aggressive and at the same time I cried about almost everything. And I didn’t like Cerazette because then you can’t know when you will have your “period” – it might be never but it could also happen at the worst moment possible. And, when you’re on a normal combination pill, at least you have your “period” once a month (if you wish) and that is a way to know that you’re not pregrant. Basically that’s the biggest reason why I haven’t wanted to use any birth control that stops your periods.

    I haven’t had any problems with the pill – and in all these 6 years I’ve been on it, I haven’t ever forgotten to take it, it has just become a habit (and if you’re worried, have a reminder on your phone). However, if there was another, hormone free, easy way to prevent pregnancy so effectively, I would switch. I’m not worried about being on the pill longterm as they’ve been around for over 50 years and they used to be a lot stronger. They would already know the risks and in my opinion they’re minimal when you still need birth control; pregnancy and possibly abortion are worse for your body. Also, if having a baby just isn’t an option, I wouldn’t trust condoms at all – they do break. And sometimes you might not even realize that it has “leaked”. And then, even if you did, the morning after pill is really bad for your body compared to normal COCs.

    You just have to try which pill works the best for you.

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    Low dose progesterone only.  It almost killed me because I developed a blood clot from my calf into my pelvis.

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    I’ve been on Loestrin 24 for 5 years and I can’t say I’ve had any side effects besides decreased libido. I was put on it because I was having wild mood swings and cramps that made me want to just stay in the fetal position for days. I really like the shorter, lighter periods and I (and everyone around me too) enjoy not being a raging bitch.

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    I was on Seasonique first and hated it. Spotted for 6-8 weeks every single pack. Then I switched to a normal pill and it was triggering my migraines very badly. Then after many discussions with my OBGYN, I got Mirena and I love it. I’ve had it for almost a year and I haven’t had my period since January. I get cramps every once in awhile, but I have not had any issues with it.

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    I’ve been on the pill for….13 years with no issues. The first month I felt like crap but after that it was fine.

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    @nneala:  I used to agree with you; until I went on the injection. With the pill, I gained about 12 pounds in 6 months, but it was because I was eating even more than usual. With the injection, I literally piled weight on out of nowhere (a stone in 10 months); I was following a diet, on which I usually lose at least 1-2 pounds a week, and was GAINING weight. Within a few weeks of coming off it, I’d lost allt he weight I’d gained, yet was eating more than I was eating while on it. So, it isn’t always down to an increased appetite or water retention (the weight gain with the injection was not water retention; I had that with the pill and know the difference).

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