(Closed) The Shut it Up Pact 2/26-3/11

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Helper bee

Hehehehe thank you, sorry for being pest. But shutting it up has been the hardest thing ever!! ** going back to sipping tea and waiting quietly **

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Helper bee

Oh, I also have had to shut it up about waiting in front of others 1) because it is hard to deal with any negative reactions like eyerolls or little comments and 2) now that I know he has been saving and he said he wants to get married this year I want it to be a surprise to everyone ( especially to the coworker who kept throwing me shade- I know, I know ,  that’s a little bitchyof me but I can’t help it. Part of waiting has been so painful for me until I got to a better place and when people lack compassion about it I know they are NOT my friends).


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Helper bee


@veryberry13:  Thats cool. I know it’s a lot To keep up with. Being part of the SIUP makes it more fun! 

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Blushing bee
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@veryberry13:  can you add me to the pact please? I’m having such a hard time keeping quiet! OH and I have chosen a ring, a tentative wedding date and have thrown a lot of ideas around together. He has given a timeline to propose before October, I’m now talking to everyone (and I mean everyone) and feel like I’m ruining the surprise and the anticipation… 

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@veryberry13:  hey berry! you don’t need to tag me in future pacts anymore as I’m engaged now!

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I’m so in! I’ve been shutting it up successfully for 18 days now, a new record for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m using this app called Habit Streak Plan (I have an Android) that lets you check in every day and keeps track of your progress/shows your streak. It’s nice to have an accountability boost! It also lets you set a daily reminder to check in. Here’s to two more weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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@veryberry13:  I know I am not really in the pact or very active as of late, but thanks for continuing to include me.  It is much appreciated *hugs*

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Helper bee

Thank you SO MUCH, ladies, for all the support over the last couple of weeks. It’s been harder that usual lately, and being able to express this waiting anguish to you is so helpful.

Many of you told me that I need to take a step back and start focusing on myself more. Just like Mr. Bee’s plan. I think you’re right. With all the engagements that have happened lately, I’ve been focusing too much on whether or not my SO has any plans. I don’t want to be consumed by this waiting. So, here I go. Gonna make a fresh start and take care of myself! Thanks for all of your support!

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@PenguinLove:  Congrats! Lovely ring! 

@Evanstobe:  Welcome to the pact! I also use an app to keep track of my days. Mine is called Lift (not sure what phone platforms it supports). 

@Manxy:  Welcome! Sounds exciting! Hopefully the SIUP will help you keep the element of suprise. 

@bluefrog33:  I am with you about inacting the SIUP in front of others, after an embarassing incident when I told a colleague that I thought I would get married in the spring. Meaning LAST SPRING — so clearly that didn’t happen! 

@veryberry13:  Thanks for the new pact! 

@bellenola:  I think that’s a good idea to take some of the stress off!


I’m on day 10 today. I’m traveling for work all this week and next week, so it’s going to be pretty easy to SIU. I might have another talk with SO in mid to late March. He may have some job news by then!

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Hey ladies!!

Ive been good about shutting up lately, not sure what say I’m currently on. Lately HE has been the one to bring it up! He’s told me twice in the last week that he’s joked around with coworkers etc that he needs to put a ring on it “before I realize I’m out of his league.” lol Also Our anniversary is march 8th and he wants to take me away for the weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s a big surprise and he talked to my mom and told me not to go upstairs…hmmmm. He’s also been going to work early to work on surprise stuff..

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@veryberry13:  I am in again, starting today at day 1. I was up to 99 days, but had a tequila weekend…

@bluefrog33:  Sorry you have to deal with that. People sometimes suck. I have the sometimes opposite problem where they are instigating, but I have no answers. Of my work lunch crew, one coworker is engaged, another is waiting (he has the ring and she knows that he will propose when she visits him in March), and then another woman who just loves weddings. I am trying to shut it up around them too. 

@Manxy:  Welcome to the pact! Sounds like you are in need of some quite time IRL! Good thing you don’t have to be quite in here!

@Evanstobe:  I also use an app- it’s to help you quit smoking. Do you like the daily reminders? I think that would be too much for me.

@bellenola:  I am glad that you are going to take some time for yourself! Just don’t do anything crazy (during my waiting crazy last May, I cut off 10 inches of my hair. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my SO. I think I subconsciously wanted to have to wait for my hair to grow back before I could get married, and not tell myself that I was waiting for my  SO. What a control freak I am!)

@inamorata:  Welcome back- are you starting at day 1 with me?

@Olympia:  Day 10 of another long haul. You inspire me to have goal dates. 

@S_loves_C:  Those all sound like very good signs! Have fun next weekend on your trip! What color are you doing your nails (if any)?


Well Ladies, I broke my pact on accident. I was at 99 days, but got drunk with my Future Sister-In-Law who is also waiting, and took it upon myself to let her SO know that he could pull the trigger anytime now. (He claims that he has to wait for us to get engaged, since my SO is the older brother. I let him know that if he isn’t ready to get married, than he doesn’t have to get engaged… BUT the line that he is waiting for his older brother is crap. 

My SO always makes comments about kids and stuff, so since I broke the pact already I took advantage to say that we need to work on other thing first (stole that line from another Bee). And then last night I got busted for looking at dresses. Oh well. I start again. 

In personal news, I took my new rescue dog to get spayed. She is a shaking and whiney mess. Makes my heart sad. On the flip side, since I brought her home from the vet she is acting like she NEEDS to be touching me at all times, which is pretty cute. 

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