(Closed) The steps to take once you get a BFP?

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I’m probably not much help since I just got my BFP last week.

I went to my doctor’s office and they confirmed the pregnancy with a urine sample. Then I had some blood work done, with another blood work to be done 1 week later. My doctor is going to compare the blood work to check my HCG levels to see if they are rising normally.  Once she confirms that she is going to refer me to an OBgyn. I also have my 1st ultrasound booked in advance for when I am 8 weeks.

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I called my regular GYN office, and am just going through them. I don’t go in until 8 weeks, but I have went to their website, which has information on what happens at different appointments and what they offer for their OB patients. They should be willing to answer any questions that you have about what will happen at appointments and whta tests are needed. Usually drs work out of a specific hospital, but not sure how it is in CA. Your OBGYN will be treating you as far as the pregnancy goes, your primary dr you’ll still be able to go to.

As for recalls, you can check consumer reports (I’m not sure if they have that in CA either), or the manufacturers websites to see if there are recalls and what the requirements are.

I’m only about 5W, so I’m not too far in, but I hope that helps!

ETA: I did not have everything that @Lyndzo has. I did not get any confirmation from my Dr, and won’t until 8W. No test by them and I may not even get an ultrasound then either. It depends on the pregnancy and office.

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@ScottishMrs:  I have no advice since I haven’t gotten my BFP, either.  But can I just say I got super excited for a moment when I thought that you starting this thread meant you had gotten a BFP!?  lol.  I’m a dork.

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Sounds like things are different in canada. Here you already have an obgyn and when you get BFP you call and make an appointment. They confirm you pregnancy and get you on prenatal vitamins. You have an ultrasound by 12 weeks and confirm the due date if they couldn’t do this based on your period. From there they schedule regular check ups, ultrasounds, blood work for gd test. As far as safety in cribs etc bif name stores stay on top of those kind of things. And even devote a wall and website to recalled items. You can also check consumer reports.

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First off I would just like to say that I delivered at the Ottawa Queensway Carleton and loved it  The delivery room is fantastic. 

The first thing that you want to do when you get a BFP is to get an OB and make a doctors appointment.  You just want to make sure that everything is going okay and everything is normal and an ETA on baby.

I don’t know if your doctor will actually deliver your baby and do all the necessary check ups but he can definiately can refer you to an OB.  What you can do is do some research on OB and you can ask your doctor to refer you to a specific one.

I had a doctor and my sister had a midwife and I can honesly say that my sister loved her midwife.  My sister felt like she was able to ask her any question and found that she was very helpful. Her midwife even asked her at every appointment how my pregnancy was going (our due dates were 3 weeks apart).  I felt that my doctor was in a rush to get me out of the exam room to take care of her waiting room full of patients.  I found that she wasn’t willing to answer all the questions that I have.  But that was just my experience and you are best to do research.  There are many reviews and information that you can get on the internet these days.

I have no experiences with home birth, I don’t know anyone who has had one so I can’t really help you there.  But I am pretty sure you can find information that you are looking for on the internet.

You don’t normally get to choose what hospital you deliver at.  OB’s usually stick to 1 hospital so that is the hospital the you will have to deliver at.  I don’t know if it is the same for a midwife.

My blood type is A+ and I know that I didn’t have alot of blood work done.  I think I only had it done twice.

Every crib that you buy in stores safe to use in Canada.  They all come with an expiration date on it.  After about 2 day you get out of a hosiptal a nurse will come to your home to see how you are adjusting.  She will go over things like you don’t want anything in the crib with the baby (like blackets, toys, bumbers, etc) and she will also make sure that you are ajusting well and you can ask her anything you might have questions on and she will also give you alot of information on everything. 

EDIT: It is not just cribs it is all baby stuff, swings, jumpers, everything you can think of.  If you buy it in the store then it is approved.  If you by used then you will just need to ask the seller what the expiration date is.  If you by new and you register it then I am pretty sure that they will inform you by either mail or email that there has been a recall. 

Now I would just like to further recommend that if you live closer to the base then go to Ottawa.  I had a really bad experience with the Doctor in town and that is why I opted to go 2 hours away.

Keep in mind that for the first few months of your pregnancy you go to the OB once a month, then around 7 months you go every 2 weeks and then the last month you go every week.  And then there is the bloodwork (twice) Ultrasound (twice – if you are not having multiple or you don’t have anything medically wrong like diabetes) Which aren’t normally same time.

There is so much to think about.  Try not to get to worked out about it now.  Take things one step at a time.  All I would recommend you doing right now is researching doctors and midwife.  That way when you are pregnant you can get reffered and make an appointment.  other than that every other question you have will all be answered.  It sounds like alot now but you will see that you are just sweating the small things.  πŸ™‚

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As soon as I got my BFP, I called my regular OBGYN to set up an appointment.  The earliest they will see me is 10 weeks.

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I don’t know much about the way things are done in Canada, but to answer your question about positive and negative blood types:

Standard protocol is checking blood type at beginning of pregnancy.  If you are positive- great, no need for anything further.  If you are negative, the concern is that your body’s immune system can attack the baby’s blood if it is Rh positive.  This is more of a concern with subsequent pregnancies.  Rhogam is given at 28 weeks, and anytime there is potential blood-mixing (bleeding, delivery).  If the father’s blood type is also negative, this is not a concern, but many OBs will still be cautious because some people either lie or are wrong about the father.

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@ScottishMrs:  I’m in nebraska and as soon as I got my bfp I called my ob who booked me an apptdoor that Friday (I called on Tuesday) I’m not sure what he will be doing at the appt tomorrow. I’m only going to be 4wks 4days along. I’m happy that he will see me this early because it is our first baby and I’m away from family.

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