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I work in a hospital too, not long, but i have quickly come to learn how cruel families can be. For example, families who take care of their parents/grandparents and neglect to understand how to properly care for them, so they come in with severe bed sores. its not just children, its the older generation too. its abuse and its sickening. 

some people should just not be parents in this case. i pray they get what they deserve for their abuse. poor little boy 🙁

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@Doodle411:  I’m really sorry you had to deal with that situation. That is so sad and disgusting. I could imagine feeling the same way in your position… losing faith in humanity.

This is nowhere near as serious, but about a year ago someone I was “friends” with on Facebook posted a Youtube video he found of 2 small children fighting. They were about 7 years old and in the middle of the street in my hometown. One of their mother’s was encouraging them to punch eachother in the face. The video started with a kid in his bedroom, saying the neighborhood he was in and the names of the kids fighting and how awesome it was going to be. He then walked out of his house to film the fight.

I was very disturbed by this so I forwarded it to the department of child services. A few days later I was contacted by a detective who thanked me and told me that they got a lot of information from the video- so much so that they identified the kids and transfered the case to a counselor.

That made me feel good and proud of myself- and I know a ton of people who would have done the same thing in the same situation.

So yeah, there are tons of completely dispicable people in this world, but you can’t dwell on it. YOU are a good person- as are all those people you work with. Even though this little boy didn’t make it, at least he had a chance with you guys! Keep your head up 🙂

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One of the few downsides of being an atheist is that I don’t get to believe that people like this burn for all of eternity. :/

A good friend of mine was sexually abused at a very young age (it’s her first real memory) and it was so hard to feel so helpless watching a friend deal with that. I just wish there was more I could do. Brother Ali has a great song about it from the perspective of a romantic partner actually, it’s called Babygirl.

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Double Post

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@Doodle411:  It is hard, I can’t imagine dealing with it as often as you and other medical bees do. The good news is that she is a very happy, healthy person now! She’s doing really well thanks in part to people like you.

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@Doodle411:  Working in a hospital (specifically ER) has made me very cynical, and I was just a clerk!

I have personal experience with child abuse. I was sexually molested from the ages of 4-9 by a relative of mine, and it has impacted my life tremendously. I have nightmares (still) about it, but they are less frequent than they used to be. I believe (but don’t know for sure) that it may be the root of possible infertility somehow. I have social/general anxiety and depression. I suffered with EDs and cutting for 8 years- my self esteem is null. So each time I see a child in the ER that has been sexually molested, or there is a possibility of it, my heart breaks. I want to reach out and hug them, and let them know it’ll be alright, but I don’t want to lie to them- sometimes, it isn’t ever going to be alright.

People anger me so much sometimes, and it’s infuriating that nothing can be done about it in most cases.

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@Doodle411:  I am a survivor of child abuse…various kinds. As an adult I can’t fathom how people can be truly mean to a child, unless they are mentally ill. Reasonable people aren’t mean to kids. Mental illness doesn’t make it ok, I’m just saying that’s the only way I can see how someone can actually do it.


Personally, it caused me to trust no one without a battery of “tests” until I learned how to trust them. It fuled a lot of anger in me…I hated myself for a really long time. Not feeling good about myself, low self-esteem and lots of physical stress like tense muscles, clenched jaw. And don’t forget insomnia!  It will always be with me but it doesn’t have to make me.

I see stories on the news, TV, Internet and it really does make me sad. Since I can’t control the people who were mean to them, I just promise myself that whatever child I come in contact with, I am the kindest, most protective person to them that I can be…even if it’s a minute. I just really strive for that.


No one did it for me, so that’s why I strive to be different. When you realize a cycle you have two choices…stop it or continue. As a kid I said I would be different. I’m not perfect but I can assure you I am different!!






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I don’t think I could work in the medical field without a strong faith life. 

It is very difficult to see such ugliness in people every day. And, with the judicial system being so messud up, it’s easier to understand why some parents take off with their kids! If I thought my kids were in danger and the police weren’t doing anything, I’d do it in a second.

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I hate our judicial system…

@Doodle411:  THIS!!!!  I hate how our system puts more time and effort into copyright infringement than child protective services.  It’s just sickening.  So sad to hear about this little boy, but at least he isn’t suffering anymore.

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One of my close relatives had her less than 2 year old baby killed by her boyfriend. She went to school and left her baby with him because she trusted him and when he called to say the baby “fell” she rushed home, took baby to the hospital (against his wishes) and they found abuse by boyfriend. They had baby on life support for a few days then he died. It was awful, at the trial the truth came out, baby was slammed against the wall, dropped and something heavy slammed on his head because he was crying. Luckily that fucker is in jail and sentenced to serve 20+ years and he better pray he never gets out because her immediate family will hunt him down like the dog he is.

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@Coral99:  You are inspiring!  I love our outlook and commend you on the progress you’ve made and for being a thriving survivor!!!

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