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Honey bee

i actually don;t know much about diamond quality, but it sounds like a good analogy would be to say that Advil (200 mg ibuprofen) works better for headaches than a no name brand that also has 200mg ibuprofen – which is crazy of course. the chemical make up is the same, but Advil costs more.

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Helper bee

Aside from the diamond, Tiffany also uses the same casting houses as most other brands.  They don’t even make their own rings.  It would be very easy to find the setting and have a jeweler order it and set it with the same quality diamond for much less.

Having said that, I did own a Tiffany platinum diamond band.  I sold it because it was too tight and couldn’t be sized.   I bought the same exact band– different brand, different metal, from another store and it’s not the same.  ๐Ÿ™   The pictures look the same but the quality difference is noticeable to me.  So I think it depends on what you are buying.

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Helper bee
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@shelleymer: this was EXACTLY me about 6 months ago. I had always had my heart set on it because I’m always of the belief that if you want a pair of black heals to last forever you go to the person that made them famous and spend the extra….same with purses etc and then I only have one really good thing instead of 5 so-so things that may fall apart, have bad service etc.

My fiance was also pretty insistant on this but I wanted to make sure we weren’t spending an “insane markup” like I had read on the bee.  We went on almost every online website and compared apples to apples. And went to a few other chain jewlers to get prices.  While you could get a smiliar quality diamond for cheaper (stone alone) its the other things you need to make sure are apples to apples. Most jewlers put it in a gold or white gold setting—Tiffany is platinum so you need to add that cost to any other diamond. Tiffany will resize for life and polish for free, fix for free etc. So there’s a cost there.

When we did apples to apples at other jewlers (1+ct solitaire in platinum I,VSI) the other jewlers ranged from $9500-$12,000 and Tiffany was right in that range. So we figured that it was marked up sligtly but not something crazy like 20% or 50%. It had nothing to do with the “blue box” or being able to say it was from Tiffany’s its just the confidence that knowing where ever we move I can trust the jewler I got it from, they will be in the general area, and that I know for life my ring wll be fixed or taken care of anything that happens.

I hope this helps! I know some pople still think it’s crazy we got it from there but I think you just have to decide what means more to you confidence in the jewler and service or the .2 or .3 difference in size.

Good luck with your decision! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Buzzing bee
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@shelleymer: You asked people to share their “Tiffany experiences in general.”  I shared what my experience was.  I personally did end up with a bigger stone in equal quality to what I could have afforded at Tiffany’s.  I also personally do not like platinum and would have preferred white gold.  My negative customer service experience there turned me off.

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Busy Beekeeper

@shelleymer: Wow, ummmm excuse me for answering you I guess? I wasn’t making a dig at anyone who chooses Tiffany whatsoever. I was saying, in my experience, if someone is attached to the idea of owning a Tiffany engagement ring, generally they don’t want a substitute. It’s no different than saying “I want a Prada bag because I like Prada, I don’t want a $75 Prada knock-off.” If that doesn’t apply to you, great. For many people it does. I don’t think anyone has said anything out of line.

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Bumble bee
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We looked into Tiffany engagement rings, I was surprised that for the size stone that I wanted, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. I always thought I wanted one, but then it was like “so do many other girls!”

I went with a one off, designer ring in the end from a local jeweller. But if you know you want one, then I don’t think he should make you settle for 2nd best, especially if it is a reasonable request. Perhaps send him email links to the less pricey rings, like me he might be surprised on the actual price of them.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I just want to install their lights in my bathroom or something– I love walking down their diamond counters and just watching the sparkle. 

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ITA with the others that diamonds are the same no matter where you buy them if they have the same specs.  Most of the styles are relatively simple and can be easily replicated by a skilled jeweler.

I picked out a setting at Michael C Fina by a high end designer and had the ring made by a family friend.  The price difference just on the setting was about 70% more, and I have higher quality diamonds.

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I’m on team shelleymer.

I’m newly engaged on 11/11!! ๐Ÿ™‚

 Fiance and I went ring shopping together.

I’m in agreement that the supposed “markup” at TIffany’s is definitley *not* as large as others are suggesting here. We also looked online at bluenile, costco, and in person at a local store (shane company)

He ended up choosing a Tiffany’s .75 carat platinum classic solitaire. The equivalent ring (same exact carat, color, clarity, with “excellent” cut) with a platinum setting was just $800 more at Tiffanys than blue nile and shane company. Which to us was not that signifcant. The setting at shane company was not at all comparable to the Tiffany setting. (the prongs were far too large and just looked “off”” . So to me the supposed “markup” was actually worth it to get a significantly better quality setting. I can’t speak to bluenile or costco settings because we couldn’t see them in person. Yes, the difference could have gotten me a slightly larger diamond but to me the size diffence between .75 and .95 carat was barely noticeable.

Also, the salesman/service we recieved at Tiffany’s was excellent. Very professional. Not pushy and not judgemental that we were looking at the lower price end of what they sell.

Hope this helps.



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Sugar bee
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I guess I don’t understand the allure of a Tiffany ring.  I have seen several in person, and they don’t look any different than rings from anywhere else of the same quality.

I agree with the PP’s who say that a diamond of one quality is the same as a diamond of the same quality, no matter where it’s from.  Regardless of how beautiful your ring is, no one is going to ask you where it’s from.

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Blushing bee

if you want tiffany, get it!  i care about other aspects of the diamond but if someone told me it didn’t matter, i would be peeved… it matters to me, just like tiffany matters to you.

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Buzzing bee
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@shelleymer: wow, I don’t see any comments on this thread that are very offensive.  when you start talking about expensive brands, it’s going to evoke some strong opinions.   if you don’t want to hear them, then don’t bring it up.

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