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  • poll: What type(s) of birth control or family planning are you using?

    Hormonal contraceptive pill


    Other hormonal method (patch, depo-provera, mini-pill, etc.)



    Natural family planning


    Nothing, we're leaving it up to fate or trying to get pregnant

    Other method (share!)

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    @mrs spring- thanks for answering that! i was sitting here thinking there was some leaf i could eat that would protectg me from pregnancy lol

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    @ Bellini – LOL!  When I first heard the term I thought it was something only hippies did.  You know “natural” = “crunchy” in my mind, apparently!

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    We use combination of Natural Family Planning/withdrawl/condoms. It works for us and we decided we’re ready for a baby if an accident were to happen. We’re trying NOT to get pregnant, but it would be perfectly fine if it happened.

    I attempted different pills before, but due to some heart issues my doctor would always take me right back off of them. I haven’t tried anything else in about 4 years and I figure I’ll just wait and look into long-term BC options after I have kids.

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    i had serious problems with the mircette generic too! it made me CRAZY! i just switched to nuvaring and i LOVE it.  and dont let them tell you otherwise-generics are NOT exactly identical to the real thing…i noticed that when i was switched generics the bad side effects kicked in. 

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    My tubes are now tied, but before I was on Depo.  I never had any problems with it (was on it about a year), but when X and I wanted to get prego, it took me a year.  I had a problem with my IUD after that and had the doc tie my tubes while she was already in there… 

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    FAM and condoms. Well, and abstinence too. 😛 No IUDs or hormones for this bee! With a family history of mental illness and a personal aversion to anything remotely doctor-related, I’m certain I am MUCH happier in my natural state.

    Am I the only one who finds all these hormonal methods of birth control rather…Orwellian? *shudders*

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    Nuvaring rocks my world! I have been on it for about 6 months and have had nothing but great experiences. I used to get migraines with my period but have not since the ring! It does slip out sometimes during sex but super easy to get back in!

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    @mrs spring- i know right! i’m like “what is this crazo method i’ve never heard of?” it totally sounds woodstock-y.


    this thread make sme think of “the sponge” episode of seinfeld Laughing

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    I have the mirena. It’s the iud with hormones. Now, I don’t know if it was the people that put mine in or what.. but it was horrible and painful. They “measured” my uterus with a giant metal thing before they placed the mirena in. I was convinced they ripped a hole in my uterus and I was dying. They made me sit there for a while because I was dizzy and having hot flashes.. then they let me drive home (haha) and i came home, stripped off my clothes as I walked through the house and passed by the 2 kids and Fiance without being able to even talk to them to explain what was going on, got in bed and had chills and cried for about 24 hours.

    My Fiance was scared to death.. I had just had baby #2 a couple months before this.. mind you, a 9 pound baby! (my first baby was also 9lbs 2oz) so I thought I could handle a little mirena.. no.. way in hell would I do it again. Hurt like having my first child (my 2nd child didn’t hurt at all..).. miserable. Then I was moody and had headaches and everything for a couple months.. bleeding for a few months.. cramping for a few months.. now, a year later, things are smooth sailing. I barely have a period like every other month.. It’s probably a day or 2 of spotting and that is it. But not worth the pain of getting it put in.

    Now I am scared to get it removed! I have heard horror stories about iud removal…

    I wish I had gotten the implanon thing, sooo much easier!


    edited to add another problem I forgot to mention! HE can FEEL it!! The strings that stick out of the cervix poke his.. thing.. and hurt him! he says it’s like a needle prick! I told them and went back in and they trimmed the strings and told me after a month the strings would soften and it wouldn’t bother him.. it’s been a year and he still feels them! He HATES it. But I told him he has to live with it until our next kid because I am not going back on the pill.. and I am hoping after our next kid he will get the big V.


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    @ FiftyFootBride – Hahah!  I love it…birth control snack!!

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    Currently, Fiance and I only use condoms. I threw away the hormonal pills for good about 8 months ago. We both don’t mind using condoms and have not had any scares, so this method seems to be working well for us as a couple and I am a world happier off of the hormonal crap!

    I was on Nuvaring for 3.5 years and for a long time I loved it. I do think that at a certain point it was not good for me and killed my sex drive (last year on it). I switched to Orthotricyclen and that was OK, but not great, still low sex drive, moody, hard to remember to take it so I said enough and stopped all the hormonal BC.

    I am interested in a copper IUD so thanks for posting about them. Your reviews are encouraging me to check them out since we do not plan to have kids for another 5 years or so.

    I also agree with some of the previous posters about hormonal BC. I feel like a healthier person now that I am completely off the hormonal BC. When I was on it I always felt that it was forcing my body to do something that it didn’t naturally do. Hard to explain, but I feel a hundred times better, less moody and better sex drive off the hormones!

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    I am on birth control pills and am starting to hate that is has been 11 years straight.  I am seriously hoping my reduced sex drive is due to it and not anything else.  But I am scared about the IUD.  I feel like I have only heard horror stories about the pain.

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