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  • poll: What was your morning sickness like?

    I never got it! Yay!

    I got it, but could still work through it on my own.

    I got it, but could still work through it with my doctor's help/meds.

    Had to be on the sidelines and call out sick constantly. Ugh!

    I took after my mother's pattern.

    I didn't take after my mother's pattern.

    All the pregnancies had similar patterns of morning sickness.

    Morning sickness was different from pregnancy to pregnancy.

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    It just varies SO much with each person, I don’t think anyone can ever really prepare you. I personally had none. Ok, so kinda just once, about 8pm one night I felt like I was seriously about to hurl but nothing happened. False alarm!

    Some people get sick and physically vomit a dozen times a day, some get none, some get everything in between.

    I don’t think that morning sickness really follows a genetic pattern.

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    I am currently in my 6th month of my pregnancy, and my morning sickness wasn’t too serious. From my 2nd month, I wasn’t able to eat much, as food kinda turns me off. Everytime I try to eat, I feel like puking, but fortunately I actually did not puke. In fact throughout the whole pregnancy I only vomited once, which I was grateful for, because I know of friends who puked everytime they ate.

    Things improved from the 4th month onwards, and I think I am eating more than I should be eating right now. Lol…

    It really differs for different people, so don’t get too affected by the poll results.

    Good luck~



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    My mom said she threw up a lot with both my brother and me. So far (at 11 weeks) I have only puked twice, but I feel nauseaus a good chunk of the time. I would say my experience has been different than my mom’s.

    ETA: I can’t remember the last time I puked pre-pregnancy. I think I’ve had the flu once as an adult and that was 10+ years ago. My mom on the other hand gets the flu almost every year and spends days puking. Maybe there’s something to the idea of m/s more severly effecting people who tend to puke more in the first place.

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    My answer would be between the first and second option. I can’t say I never got anything, but what I did get was so mild that it wasn’t really an issue.

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    I never got it (I had about 2 afternoons total where I felt a little nauseous).  My mom had 4 kids and she never got it.  My maternal grandmother had 5 kids and she never got it.  My sister is on kiddo #3 and she never got it.

    Lucky, I guess!  Mind you, I had to eat constantly in the first trimester b/c I was starving….and if I didn’t eat constantly I felt off.  But I never was sick or nauseous.

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    I am sick all day every day. I feel like I have the worst hangover of my life constantly, but am not vomitting too oftern, it’s more the feeling that I have to.  I have only been feeling like this for a couple of weeks but have not missed work. I pull myself together for work and just rest as much as I can when I’m home.

    My mother was sick with me and starving with my brother. So I do wonder a little if I am having a girl.

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    I haven’t had any MS.

    That being said, my mom was really sick with me, but not with my brother.

    Several women on here have said similar things, so unfortunately it appears that MS is neither genetically influenced nor the same with every preganancy.

    However, if you wanted to do a poll on stretch marks, I believe the ladies on here have pretty much been able to prove that those are genetic, based on their experiencesLaughing

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    my mom had morning sickness throughout the entire 9 months of her pregnancy. I only threw up once in the 1st trimester but had terrible nausea and a metallic taste in my mouth for the 1st tri and parts of the 2nd tri as well.  each pregnancy is different though, so you cant tell how you will feel until you are actually pregnant

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    I usually genetically seem to take after my mom, but on pregnancy, not so much.  My mom had very easy pregnancies.  I however had an insane case of morning sickness, which apparently was also the case for my paternal grandmother and aunt.  I was nauseous 24-7 for the first half of my pregnancy, and even now well into my 3rd trimester I have shorter bouts of nausea pretty much every day.  My doctor prescribed Zofran, which really helped me not to throw up.  It didn’t help so much w/ the 1st trimester nausea though… I still felt awful all the time. 

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    I never felt nauseous but I did throw up once on the first day of my second trimester. I think that was illness though but I wasn’t sure. My mother never had it with either of her pregnancies. 

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    My build is exactly like my mom’s was before she had kids, and I seem to be fairing better than she did. She would actually get sick while I just feel sick. I’ve never actually thrown up b/c of pregnancy yet…just feel very nauseous and tired. So even though we’re very similar, I’m having an easier go at it. 

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