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Busy bee

That question… I dread that question so much… I visited my hometown where all of my friends and family are last summer and talked about wanting to get married to everyone! I knew I was going to bring it up to my SO right when I got back, so I thought we could actually get engaged before Christmas, or something..

*cringe* Right… Imagine how I feel when I have a trip a year later to visit them again, and still nothing! Honestly, I’ll be kind of embarrassed to even show up without any news. I imagined myself revealing the engagement there and everyone being happy for me. But all I will get is this nigthmare of a question again. How do people not understand that I’m the wrong recipient for this question? Ask my boyfriend! He should give you a timeframe..

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I’m kinda mean, since I throw my bf under the bus by saying “I dont know why we aren’t engaged… ask Mr. Niknak!”  We’ve been together for 11 years, so it’s bound to be brought up by people a LOT.

My close friends have known the situation and don’t really bring it up.  If they do, I usually just bring up the latest hints or discussions we’ve had.  After awhile I realize people also don’t want to hear me talking nonstop about it, so I’ve kept my mouth shut.

He just started discussing the ring yesterday and confirming what I want.  He tends to get indecisive with huge decisions, so I’m taking this as a sign that it’s very soon.  I also realized that it’s a different ring than I had imagined.  I’m pleasantly surprised!  But this is him bringing it all up on his own… a lot!

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karrotcakes :  Ugh I’ve definitely given others (and myself) hope that it would happen “this year” or we’d get married “October 2016” and that obviously never happens.  It’s embarassing to me, but I guess it’s my fault for telling my friends/family.  But I didn’t spread lies – we had actually both discussed these timelines but just didn’t stick to them.  I just learned that I shouldn’t share these details with others. :X

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Blushing bee

Please take me off of the list. 

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Helper bee

Sign me up, I s’pose! Might as well see how high on the list I can get, yanno? Sort of a game maybe? LOL.

Congrats to all the newly engaged Bees up there! 

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Add me to the list, please? I’ve been a lurker for a long time – finally cracked today and posted so I might as well make the waiting internet-official. 

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Hi! Could I please be added to the list?

I’m just approaching a year anniversary with my SO (a week from now), although it feels like so much longer than that. We just moved in together last month (officially, we’ve been “unofficially” living together since January, but waited until my lease was up to actually move all my stuff in).

Recently we started talking more concretely about marriage, and he asked me when I’d like to get married. I told him within a couple of years (I’m not in too much of a hurry, I’m only 25 and we’ve only been together a year), and by our second anniversary “I would probably start wondering where the proposal was.” Ultimately we agreed that within the year of our second anniversary would be a good time to get engaged, so next year it is!

Now that we made that decision, I’m getting ahead of myself and am all excited to look into wedding things. It’ll probably be at least a year until I’m off the list, maybe longer, but it could also be much sooner if he decides to just do it instead of waiting (probably depends on when he ends up buying his second house, which  he wants to do before getting engaged/wedding planning), so I’m interested to see what number I’ll be on the list when he does propose!

As for the question… Mostly it’s just my SO’s late father’s friends/relatives who bug us about getting engaged. We just laugh it off, it doesn’t bother us really. I think it doesn’t bother us though because we know we will be getting engaged, and it isn’t a sore subject between us. Plus we don’t get it from a ton of people all the time.

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Helper bee

mimivac :  yes he does! He’s a GREAT bf and always tries to make sure im comfortable. She didn’t talk to us for about a year! She eventually came and apologized for her behavior, but I’m still not to fond of her. As my grandmother says, I feed her from a long handled spoon! 

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Could I be added to the list, please? 2 year anniversary in September. My Boyfriend or Best Friend and I had been playing around with this thing for 7 YEARS before we made it official. Even living together as “best friend roommates” for the last 3.5 years. We were in denial what can I say? But now it’s wonderful and he keeps talking that talk so….. waiting I am. 

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Congrats to the newly engaged Bees!

My SO talked to my parents yesterday and mom hinted it was about me lol so I guess I know what’s coming in the future so please add me to the list.

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Could I pelase be added to the list? 

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Yep, definitely waiting….and waiting…and waiting….


Please add to the list, why not! I feel like I’ll be waiting forever.

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