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Helper bee

I wanna be off the list lol! My bday is Saturday but I’m almost 200% positive it won’t be happening this weekend. Sad face.

Yes, I’ll be taking his last name. Currently I still have my first husband’s last name because it would have been a pain to change it again, just to change it yet again when I knew I would want to be married again at some point, so I left it. So yes, definitely can’t wait to take my SO’s last name. <3

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Helper bee

Been at #13 for awhile… hope to cross my name off the list in the near future! My boyfriend and I have been together over 5 years and are currently under contract on our first house. Yay for no more second story apartment living with two big dogs! We are both super excited! Though, he did say a proposal was coming soon two and a half months ago, so I can’t help but wonder if this big of a financial commitment may push it back just a bit. I’m excited either way.

I’m torn about taking his name as I LOVE mine, and it is my identity (I’d love if he took mine!). He talks about this topic often, and really wants me to change it. All of my being says no to this tradition that started out as sexist (in my opinion). But I would love to share the same last name. I don’t understand why guys give each other crap if they even consider changing their names to their wives. It’s not emasculating…I digress. My current opinion is I will hyphenate if he hyphenates. If not, I will keep my name. 

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Honey bee
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May as well add me to the list! SO ordered my ring, it should be ready in about 5 weeks so I guess that makes me officially waiting! 

I will take his last name. I love the idea of being a “unit” and sharing a name, I look forward to being “The Hislastname’s”. We live in a rural community he grew up in and his family is huge so everyone knows where you fit if you have his last name which is nice because I’m kind of an “outsider” right now haha. 

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Helper bee

I will be hopefully taking my SOs last name, even though I’m conflicted about it. I LOVE my last name, and its still my mom’s name (maiden). But my so’s starts with the same letter and I’d like our kids to have the same last name, so I guess I’ll be changing it

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Buzzing bee
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I’m still debating on the name change. I will most likely take his even though I’m not a fan of it and he said I didn’t have to take it. But then one of us would have different last names than our kids and it would be a huge pain in the future. 

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Bumble bee
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I’m taking his last name. We’re both very traditional and family oriented. I didn’t have much family nearby growing up and his family is pretty big, so I’m excited to have a real family. And this is silly, but a bunch of my friends have alliteration in their names and we joke about how they’re either superheroes or supervillians and mine will fit! (Plus, my real last name is really easy to make fun of and I hate it.)

I’m really hoping for the first Tuesday in August! My (7 years late!) divorce will be final on Friday, if all goes well, and we have an inside joke about Tuesdays being “our day”.

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Helper bee
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I’m taking his last name even though I hate the origins of the tradition because I know I’ll always be a member of my own blood family no matter what labels are assigned to me. It’ll make my SO and I a family unit with a common name and a bit of headache to get some documents and records changed over now saves a lot of headache later when we have a kid or two.

He made it clear that it was extremely important to him and since I’ve been pretty stubborn about far crazier things and he’s agreed to go along with, I agreed to go along with this since I was on the fence about it anyway.

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For a long time, I thought I’d never change my name if I got married – I had it so long, it’s my professional identity, etc. But now I wouldn’t consider not taking his name. Even though it makes my name a tad sing-songy! I’ll keep the maiden name in there as new middle for professional reasons.

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Blushing bee

I will definitely be changing my last name. It was something I always planned on doing regardless, but with a lot of personal family problems on my side and feeling so accepted by his family, I am very excited to take it! 🙂

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Worker bee

I like to be added as well! He promised a proposal by next July so I am trying to wait patiently.

I will be taking his last name. My last name is a really long french name that NOBODY can pronounce and his is the most simple and common name so I’m excited for that drastic change haha 

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Hi!  Could I be added?


I know my SO has been in contact with the creator of my dream ring, and I know he wants to pay off some debt first before he buys it.  So maybe sometime in the next 6 months!!

I do plan on taking his last name.  I’ve finally grown to like my own recently after hating it my whole life… but I don’t have a great relationship with my dad or anyone on that side of the family. I might move it to a middle name, but I can’t wait to have my SO’s last name <3

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Busy bee

Ughhhhh I hate waiting! (To be fair it hasn’t been that long lol and the ring is still being made – but even so..)

i feel very attached to my current name – and not overly enamoured with my SO’s name to jump on board with it right away. Maybe when we have kids I’ll concede, but will always keep my own for work.

we also haven’t discussed it so I’m not sure how feels about it. He’s quite traditional, but also tends to understand that I am not necessarily that traditional!!! 

Unfortunately my name isn’t really good for double-barrelling..

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Add me, please! 🙂

I will definitely be taking his last name. The only thing I am stuck on with the name change is whether I want to keep my middle name or make my maiden name my middle name instead…

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Add me please. I am 6 1/2 years into a wonderful relationship and am long time waiting. He has had the ring for over 2 years and we have even set an unofficial wedding date for our 10 year anniversary i just have to be patient and distract myself with hobbies so i dont start to nag with impatience. 

And i will gladly be taking his last name. 

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DaniGirl03 :  

Congratulations to all the happy newly-engaged bees.

Unfortunately that’s not the case for me. I ended my 4 year relationship a week ago, after many and many long conversations and finding out that he had no plan to propose in near future. So i guess i’m not “waiting” anymore so you can cross me off the list. Thanks.

I love this thread dearly though. Good luck to all of you out there.

(I’m number 67, bluebee1208 – 05/07/2018 (82)

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