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  • poll: Who are you spending thanksgiving with? (even if your country doesn't have thanksgiving THIS week)

    With the boyfriend

    With his family (immediate)

    With his family (extended)

    With my family (immediate)

    With my family (extended)

    With (his/my/our/family) friends

    With co-workers

    Other (Explain in comments)

    I don't celebrate thansgiving/ I'm not celebrating it this year

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    I’d love to be added to the list, please!


    SO has asked my father, and my father said yes. Mom stepped up and offered him my grandmother’s diamond. All that’s left to do is wait! <3

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    #185- yes! Waiting IRL, waiting online πŸ˜‰

    One of our very first dates was a 1-hour trip to have lunch with my aunt and grandparents. Very first meaning like #4-5? We were close friends for about 3 months, but both unavailable. So it was no big deal for him to meet my family. They fell in love with each other at first site and I fell in love even more seeing him with the people who mean the most to me ❀️ 2+ years later, my entire family loves him. I didn’t meet his mom until almost 9 months in due to her living 13 hours away. We did FaceTime meet and I orchestrated a surprise visit for my SO and his mom since they hasn’t seen each other in 2 years and I wanted to meet the woman that raised my man. 

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    #102 this week – lots of movement at the newer end of the list. I still think I’ll be sub 100 when he asks (supposedly by Christmas). 

    How long were you together before meeting each other’s family? Do you get along with them?

    We were together I think for a year and a half before I met his family. We started things super casual, he was just supposed to be a rebound, but then he kept sticking around. His aunt is local and I met her first, then his brother and his father. I definitely get along with them. His aunt and I are crazy cat ladies, his brother is hilarious, and his dad is super sweet. I’m excited to see them for Thanksgiving. 

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    Congrats everybody! #47, wow! I hope I don’t make it into the 20s but I’m sure I will. 

    This year I’m just spending Thanksgiving with the SO. No family here. My parents are out of state, his mom is across the country and his nana is spending the holiday out there. I didn’t even plan on making food until this morning. 

    As for family, we are all spread out so we met them at different times. I met his mom, nana, and brother immediately. We were long distance and I flew out here to meet him, and they were home when we went to his house. I met his dad two years later, at Thanksgiving. He met my mom after almost a year, my dad after seven or eight? It was March of 2013, so I guess around seven years. And met my brother last year. He was stationed overseas and got stationed out here before getting deployed. My family loves him and I guess his loves me lol, but they’d still prefer for me to be black I think. Plus, they were more involved during our rough few on/off years. Until his mom/stepdad/brother moved away, we spent holidays with them. They saw my extremely competitive side, unfortunately!

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    Please add me to the list. πŸ™‚

    I actually met his family within the first couple of months and he met mine about 9 months in. We met freshman year of college in 2011 (closer to his hometown than mine) so it was just easier to visit with his family.

    I really like his dad… his mom not so much. I feel like she’s nice enough but I think she is really judgmental, and materialistic. I was raised poor and frugal and we just really aren’t compatible. It’s a shame… I would have liked a good relationship with my Future Mother-In-Law.

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    I would like to be added to the list!

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    Down to 159! I think I started at 170ish? Congrats to all the newly engaged bees! Hope I won’t have to wait much longer! ><

    SO and I have been friends for a few months before we started dating, so I already met his immediate family before we became ‘offical’, since we would occasionally hang out at his parents’ house. I believe I met his extended family within half a year, just in time for the many Christmas parties πŸ™‚ That was in 2008 – WOW how time flies!! We all get along pretty well ..to the point that I often prefer spending quality time with his family rather than my own haha

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    We were together about 6 months before I met his family. The main reason was distance! I was SO nervous. I spent all summer there and got to know them really well then! My dad drove through where we were working about a week before I met his parents and met him for about 30 seconds. Since then we have had about 3 other visits with my dad. He has yet to meet my mother in person as she lives on the east coast (and even I barely see her!), but we’re hoping for February!

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    #188 : annon01 is now bluebee19. Hi everybody πŸ™‚ I am staying and wanted a more real name. If you could just swap the screenname for the next list I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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    I’m a New bee and I’m waaaaiiiiiiiting! Can I be added to the list, please?

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    I was dating my boyfriend a few weeks when I met his family.  We started dating in May and the day before memorial day I met his family and the day of memorial day he met mine.  Both of our families love each of us and we get along fantastically!  We used to live with his sister and his nephew who was only a month old when we started dating.  So I’m happily known as “auntie amy” because i’ve been a part of the family the whole time he’s been alive. πŸ™‚

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    Please add me to the list!! 

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    How long were you together before meeting each other’s family? Do you get along with them? If you haven’t met them, is there a reason?

    We were friends for a year and a half and we met each other’s parents before we started dating. I this we all get along pretty well.


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